Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, 3 November

My list today;
-assemble filing cabinets
-fill cabinets
-clear/sort desk
-start Ext Sp Assignment
-take break and walk dogs
-make dinner or go out with son 
-make appointment with Dr 
-complete Ext Sp Assignment 
I am going to try to chunk these tasks into 15 minute bursts. If i can get the bones of the assignment done I will be happy. All of my other lists will have to wait and I will not deal with some sensitive family issues any more this week; ie i will not read emails and will field calls. We shall see.
(Check-in 12:19 pm
Well, actually, I wasted the morning angsting. Then after tea I just moved the filing cabinets into place and cleared a path through the boxes to the desk, but I did clear the desk and got 1/2 way through the first assignment. What helped me start my  writing was actually helping my son with a writing assignment. Also, trying the technique of putting on Vivaldi and my special "working outfit" (knitted hat, favorite cardigan, and geeky reading glasses, and making faces at myself in a mirror behind my computer) and scoffing No Doz and coffees. I forgot about the rest I had to do. Tomorrow will be busy; I have to also finish an essay. Yikes. I'm also trying a new strategy of dangling a reward for myself for every thing that I finish. I get the big one on fri night. I'm not telling.)

myy day 3

Good morning everyone.

- paid bills (Why is this so hard to begin. Late fees, they are not fun.)
- took care of my home by doing chores (|||)
- met my billable work quota (|||)

This was a difficult day. I almost gave up with the billable hours but the idea of leaving it the only item unchecked was so annoying that I just had to do it. So thanks for the peer pressure :D

My list for today

My list for today. I have decided to do 1 thing from my 'procrastination list' a day in addition to daily tasks in order not to get overwhelmed and lose control again.

 1. Get up at 7 am (not a min later) NOT DONE, hence 3 is not done

 2. Work on Project X (about 2 hours) DONE

 3. Do classwork (about 3 hours) NOT DONE (tomorrow's list)

 4. Go to A at 2 (DONE)

 5. Meet with X (DONE)

 6. Meet with Y (DONE)

 7. Meet with Z (DONE)

 8. Call to fix e-mail (I always procrastinate calling the most) (DONE :)

 9. Go to gym (DONE)

 10. Work on HWK from home  (DONE)

 --. 'not vital, but proud if i finish this' Call DR (tomorrow's list)

 --'not vital, but proud if i finish this' schedule appt with CC (DONE)