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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Agnus planning ahead...

  • Wish I had time to create a daystarter for wednesday but I am still wrapping up my out of control Tuesday and need to post a plan to keep me on track when I do wake up (from yet another <4hr night...) :-(

    Still to do tonight:

  • V7Working Agenda
  • Order marriage certificate
  • Print boarding passes
  • Print petsitter instrux
  • Sleep a bit
  • 7a.m.     up, pray, pets
  • 7:15        K call
  • 7:30        Make coffee, wake J, run vacuum
  • 7:45        A call maybe
  • 8am       shower and dress; bathe and dry TJ
  • 8:10        breakfast
  • 8:25        clean kitchen
  • 8:45        pack car and kennel dog
  • 8:55        checklist: meds, test kit, suitcase, laptop, phones and chargers
  • 9am       leave for airport
  • 9:45        park in Blue Lot
  • 10am     catch shuttle
  • 10:15     disembark shuttle; go to US Air bag check
  • 10:45     start through Security
  • 12n         lunch at Gate
  • 12:25     boarding
  • 12:55     departure
  • 3pm       arrive DCA
  • 3:30        fetch bags
  • 3:45        Metro to Gallery Center; exit South toward 7th St Verizon Center
  •                 Walk or cab 2 blocks South, 1 block west to 900 F St NW
  • 415         Check in; check email
  • 5pm       Chill!  J


Progress today

Goals for today:

Goal 1: 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM: Work on a very long bear of a report. I do not expect to finish it in this period.

Minimal progress, got involved dealing with some other current matters.

Goal 2: 1:15 - 2:30 PM: Have lunch, run some errands, whatever. In short, *no work*.

Did this, although a part of me wanted to use the time to 'catch up' from the previous unproductive work period. Habits die hard. Actually managed to get a few outside things taken care of. Imagine that. Running behind, though. Have to revise the plan for the rest of the afternoon.

Goal 3: 2:30 - 4:30 3:15 - 5:15 PM: 2 hours, 6 cases

4:20 PM: Man, this is a slippery slope for me. Handled 3 case reports, paused to take a phone call, then decided to answer a time-sensitive email, and immediately segued into wasting time with unimportant email. Back to it.

5:20 PM: 6 cases completed.

Goal 4: 4:30 - 5 PM 5:15 - 5:45 PM: Break

Goal 5: 5 - 7 PM 5:45 - 7:15: 2 1.5 hours, 6 5 cases.

Goal 6: Leave work at 7 7:15 PM.

Back to report periodically. 

Only managed 2 more cases rather than 5, but one turned out to be very long to deal with. Left as planned, about 7:30 PM.

Vic 8/24

 Show up (done) Think it through

I am sooooooooo grateful for this web site. It is my 1st step in becoming wiling to be willing.As long as I "Opt in" today, I have a much better chance. Thanks for being here. I guess in AA they say bring the body and the mind will follow.Keep coming back.

Right on the money!

Vic - after being away from PA for a little while and watching myself slip back into the same behavior patterns I think that you're absolutely right!  Just since coming back and checking in this morning I've gotten more done in the past 2 hours than in the past 2 days.

 I do need PA (in spite of the self delusions to the contrary! sigh.). Seeing you and others keep coming back is an inspiration.  Thanks so much for being here!


Thank you. I am so happy you came back!PA is not for people who "need" it, it is for people who "want" it, we want that ticket to freedom that we find here and no where else. It is the "maintence" that is the hard part. Thank you for being here.

Funny that today's starter is a little good luck lady bug!!!

In agreement, here, too!

I used to think that this was something that I was going to "cure" or "move past" and I now realize that procrastination is a byproduct of my anxiety and sometimes depression. For whatever reason - physiological and/or psychological - I need to continuously make conscious decisions to further my well-being and that includes seeking the support and tools I need to function at my momentary best. I love that, in here, relapses are well-understood and that there is never any recrimination handed out - only empathy and encouragement!!!

Some butterflies

10:46 AM: I am feeling some butterflies as I only have 4 work days left at this place. Still trying to figure out how I will finish up my work and close up shop here. I am content with if rueful about my non-profound but nonetheless important realization from yesterday; namely, that for me, allowing more time to get tasks done is just a temptation to procrastinate. This has been my strategy for many years, increasing my time at work to compensate for my procrastination and resulting inefficient use of time. I admit that this involved some magical thinking on my part, that somehow the work would get done if I just 'made more time' for it. Unfortunately, all it did was lengthen my workday and shortchange my family and myself. The work still didn't get done, and there is no more time left to throw at it. I am paying the consequences of this terribly flawed approach. Well, every day has potential for learning a better way.

Goals for today:

Goal 1: 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM: Work on a very long bear of a report. I do not expect to finish it in this period.

Goal 2: 1:15 - 2:30 PM: Have lunch, run some errands, whatever. In short, *no work*.

Goal 3: 2:30 - 4:30 PM: 2 hours, 6 cases

Goal 4: 4:30 - 5 PM: Break

Goal 5: 5 - 7 PM: 2 hours, 6 cases.

Goal 6: Leave work at 7 PM.

Back to report periodically. 


I believe Providence will show you in honor of your namesake "4change" can't wait to hear about it. My prayers are with you.

Thanks Vic

Thanks, I appreciate it! Have to believe it, have to live it.


"Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still" - chinese proverb

Thanks Crazybug

Thanks! It's the standing still that is killing me...

Crazybug CI

Needing to make myself accountable for the work of the day. It's not bee a productive past few weeks. All of my work seems undefined and unattainable right now, so I've been floundering around.  Need to do a mind sweep and think of all of the things that I think need to be done and decide on what actually can be accomplished.

I can't deal right now with planning out my whole day, so I'll just plan the next hour.

  • make rough drafts of files needed for meeting
    • transp logos
      • black
      • white
    • other files
      • four boxes
      • stock photos
    • 2 headers

I'll check back when I'm through with this.  Will use timer to stay on task.

"Consistent effort - not strangth or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potantial" - Winston Churchill

UPDATE: didn't get through all of the tasks as I got interrupted by a client. So back to the work at hand.  I did, however, put the breaks on one of the tasks that I couldn't get to work and moved on. That's a good step.

UPDATE: did manage to stay focused on the task at hand for another hour and made good progress on something I've been dreading for months. two more small things to get done.  First a brief lunch break.


Tuesday with the Scribbler


  • get up at 7 (close, 7:30)
  • make bed
  • do exercises
  • coffee, paper, water plants
  • healthy breakfast
  • checkins


  • bike ride
  • Deliver meals on wheels


  • Send query
  • Call MM re: coffee
  • Email QF re: funeral
  • Get new fax cart
  • Copy insurance form
  • Call about refi
  • Call about appraisal
  • Finish CIO pak
  • Call 2 re: tech10


  • Healthy dinner
  • Song doctor
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11

Journey 9:45 &

I made it to the gym and work 5 minutes earlier today!  I got here at 8:40, and I want to be here at 8:30.   Busy morning, already had one meeting and fixin' to have another one.  ('fixin' to = southern for "getting ready for and about to") lol.    

Back after this meeting with todo list.

UPDATE 11:30 have todo list, will travel.   Next item to do is a tedious task I just got assigned.   It has to be finished by the end of the week, so I'm gonna go ahead and tacklet it and get it over with. 

UPDATE 3 pm:  the tedious task is DONE!  That was quite proactive of me, to just jump in and get it done . . .not at all my usual style haha.  Now for a few short tasks, then back to my main project(s). 


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

@bc re:editing posts

Once someone replies to your post, you can no longer edit it.   I made this a separate post so you can still edit today's!   

If I want to make updates and someone has replied, I just do a copy and paste.  I like to update my posts during the day sometimes, but I like replies a lot more! 


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

Ahhh I see, thanks.

Ahhh I see, thanks.

kromer 8:30 CI

Scheduled today: Lab mtg 10-12, mtg MK 1:30-2:15, dinner w/ friends at 8:30

MITs: Review mitosis/meiosis
Deal w/ VAD
Notes from notes (subgroup, DP)

Next priority:
*Prep for mtg w/ MK and take notes
*Order RA, clean up bench
*Deal w/ WM

Lower priority: Gneotyping

OK, going to go study mitosis/meiosis now

BC 8/24

tuffl, thanks for making the daily check-in!

BC checking in for the second day at 8:24AM, the daily check in was very motivational for the first day. Does anyone know how you can edit your posts? I am trying to just edit my first post with status updates instead of adding a string of replies. Thanks


       --Hmm... I just saw the rather obvious "edit" button, but it doesn't show up on my daily check in from yesterday. Is there some kind of time limit that you can edit posts? 

11:35 AM: Unfortunately, my original planned tasks for the day have taken a backseat again.

3:01 PM: Made some progress on my original tasks

Checking out: Finished all my after work tasks

Tasks at work (8AM-5PM):

 Added -Attended meeting for project 3 [DONE]

Added -Do estimated hours for project 3 [DONE]

Added -Check signoffs for project 3 [DONE]

Added -Update parts list for project 3 and send out [DONE] 

-Check out control boxes to make sure they are usable [Partially Completed]

-Clear out an area to do testing on [DONE]

-Get dimensions for load from ME

-Install latest version of design software [DONE]

-Refresh on reliability information [Partially Completed]

-Ask for standby ratio from customer [DONE]

-Update failure analysis

-Calculate power for component

Tasks after work (5PM-Sleep) 

-Return cable boxes for friend [DONE]

-Email at least 3 out-of-state friends to keep in touch [DONE]

-Workout [DONE]

-Sort through one box of stuff from parents house [DONE]

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Some psychological work on my mounting anxiety
Checked emails
Washed up and tidied up kitchen
Put on towels to wash
Tidied work table
Checked new washed shirts and put one on
Went out to buy toy and t shirts
Bought toy and tee shirts (Hell is Hamleys)
Home and read and filed mail

Try to compress sleeping bag into stuff sack and put away
Hang up towels to dry
Sew jersey
Note financial info for travel i.e. numbers if cards lost and insurance info.
Sort craft stuff for photo and to finish before I go away
Start letters which need to be posted immediately before I go away
Reflect on what is still to do - there is virtually nothing as I am readly a week in advance and could go tomorrow if there was a flight. Also look at my procrastination over getting ready etc.

and I don't think I'll finish the above today

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Most of above and talked with friend on phone

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Folks


ndb check-in 24/8

Okay, I'm back after a couple of weeks fooling myself that I could do this on my own. Already spent the entire morning doing hardly anything, let's make better use of my afternoon:

  • catch-up on MR-theory not complete but enough for today
  • prepare agenda for 7/9-meeting started, but don't have all docs at hand :-(
  • clear email done

and at home:

  • chapter 18 of ATV-course

That should be doable for today..

Helen's CI

I have wasted the morning sleeping and stressing. It is difficult to pick myself up after that but I will go for a walk, buy some food, eat lunch and roll my sleeves up for my tasks. I am aiming at a good afternoon's work. I am seriously procrastinating about job hunting and study so today I will, I WILL, make a start, scratch the surface. I will find one job to send my CV out to and I will make a study plan and spend at least 10 minutes on study. Baby steps, again. Always baby steps. I will live in hope that one day I might manage bigger steps, feels impossible right now but I know that is an illusion. 



Cancel  appointment AM DONE



EFT & hypnosis tape 



Pay CT - urgent  

Paint fireplace 20 mins 

Wash living room floor 20mins 

Move desk  20 mins

 break 20 mins (reading, mediation)

washing up 20 mins  

Move table, sofa, cabinet in living room 20 mins

Wash nets in living room, clear hall 20 mins 

Break 20 mins 

Study plan 20 mins 

Break  20 mins 

Admin 20 mins

Job hunt 20 mins 

Study 20 mins 

more stuff....  

Hover rug in bedroom  20 mins


Call Dad 

more stuff.... 

Check out

Almost totally wasted day. 

I faffed about all morning, slept all afternoon. I ate and went for a lovely evening walk and then  returned. I made a start at 9pm and have now scrubbed half my living room floor.

 Tomorrow is another day. I hope it will be better than today. I really need to get practical and do all those  hands on things I avoid so much by living in my head 


tuffl CI

hmm. what do i want to do today? i have to finish another application for a job. i might go to the bb training and see if i fit in. i've been wanting to to write to a friend for ages. oh, and i need to cook something. and make some calls. ok. trying to make a list:


shower + breakfast

draft cover letter (by 2.30)

feed the cat (by 3)

write an email to L

write an email to I 

write an email to O

write an email to L (by 3)

go shopping (by 3.30)

feed the cat again (by 5)

cook (by 5)

take cat to the vet (by 5.30)


I have following things to do


- Breakfast, coffee, wash up

-12 step literature, prayers

-vacuumclean, carpets

-sort stuff at least ten minutes.

-call M. and reply A.

-e-mail, reply if needed, facebook

 -shower, hair, make up

-look at the open job announcements


In recovery





-When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes ~ Oprah Windfrey

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could you create an independent post for your tdl, please?

Hi Elina,


hope you're making good progress! :) But please could you post your to-do list as an independent comment and not as a reply to other posts? i use to edit my original post to monitor my progress (or lack of it...) and once someone replied to this post it can't be edited anymore. there's a button right under the starter of the daily thread saying "add new comment" to create an independent post. thanks!


shower + breakfast DONE

draft cover letter (by 2.30) DONE (got the application all done and sent it but i'm not sure if it'll be accepted - it was 4 min past the deadline... :blush: )


feed the cat (by 3) DONE


write an email to L


write an email to I 


write an email to O DONE


write an email to L (by 3)

go shopping (by 3.30) - cancelled. still got enough food in the fridge

feed the cat again (by 5) DONE


cook (by 5) DONE


take cat to the vet (by 5.30) DONE



so. all in all not so bad. apart from that i missed the deadline... will work on that... and on improving on staying in touch with people via email... that's it for today. good night everyone. thanks for being here. be productive - and gentle with yourself if you're not :)