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Monday January 17, 2011

Happy Monday, Everybody

Have a great proactive day


Smile Smile Smile Smile

Seattleguy1968s _Check

Seattleguy1968s _Check In


Move item :D
Project A
Project B
Project C

:D = Done

Its been awhile

Spend 3 hours cleaning place.

Do organge book workout


ready for school.

read and sleep

Vic 1/17/11

 Show up (done)

Big progress/ breakthrough in family relationship issues (esp older teen), for that I am grateful. Not much done on other stuff, but I must remember what is most improtant.

Now try to do next 3 things. Thanks PA (ers)

pm really, really resisting starting. will try the chat box.

Journey noon & updates

Today's a holiday for me but I got up early and went to the gym and ran some errands. I want to do my bills and budget but I can't decide if I want to take a bath first, so I'm just sitting here in indecision!  Enough time wasted, I'm going to go take a nice hot bath and then do the bills and budget for the 2nd half January.  

Update 1:30  I'm clean and fresh now, doing the bills and budget.

Update 3:50 Bills and budget done, and I finished an organizing chore that I've been working on, reorganizing my tee shirt shelf.  Now I'm going to straighten, dust, and vacuum the bedroom.  After that, I'll fold some laundry and start dinner.


Never have an ordinary day!  - Pepperidge Farm (lol)

The Scribbler's Monday

  • get up at 6 (slept in until almost 8, even later than usual. Not sure how to get back on track here.)
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • sweeps
  • coffee, paper
  • healthy breakfast
  • checkins


  • Update Quicken
  • Music marketing
  • Send query


  • Healthy lunch
  • Draft multiunit
  • Revise BN post
  • Run (?)


  • Read screenplay
  • Healthy dinner
  • Rehearse CG set list
  • Bed by 10:30
Well, I have had a hard time getting things done today. I got started on the major project -- drafting the mutliunit article -- but that was as far as I got on it. I didn't complete it, and now I'm going to be late on my deadline,
unless something unexpected occurs. I suppose it's hard to be perfect, so I won't beat up on myself too much. But it is disappointing. I'd like to do better tomorrow.

katia 1/17

goooood morning. . .hw's due tomorrow! eeks. But it looks like I can handle it :)

Things to do- Gonna try something a little different. . .
-#1 #2 #3 sets supplements
-#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

-Euripides up to line 700
-Euripides up to line 1000
-Euripides up to line 1200
-Euripides to end
-Math! 13 problems
-#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
-#8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13

Household. . .things
-Put new cover on changing table
-Organize Connor's blankets
-Put away things that aren't in use
-Empty garbage/dispose of it
-Take care of recycling
-Email A
-Get mail
-Empty dishwasher

Tomorrow Prep-
-Wash/make up daycare bottles
-Pack diaper bag
-Pick out clothes for tomorrow (both of us)
-Pack school bag (with next reading assignment

I think that's it. . .have a great day all!

kromer 10:30 CI

OK, today I need to finish my lab meeting presentation.

A lot of work, but I'm sure that with focus I can get it "good enough" 

OK, I'll start on this and check back when I have a step-by-step plan

Update 10:15 CI

OK, today has been a really rough day but I'm close! What I have left is!
*FInish RARE scanning and add that stuff
*Clean up RNA-seq stuff
*Add KO lit.
*Add KO plan
*Add Rec8 expr data
*Add Rec8 expt plan

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

2. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

3. Prayer and meditation

4. Take nap

5. Test my blood sugar

6. Make bed

7. Wash dishes

8. Take shower

9. Get dressed

10. Go grocery shopping

11. Make a phone call about getting stuff from storage next week.

12. Go to my mother's apartment and get the chili

13. Do numbers

14. Eat brunch

15. Eat dinner

16. Post and send out Al-Anon literature for today

17. Go to my storage unit for inventory

18. Go to the 7:30 face to face NA meeting

19. Do hair

Thanks for letting me share

tracy-la monday


Here in US it's a holiday Martin Luther King Day - so should be fairly quiet day at work.

Basics: gratitudes; affirmation; reading; calls - make  3 calls; check calendar for day and week; daily plan to plan.  Exercise.

2 readings for today: focus on "the now" and "acting as if":

All We Have Is Now

can only live now, this moment. We cannot erase the mistakes we made
yesterday or bring back the good times we had. We cannot know what
tomorrow will require of us, nor can we ensure future security and
happiness. Now is what we have, and now is everything.

We can
follow our plan now. We can abstain this moment. We can deal with
the problems, which confront us today as best we can, trusting God to
guide us. We can be in touch with our Higher Power only in the present.

we focus on the present moment, we live it deeper, and we derive a
satisfaction that we did not know when we were regretting the past and
worrying about the future. Whatever happens now is all I can manage and
all I need.

Thank you; Lord, for this present moment.

From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations

Acting As If

behavior we call "acting as if" can be a powerful recovery tool. Acting
as if is a way to practice the positive. It's a positive form of
pretending. It's a tool we use to get ourselves unstuck. It's a tool we
make a conscious decision to use.

Acting as if can be helpful
when a feeling begins to control us. We make a conscious decision to act
as if we feel fine and are going to be fine.

When a problem
plagues us, acting as if can help us get unstuck. We act as if the
problem will be or already is solved, so we can go on with our life.

Often, acting as if we are detached will set the stage for detachment to come in and take over.

are many areas where acting as if - combined with our other recovery
principles - will set the stage for the reality we desire. We can act as
if we love ourselves, until we actually do begin to care for ourselves.
We can act as if we have a right to say no, until we believe we do.

don't pretend we have enough money to cover a check. We don't pretend
we met our deadline when we did not. We use acting as if as part of our
recovery, to set the stage for our new behaviors. We force ourselves
through positive recovery behaviors, disregarding our doubts and fears,
until our feelings have time to catch up with reality.

Acting as
if is a positive way to overcome fears, doubts, and low self-esteem. We
do not have to lie; we do not have to be dishonest with ourselves. We
open up to the positive possibilities of the future, instead of limiting
the future by today's feelings and circumstances.

Acting as if helps us get past shaky ground and into solid territory.

show me the areas where acting as if could help set the stage for the
reality I desire. Guide me as I use this powerful recovery tool to help
create a better life and healthier relationships.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie




 lennon, thanks for starting the thread!

Work 8AM-5PM: 

-Talk to t about t  [DONE]

-Prepare for t [DONE]

-Figure out fix for low

-Test low r

-Test high r

-Test add c 

-Complete cnn changes 

After Work 5PM-Sleep: 

-Make pro/con chart I talked about with J


-Document stuff for insurance

-ask mom about acctn [DONE]

-followup with mom about acctn

-find and print 3 personal tax documents 

-read contract [DONE]

-reread saying no article

-reread ng contract article

-find receipts for printer 

-Buy stud finder, broom, packing tape from homedepot [DONE]

-Buy mattress bags from uhaul [DONE]

-Clear room to put mattresses in garage

-Move luggage and boxes to attic [DONE] 

-put up j's mirror

-move mattress to garage

-clean up office [DONE]

-deposit [DONE]

-get j's check

-give j ls 

-mail check to b [DONE]

-add everything to q

-prepare seo pres [DONE]

-transfer 700 to b 

-call boa about hel

-call wf about hel

-get bus dc + p

-check statement 

-get 2011 calendars 

1/17 Check-In

Hello, hope we all have a successful week.

Prep for Day
Make Bed
Clean Desk
Clean Room
Take out trash
Go to the Library
Polish 1
Article 1 (S, P, D, S)
Article 2 (S, P, D, S)
Article 3 (S, P, D, S)
Article 4 (S, P, D, S)
Article 5 (S, P, D, S)
Article 6 (S, P, D, S)
Find Date of Local Election
List Potential Candidates
Apply for Library Card
Check Registration Address
File Article Card
Shred Old Documents
Draft First BP
News (15min, 1, 2, 3, 4)
Finish First PS Draft
Finish JC Application Draft
Sign Up for BC
FF (15min 1, 2, 3, 4)
TV (30min 1, 2, 3, 4)
FI (13min 1, 2, 3, 4)
NP (15min 1, 2, 3, 4)
BS (15min 1, 2, 3, 4)


Hi this is my first time posting in the check-in.

Afternoon (12-7)

  1. Buy food
  2. Cook
  3. Practice saxophone
  4. Do two hours of essay (did one hour)

Evening (8-10)

  1. Finish essay
  2. Start revising for exam