Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 19 November 2010

Katelyn-Anne's Check-In

      Day three no weed. Yesterday was a breeze, I only had one urge to have to have a hoot and it was easily squashed. Mind you, I didn't make very much progress yesterday with my procrastination, I only accomplished half of my to-do list. But I'm feeling good about today!

-Call Mom (done, yay!!!!)


-Vacuum (done)

-Tidy living room (done)

-Dust (done)

-Tidy bedroom

-Do laundry (fold and put away)

-Throw away expired food in fridge


           "Procrastination is like masturbation; in the end you're just screwing yourself"

Rexroth Check In

Very late check in but still a check in

Up prayer and reflection
Put clean dry clothes away
Bathed and washed hair
Spoke with bank on phone over problems with getting cash abroad
Written a lot of trip info and organised receipts and other bits in the files
Washed up
Deal with emails and post
Made up to date list of todos and checked progress on each prioritised list

Rest and have a peaceful prayerful think. Tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of a fire which destroyed my flat and started me on the road to recovery.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Above and a bit more on the trip report

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Everyone


katia- is back!

So I haven't checked in since last Saturday because I was busy giving birth to a baby boy! That was Monday night. It's been a long stressful journey, but I feel ALOT better about my decision and alot more hopeful that things might be better. I'm really amazed at how much I've learned in just a couple of days, as I knew absolutely nothing going into it.

Now managing my time (and sleep) is extra extra important so I can accomplish my goals and take care of both of us, so having an outlet to do that is really helpful.

List (in addition to changing/feeding/etc)
-Make appts for me
-Make appt for small one
-Find BP medication (and take it)
-Tutoring test
-Pick up thing
-Read Ch. 16 (all of it)
-W14L1 Reading Quiz
-W14L1 Activity
-Respond to emails


Welcome to little Connor :)

And of course things are taking a long time, go easy on yourself!

Thank you SO much hope, journey, Crazybug, ruthb, and kromer!

It's really great to hear well wishes after all this :)

His name is Connor, as I'm all Irish. (my real name is Kait btw)

Eee everything seems to take twice as long as I think! It'll definitely take a bit to get things to not take so long.

-Make appts for me
-Make appt for small one
-Find BP medication (and take it)
-Tutoring test
-Pick up thing
-Read Ch. 16 (all of it)
-W14L1 Reading Quiz
-W14L1 Activity
-Respond to emails
-PS #33 (due tonite!

A baby boy--awesome!

How exciting!  Wishing both of you all the best.  Please do be gentle with yourself--a new baby hit me like a ton of bricks--no, more like a whole building falling on my head.  It took some time for me to adjust.  I hope you are more adaptable than I was :)


So happy for you and him!!!! What's his name? Wishing you both happy & amazing one day at a times!!!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's emotional & physical healing.♥

many blessings

I wish you both many blessings. Remember that the birth process is much more stressful on your body/hormones than you may consciously realize. take plenty of planned time to rest and renew.


Journey 10:30

Happy Friday!   I complained to the boss that I've worked 5 out of the last six weekends (counting this coming weekend) and he gave me a free day off on Monday.   I think he could tell that I'm kinda stressed out lol.   But still it feels good that I have been working hard and not procrastinating (much).   Thanks so much for this fellowship.  

I feel a bit more energetic today than I have all week so I'm going to dive in and get some stuff done.   I've been to the gym, started my todo list but got pulled away by a couple of issues - one with my top priority project and one with a project planned for early next year. 

Completing my todo list for the rest of the day now.   I'm going out to lunch again today so before lunch I expect to 1) finish todo list and plan for the rest of the day 2) do what I need to do on the admin id on 2nd priority project before my co-worker steals the admin id for her work!



'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

End o' the Scribbler's Godforsaken Week

  • get up at 6
  • make bed
  • exercise
  • sweeps
  • coffee, paper
  • checkins


  • Update Quicken
  • Clean off desk
  • Music marketing - send reminder email
  • Do refi closing
  • Email JY re: social
  • Do Peri intvw


  • Send query
  • File BN post
  • Email Evans re: social
  • Do 2 CIO /
  • Rehearse


  • Leave for Canyon show at 5:15
  • Have fun at Canyon show
  • Bed by10:30

hope4meandu checkin (10:00AM)

Hi All,

Been coming and going around here, mostly going.

At work, I'm getting into old bad habits of doing my own stuff and not caring what they think. Going through separating from my husband. I haven't touched the house in weeks. My behavior is erratic and flakey, and of course, self-pity is thrown in there (as always).

So now, 30 minutes of straight work.

All the best, everyone!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's emotional & physical healing.♥

Crazybug CI

Checking in.  Not sure yet what I will tackle today yet, but then I guess that is my first task.  I have GOT to figure out small steps I can take on the big projects I have.  Have made so little progress on them just because they're so big.  So another goal today is to just try to break them down to work on.


Wishing everyone a positive day.


Wishing you baby-step, amazing progress in all you do!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's emotional & physical healing.♥

Thanks hope

and hugs to you too as you find your way through a difficult situation. May you find a clear, peacefull place in your mind and soul in which you can make positive progress.


((((( hope ))))

'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

kromer 9:50 CI

OK, had some stuff for church to do this morning (baking and shopping), and I already got that done.

Today is busy at work (and I have to leave kind of early to healp with youth group), so I have to keep focused)

For today I need to:
*Run out gel and do extraction
*email sc and mf and ce, make a couple deacon phone calls, get recipes
*email T w/ sample picts, look at red AF
*go through refs on tubule sep (made progress)
*go to seminar
*p, w, setup, tag

OK, going to go take care of p., then I'll pour gel

Inkstress sort of checking in.

Well...I'm here. I guess that's something.


Lucky CI

Show up :)

Vic 11-19

 Show up (done) Ask my hp for direction and pray for willingness.

Don't "feel" like getting started, checking in here is a miracle , I can still check in even if I do not "feel" like it, that "intention" seems to trigger "something"  Thanks for being here.

Humility- ask for help with the next step- going to chtbox.

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Edge for starting this trend.

Thing I have done

Went to the 8:30 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Eat brunch

2. Go to class from 10-1

3. Go to work at 5:30

4. Take shower

5. Get dressed

6. Make bed

7. Wash dishes

8. Send out Al-Anon literature for today

9. Clear couch

10. Clear tables

11. Clear floor

12. Let the man know I would not be coming on the trip

13. Go to the 10:00 p.m. telephone DA Clearaway meeting.

14. Fix and eat dinner.

Thanks for letting me share

friday - checking in

Good day:

Here I am checking in and showing up. Other basics done: checked calendar; gratitudes; affirmation; reading; plan to plan.

 Very busy day. Lots to do.  


Seattleguy1968's Check In

Seattleguy1968's Check In


1. Make coffee :D:D
2. Drink coffee :D:D
2a. Hook up stereo
3. Project T3 1:17AM-
4. Project grey
5. Project RL
6. finish chores
7. add more when others are done

:D = Done

Findingaway end of the day 9.50 pm

Thank you edge for the thread.

Did not check in this morning as I was at my main client's office to work today. 

Had a good day; it worked well for me being there this time.

Noticing how I am feeling better about myself now that I am at least trying to deal with my procrastination. But a little scared as to whether I can keep it up!

Thank you all for being here, it makes such a difference knowing I am not alone.

Have a great Friday!

Edge's CI

Morning :)
I've been on PA for several years now and I still haven't managed to properly commit to daily check-ins. But I'd like to get serious, and so this is take no. 15 :blush:

Time-binged on reading manga >_< *headdesk*. Wanted to just spend 15m on it as a break, but instead spent over an hour reading even though towards the last 30mins I was consciously telling myself that I should get up but I forcefully ignored myself :( Now trying to catch up with my studying, and I have people coming over at 6pm and will probably not be able to study as much as I should. Not happy with self right now -_-

x rev
x flox1
x gp1
x lact
x omega
x stress tab
x trent
x gp2
x flox2
x panadol

x study all of EL121 (only did half)

x bathroom
x room
x kitty litter

x text M Sat timing
- Nano
x 6pm guests
x adjust fb privacy settings

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson