Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday March 2nd 2010

Findingaway check in

1.10 pm Thursday

Thanks for the starter FindingNewStrength!

Quick check in as today is bits and pieces, appointments and the like.

Yesterday was a reasonable productive day at my client's office

mediabat 1.20 PM

You are not quite the last Katia.

  •  Practice saxophone
  • Do homework
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Pay rent
  • Resume writing

katia 3/2

Did better yesterday! But still feeling kind of overwhelmed. Having a hard time making a routine a routine.

And blah I hate being the last person to check-in lol.

Things to do today-
-Vitamins & #1 #2 #3 #4
-#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
-Order MMPSB
-See about summer registration registered!
-Read Aristotle
-Come up with thesis for essay
-Call post office

Journey 12:30

Late checkin but having a good day . . .I'm still dealing with the problem that came up on Monday, and I've spent the mornign working on it.   No breakthroughs, but some progress made.   I need to solve this problem before Friday or else I have to cancel moving this code to production this coming weekend.   But this is the best part of my job, problem solving.   Especially when it's on a non-critical system :)

So, I am still in my sweaty gym clothes and I'm going to take a shower/lunch break, then do another hour on this issue, then I need to work on prep for this weekend.


"I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total freaking rock star from Mars." - Charlie Sheen

Thanks (((tracyla))) needed to hear that change is an adventure!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥


my pleasure

tracy-la check in weds 3/2



As we take action, we adjust to a new self. Some of the undone tasks undone are completed, and this can be frightening. As we get more done, show up on time, break tasks into segments and start at logical spots or beginnings and finish what we start, others may react to us differently. Along with the changes come new attitudes and expectations. Though for years we may have wished to be rid of the procrastination, when it actually begins to go we may
fear the change.

What is new and unknown is often frightening. We may have used procrastination and lists of undone tasks to retreat
from uncomfortable situations. We may have spent so much time procrastinating
that there was little left for anything else. We may have expected all
our troubles to vanish when the daily tasks and projects get started and completed.  Now we can no longer hide
behind lists of undone or unstarted tasks or kill time with procrastination, and our troubles may very well still
be with us. What do we do?

It takes courage to change, to become a new person. We may decide at age
forty to learn to play tennis. That takes lots of courage. New
activities, new attitudes, changes in relationships with others--all
require courage.

Change is frightening, but it is also an adventure. We are not alone. We have PA and other fellowship programs.
Others have gone through the same changes and can reassure us, one step
at a time.

May I not be afraid to change.

Adapted From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations


MY BASICS: checking in; support calls (1x); affirmation; gratitudes; reading; check calendar; plan to plan; email my 6 most important tasks; voicemail;
exercise #1; manage A; manage D; use timesheet and timer

Affirmation: I set my mind to things and I complete them.




To change as adventure! That which excites us often also frightens us on some level.

Hump Day with the Scribbler 9:15 a.m.

My plan to clear the decks in the afternoon yesterday so I could face my challenging project worked. I got a draft of the article done and should be able to file it this morning. In the evening I went over to a friend's for dinner and got nothing done except running and picking up my son from soccer, but that's okay. Today...


  • Get up at 6 (7 today)
  • Make bed
  • Exercise
  • Coffee, paper
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Sightreading practice
  • Check-ins


  • File investors
  • Update Quicken
  • Music marketing
  • Send query


  • Healthy lunch
  • Do 1 BN
  • do 2 CIO
  • Do intvw
  • Call 1 re: cruise
  • Take 20 minute walk
  • One hour on taxes
  • Wash car (?)
  • Get fertilizer (?)
  • Healthy dinner
  • Rehearse new song(s)
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 10:30

fudoshin: day 44 : 7:11am

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


This is the 44th day that I have followed through with the following:

I'm making a pledge to quit using the dating site(s) and Facebook for 90
days.  I had written this on my 43things account, but I wrote that I
wanted to avoid dating sites for a full six months, so I think 90 days
is reasonable for a dating site.  I also have a penchant for looking at
and stalking certain people repeatedly on the dating website and online,
which has prevented me from sanity.  Just all out stalking certain
people has been all out crazy; if I'm not stalking one person, it's
another person.   During times I've tried to quit the dating site
before, I have visited people's dating profiles, even while not
registered on the dating site.  So part of my whole thing with quitting
dating sites is also quitting stalking people's profiles that I've tried
to date in the past.  If I accidentally load a dating site, b/c I
accidentally clicked on something obviously that doesn't count.  You can
hardly hang a cat on the Internet without hitting a dating site ad. 
Intention is everything. 

In other words:

  • 90 days away from dating sites and facebook
  • 90 days of not stalking people's profiles of people I've tried to date in the past
  • 90 days of not stalking people online that I've tried to date in
    the past. (I am now back on day 7 for this, because Wednesday I
    accidentally searched for an old classmates twitter).
  • Not using IM, aside from employment or twelve-step.  (I'm on day 13
    of this.)  This includes not stalking people on AIM or other chat
    networks, whom I've tried to date in the past.  I thoroughly embarrassed
    myself on IM before in ways I never would over the phone.
  • 56 days of exercise: I'm on day 1 for this, because Saturday I did
    not come home in time to complete my thirty minutes of exercise by
    midnight.  All I need to do is exercise for 30 minutes a day: walking,
    swimming, hiking, biking,
    running, jogging, karate, yoga, a dance class.  Anything of those for at
    least 30 minutes.  And nothing else.  I can do the running plan, but I
    assure myself that each day that I show up to run, I will be okay, if
    all I do is ultimately choose to walk.  Whatever I feel comfortable with
    when I do. That way I don't intimidate myself.


kromer 10 CI

OK, lots to do today! Mostly catching up on non-academic stuff.

Scheduled: mtgs 1-3 and 5-7, maybe dancing 9-10:30

*check on expts/plan
*finish deacon stuff (will do this soon)
*2 hrs work on MK stuff
*emails (made good progress on this)
*finish visit weekend planning
*get n.g. working (and maybe start cell)

OK, I'll start with n.g. and visit weekend. 

Vic 3/2/11

 Show up (done) , Basics, plan

The more I learn about procrastination, this idea of Opposing syllogisms is intriguing , not to mention nothing new. The human condition is beyond all comprehension, all the proof I need to see the mystery of a hp.

Akrasia:The condition in which while knowing what it would be best to do, one does something else. The phenomenon intrigued Plato and Aristotle, because if we accept the Socratic equation between knowing a thing to be good and desiring it, then it becomes difficult to see how akrasia is possible. Yet the phenomenon evidently exists. Less optimistic philosophies find it equally hard to see how strength of will is possible.

Read more:

hope4meandu day 31

FindingNewStrength, thanks so much for the pretty starter!! Phylomon, WELCOME!!! Haven't seen you before, could be that I wasn't here, so just wanted to say HI!!! So grateful I can come here and have you guys.

Last night the abusive owners of "Toughy," formerly known as "Snowy," saw him in front of my house and came to take him. It wasn't pretty. I asked why he had broken bones and why was he so badly cared for. I know they live on the next block, because she said so, so my only next step, which I hope to do tonight, is find them & ask them if I can pay for the groomers and vet and be in his life. That's the only way I can think of to proceed. The rescue person said 8 out of 10 dogs returned to their abusive owners, don't make it. If I continue to be a precense, please G_d, then there is a better chance.

To do:

My body is so tired from all the "drama" that I will not work out tonight, maybe tomorrow a.m.

Wishing you all small & large breakthroughs in regards to procrastination and everything else!!

♥"Careful the wish we make, wishes are children. Careful the path they take, wishes come true..." From "Children Will Listen," by Stephen Sondheim.♥


Thanks for the post findingnewstrength!

Work 8AM-5PM: 

-Figure out fix for low c (test low r, test high r, test add c)

-review pinouts

-PY AI-5

-PY AI-6

-choose 10 cn 

-get h ordered

-get l ordered

-get f ordered

After Work 5PM-Sleep:

-Document stuff for insurance

-followup with mom about acctn

-find and print 6 personal tax documents

-prepare weedwacker for warranty

-check payout for b expenses

-get oil change 

-remove disc items

-order postcard thank you cards

-start spreadsheet of c products

-update price correction for e 

-check outdoor outlet on deck

-unlock crawlspace for next wed 

Laying the foundation?

Well, I was ready to go this morning in good time to walk, but still didn't :-(  I am hoping that just getting it together in time is a start . . . opens the door which I will in the future (soon I hope) walk through and keep on walking till I get to work!

I did walk home last night. No physio though.

- more work on presentation slides which I need to hand off to my assigned partner this weekend so she can do her portion
- print articles to read for tomorrow's class (oh yeah, and READ them! lol!)
- pedorthist appointment to follow up on the new orthotics I got
- physio before bed


- set up computer for Cheryl- working

- deliver computer

- delivery to Donna

- delivery to Anthony tnn and ch

- relationship management Repeat tomorrow

- exercise

- pick up package

- go to CT

- NI analysis

- ER diagram

- DF diagram

FindingNewStrength CI

OK, 3 hours work isn't much but it is better than nothing and I am building up from zero. Recovery doen't happen overnight. I WILL work these hours and then I will not feel guilty for stopping. I will know that I am on my way to recovery. I will reward myself with a yoga class or cook something wonderful to eat.

3 Hours and 20 mins work
Work completed : 40 mins 
including 20 mins
Job hunting DONE Yay got an interview for a voluntary position. It's a start!
Washing up
Change into decorating clothes 
Small wall
Tape small wall
Paint small wall
Wall 1 
Move bed 
Tape wall 1
Paint wall 1
Wall 2 
Move dresser
Wash wall 2
Tape wall 2
Paint wall 2
Wall 3 
 Move books
Clean window 
Wash wall 3
Tape wall 3
Paint wall 3
Wall 4
Sand floor 

Other tasks
Open post DONE 

FindingNewStrength Checkout

Goal : 3 hours and 20 minutes work on tasks I procrastinate about...



FindingNew Strength CI

Thanks Gemini ! :)
3 Hours and 20 mins work
Work completed :3 hour  10mins 
including 20 mins
Job hunting DONE Yay got an interview for a voluntary position. It's a start!
Washing up DONE

 Interview prep DONE

Interview clothes DONE 

Boot laundry DONE

Hang up clothes 

Change into decorating clothes 
Small wall
Tape small wall
Roller small wall DONE
Edges small wall
2nd coat
Wall 1 
Move bed DONE
Tape wall 1 Top
Tape wall 1 bottom DONE
Roller wall 1 DONE
Edges wall 1
2nd coat wall 1
Wall 2 
Move dresser
Wash wall 2
Tape wall 2
Paint wall 2
Wall 3 
 Move books
Clean window 
Wash wall 3
Tape wall 3
Paint wall 3
Wall 4
Sand floor 

Other tasks
Open post DONE 
 Prayer DONE
Breakfast DONE

volunteer position

Great idea - that's how my daughter ended up with a job, she took a volunteer position and from there she built a reputation and found out about the job she has now, which she loves.   She struggled to find a job for almost a year before she did the volunteer thing.  And the volunteer work was a good deed.    

"I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total freaking rock star from Mars." - Charlie Sheen

I love your positive attitude!

It's inspiring :-) Thank you for starting my day off with such a positive thought.