Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday 20th June 2010


It's going to be a great day!

Mon June 21

IGNORE -- 'twas moved to proper date

tiptree 11:59 PM CI

to do:

- arch. sessions
- pub. issue
- find d.
- install cs.
- cat: port info page
- cat: new reports
- delta for new reports
- shave
- read 1 ss
- read ch. EIP
- read ch. S.
- clean 1st floor
- read slides
- exercise
- practice guitar
- laundry
- return/renew library items
- set up vm img
- try out card. app.
- integration signup fix

Hugs and prayers for

Hugs and prayers for journey and others who, like me, are marking the first (or other difficult) Father's Day without their Dads being present on this side of Heaven anymore...may it be filled with happy memories. 

I am really grateful today for who my Dad was and is: a very human being who trusted his God and practiced his religion, even when it cost him the understanding and affection of his rebellious children.  He kept loving us anyway.  And I am eterenally grateful for the 12 Step program of recovery which allowed me to finally accept his love, return it (and show it!), and even become a daughter he could be proud of.

Agnus showing up

I really got in touch yesterday with how distant I've been from my HP the last few weeks, and some theories why. Anyway it's time to turn it around so I've been pretty consistently praying, writing, and reading program and other spiritual literature and relaxing today.  But since yesterday was my observed Sabbath (when I stay offline all day) I really could do a couple things today.  Already did a little kitchen cleaning, laundry and took care of basic needs for me, J and pets.

I committed this week to taking time to rethink my Master List, and I did that this morning.  It helped to get it out of my head onto paper.  I may or may not revise it online here - sometimes paper works better for me - but at least I have it now. TG.

But for now these are apparently the next right things:

  • make and eat lunch DONE
  • call Mom and sisters DONE
  • remind J to call M back
  • work a little on prmr proj
  • be on time to the family Father's Day cookout
  • be in bed by 10pm

kromer 1:30 CI

Hi all!

I've been away (on vacation and then at a conference) for the past week and a half.

Then, I took yesterday off to rest up from the conference (which had 10 hr lecture days!), unpack, see friends.

Today I went to church in the morning, now I need to ease back into work. 

I'd say the main task for today is to get organized so I can hit the ground running tomorrow (want Monday to be a full workday)

Specifically, I want to:
*Deal w/ emails in wi account
*Deal w/ emails in m account
*Make a schedule for the week
*Email LT, DP and JM
*Write up a conference summary (working on this now)
*Cook bfast and lunch for the week

Other tasks that I'll do if I have time are:
*Clean off slides
*Check on expt
*Work on organizing papers on desk
*Answer WM emails.

OK, going to start w/ the weeks schedule. 

My daily checklist

-zen cart
-call potential local employers. have resume
braintree computers
-learning how to use microsoft visual c++


Hope to go down to maybe 3hours of procrastination from 5. Will be making ample use of "Leechblock's" "lockdown feature"

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Out to church and to deliver blankets
Collected certificate so could not get shopping
Home and checked emails

Relax and listen to play on radio
Wash up and clear up in kitchen and generally
Review todos for week
Work further on CoDA step one
Out to CoDA meeting
Home and whatever next

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out


Write journal
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Folks Rexroth

Lucky CI

Check in smiling
Plan journey for tonight smiling
Dog face wash
C EH homework
Clear kitchen
Clear table
Bake cakes
Sort (wash?) clothes
Tomorrow's list
Leave by 4
Buy C M&Ms
Wash face/moisturise/floss/brush teeth
Email report
Check in


great poster


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Scribbler's CI

This is a combo check-in/check-out, since it's evening here and I'm not going to plan my activities the rest of the day. I've been out of town since Tuesday on vacation with family, unable to access Internet or even my cell network. It was nice, pretty unstructured days with lots of activities but few chores.

I have one more day of my precious week of summer vacation with my kids. We will leave about dawn tomorrow for a swim meet and spend most of the day there. Afternoon I'll probably just hang out with them and do whatever they want to do, maybe go see the new Toy Story movie that came out while we were out of touch. I do have some things to do this evening relating to unpacking and getting ready to leave early tomorrow for the swim meet, but I'll try to get those done without a check-in for today.

I'll probably start up again with daily check-ins Monday. I have many goals to pursue and many tasks to undertake in the process. Check-ins are, I hope, going to help me do all that. I also hope everyone is well and getting things done wisely and efficiently. Scribbler

Goal_Allegro Check In 20/6

Went to bed *really* early last night - so got up at 5:30 today - things are already off to a great start!

I actually wanted to implement a 5:30 early start routine so I could fit in exercise and hygiene in the morning - but I'm not sure if that is sustainable since I've always been a night owl.

Anyhow - here are today's lists of things to do - I will do them calmly and bravely..

- be conscious not to give even one minute to the enemy today
- do not turn on computer as soon as I get up
- breakfast
- wash b dishes
- get ready for workout
- workout
- eat
- input food diary
- shower
- start check in thread
- check in
- email Am
- wash lunch dishes
- wash dinner dishes

> ops (to be broken down)

- get ready for bed
- go to bed without procrastination

- cook more lunch/dinners
- wash cooking dishes

Goal Allegro Check Out 20/6

Wasn't a very good day today - I pretty much procrastinated through most of it even though I got up early. Can't believe I wasted a whole day :(

As I have a cold, I'm going to look after myself and go to bed early. I'm going to try forgive myself for today and try again tomorrow.

At least I learnt how to go about starting the 12 steps today from Lennon and about overcompensating from MD - thanks for all your guidance!

Today's tasks:

- be conscious not to give even one minute to the enemy today
- do not turn on computer as soon as I get up
- breakfast
- wash b dishes
- get ready for workout
- workout
- eat
- input food diary
- shower
- start check in thread
- check in
- email Am
- wash lunch dishes
- wash dinner dishes

- at least 4 ops (did 1 op half heartedly)

- get ready for bed
- go to bed without procrastination

- cook more lunch/dinners
- wash cooking dishes

Sunday June 20

The things I plan to do whenever I wake up.

1. Do my 11th Step.

2. Go to a telephone 12-Step meeting this evening

3. Read 12-Step Literature

4. Get medicine ready for the week.

5. Post literature from another 12-Step fellowship.

6. Clear off the couch

7. Clear off the table

8. Clear off the floor

9. Organize the books

10. Get Sleep Apnea stuff ready for tonight

11. Fill out form for Tuesday

12. Fill out form for the hospital

13. Get bills paid

14. Do my hair

15. Wash clothes (Not Done)

16. Get sandwich ready for tomorrow

17 Take shower for today

18. Take shower for tomorrow

19. Get clothes ready for the next two days

20. Read some other spiritual literature.

21. Call my father and some men friends and wish them Happy Father's Day

22. Make the bed

23. Wash dishes

That's all I can think of.


I'm not able to get everything done tonight.  I need to get some sleep.

((Scribbler)) You're right

((Goal Allegro)) You're right to forgive yourself, especially as you've got a cold. And it looks to me like you've crossed a lot of things off your tasklist.

I love your phrase 'not to give even one minute to the enemy today' - I think I'll adopt that :)