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Sunday 1 August 2010

The first day of the week.

So all off to a good start.

In recovery Rexroth

Vic 8/1 wow

A new tool- wow and thank you- this is "doable for me- I am always amazed at how little I do and just being willing ... and my HP gives back soooooo much, there has to be a hp, no one less could put up with me and be so tolerant and loving.

Sunday: Anyway, this is perfect, I sometimes write the next 3 things, and this is better because it keeps me accountable, plus I lon't lose my paper.1. store, buy some stuff and milk2.clean 3. walk

Monday: 1. meditaitons. gratitudes, call 2. walk 3. Plan month 4. school stuff.

pm Don't know how I landed up here or thought this was something new (as usually, I see things not as they are case in point, the arch) somehow it seems to work anyway. I decided to do a bookend forum I like the idea of bookending a few things then having a big long to do list. See anyone interested. over there.

Checking in

my ideas for today




Hope  I get this done



huma CI

  • dishes
  • laundry
  • ad for wheels
  • ad for projector
  • email OMF
  • email FPP
  • email 3 accts
  • August plan

MD check-in

Had not planned check-in forum but why the ___ not, I say. Yesterday was a dynamo house cleaning (and chatbox support!) day.

Spent all afternoon today doing realty things, as planned.

Three big things tonight -- landlord emails, discussion w/ spouse, papers to be sorted/bills to be paid. Clothes were 4th thing but realistically probably not (they were deviously stashed last night:-) as I need some down time & family time.

Meanwhile, must continue to the face the dread of a double-whammy set of unpleasant, anxiety-ridden-plus financial phone calls on Monday; so I'm not sure if the Sun "blues" surrounding that are me doing my anxiety-well-in-advance given the shock nature of the financial call that began last Thurs.

Also, reviewing some unpleasant extended family issues and how to frame them for discussion later in August.....may have to table that as wires getting crossed in head these days.

Expect chatbox late Sun night. Yours in team-work, my PA buddies,

hope4meandu check-in (3:13PM)

Hey Guys,

Got up very late, stayed up very late watching "Arsenic and Old Lace," which I never saw before. Boy was Carey Grant wonderful, adorable & charming!!

There is an opportunity for a p.t. cleaning job 3x's a week, but I really don't want to do it. I can't stand cleaning my own house. I did commit to my husband that I would do whatever is necessary to meet my $ obligations. Have her number, don't know what to do. Of course, I could call and not get it anyway. If I get this job though, that means I would stay with my ragehlic boss and I don't want that either.

Rejection on 1 of the 2 interviews I had last week, expecting the next one to come next week.

Very confused, presently, about my relationship. I guess it's not a cut and dry thing.

I haven't done a thing, except walk my girl, which thankfully I did. Also spoke to a girlfriend about which gym to join, so that was good too.

Also, have been putting off dealing with how to help my girl next. Feel totally powerless and hopeless.

Today's cleaning:
-kitchen floors
-work out 10 minutes (3x's this week - YAY!)
-have ML project to do which I don't want to
-would have to joing chat, and don't want to now

Going to see what's on tv and try to squeeze in cleaning in between.

Great day, all!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥


Hi Hope, boy do I relate about the don;t "want to" . Reluctantly prayed for the willingness, and popped up the "bookend" thread on this site, and a "buddy" last nite- it was a miracle!! I thought, I don't have to "want to" Just need to "pray to be willing to be willing to be willing". I am always amazed that my HP answers, only a HP could have that much patience and compassion for someone like me.

PS Also, we own apartments, and it is always eaier to clean someplace else than my own place, at least it is for me.

Praying for both our willing to be willing today.

re arsenic and old lace

That's a great movie! 

'A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.' - Elbert Hubbard

Thanks ((Vic)) & ((Jo)), so appreciate your responses!!

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.♥

Scribbler's Half-A**ed CI

If any day was made for procrastinating, it's Sunday. Still, there are a few things I'd like to do today and here they are.:

  • Fix leaky commode
  • Water grass
  • File a couple of CIO articles
  • Play an open mic tonight
  • Return recorder and get new one

That doesn't seem like too much. I'll get started on some articles and do the commode next.

My Day Today

Things I have done today

1. Went to the 9:45 telephone CLA meeting

2. Ate breakfast.

Things I will do today

1. Get my numbers ready from last month to this month

2. Take shower

3. Get dressed

4. Make bed

5. Wash dishes

6. Go to the 3:30 online PA meeting

7. Go to the 5:00 telephone DA meeting

8. Go to the 6:30 face to face DA meeting

9. Go to the 8:00 telephone CLA meeting

10. Call my DA Sponsor.

11. Do hair

That's all I have

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Vic 8/1

 Show up (done) . I feel like I can "see" the other side of the fence, but don't "want" it enough to get there. I have so many tools I did not have before and not being humble enough to admit that I "need" them. I do "want" 1. show up and conenct with pa friends, not be alone 2. continue my "basics" in my daily routine3. Not wait until the eleventh hour to do something I do not want 1.
To blackslide and I will if I do not take baby steps forward. 2. Be like my friend or people I know who are very efficient, always on the cell phone, always "doing" and putting the people and family they are with in second place, I hope I do not have to be like that.

Can't think right now, I guess showing up and "intending" to move forward is best I can do right now and that is good, maybe next baby step is use cla phone line to do work.

Afternoon: Reluctantly prayed for the willingness, and popped up the "bookend" thread on this site, and a "buddy" last nite- it was a miracle!! I thought, I don't have to "want to" Just need to "pray to be willing to be willing to be willing". I am always amazed that my HP answers, only a HP could have that much patience and compassion for someone like me.

Vic 8/1

sorry , it posted 2 x

ScottY CI

Today's plan:

DONE: scripture study & prayer

DONE: attend church meetings

time with CML

DONE: HPG work, if time

DONE: time with wife 

kromer 10:15 CI

About time to head to church but want to quickly make a plan for the day first.

Scheduled: church, deacon mtg, maybe visit BT(not home so will try to visit later in the week)

*Work on aim (3) and prelim expt brainstorming
*write up potential stuff
*Figure out backup system (mostly done, though have to take some more notes and also run backups of home computer), finish ref mgmt system (will do this soon)

Next priority:
*Reading about ckit, notes
*call home (parents not home, left a message)
*List of gs genes
*IA present


Lower priority:
*RA plan
*Deal w/ email
*Find and print out e.o papers

OK, heading to chuch now!

potential energy 845

Good morning!

I am still working on cleaning out my storage "mess" room.  I am really motivated now, because I set up a desk, and organized art and sewing supplies.  I hope that I will have motivation again to do these hobbies that i actually love doing.  I do feel more motivated now that I am in here and organizing my stuff.   I have run into a distraction that is working for and against me.  While selling on cl, I started to look at what I can buy on cl.... and even worse what is for free. So, over the months, I have gone from checking maybe a few times a week-to checking at least a few times every hour.  I realize what an addiction feels like...never thought it would be a cl addiction.  It is a gamble.  ah well.  So today

1. work at room for at least 5hrs

2. sort files 30 min.

3. swim w/z, rd. w/z,

4. org. zs rm

5. laundry

6. floors

7. exercise

BTW- Not sure if others have the same tendency to kind of hoard stuff with the idea that " I might need it some day".  I do with all of my paper work and now looking at this room...anyone else would be able to clean it in a few hrs.  this will take months because it is hard for me to part with anything- no matter how ridiculous.  It reminds me of my son with his toys.  He doesn't play w/ them forever, but when I go to clean out they are suddenly important.  So we have years of toys that are grown out of.  Years of clothes that I can't part with (just in case), years of..... If I can get over this, life will be a lot easier.

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Dressed etc and ready to go out to church
Checked emails posts etc

Out to church service
Some shopping on the way back - food for friend tomorrow
Out for exercise walk in the afternoon as won't have time tomorrow
Maybe letter re insurance - I really could do with getting it finished

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

To church and service
Got all the shopping on the way back which is good
Chatted for a long time with a friend on the phone
Spent too long on the web
Washed up tidied up
Thought about todos tomorrow
Did not go out for walk or write letter which file is still all over the table

Refile notes and put away
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep probably fairly soon as I feel very tired

Night Folks


Lucky CI

Up by 8.30 :)
Check in :)
Check in w/S :)
Hypnosis CD - part done, got interrupted
Pray & read bible :)
Email & social sites :)
Read through mental health stuff :)
Screen window :)
Bathroom :)
Laundry :)
Shower :)
Floors :)
Post :)
Sort finances - what bills need paying :)
Sort tasks on toodledo :)
Clear kitchen :)
Vitamins :)
Dog face wash :)
Floss/brush teeth/wash face/moisturise :)
Shut living room window
Tomorrow's list :)
Email reports :)
Check in :)
BED straight after check in! :)