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New here! Chatbox didn't seem to work-Did anyone join/communicate** successfully in Meeting w/out getting a "Time Out"?

I just couldn't see myself in the chatbox, my words overflowed/overlapped onto the perimters of the frame box, extending into the space for chatting/typing in my input. ANyone experience that? can moderator/web owner look into this? Is it really bad to have too many windows open at the same time or does it not affect the chatting activity? Since I almost never chat too often, I don't really worry about too many chat boxes open! [I'm assuming they take up MUCH more MEMORY from the computer so...


thoughts for today- Last night I joined, I look fwd to getting to know U all..

experienced difficulty w/ trying to join in w/ the meeting today,SUnday.?Cause I have not been getting the visual of the chat properly on my screen--It's not letting me communicate or continue participation even though I seemed to have Joined in, BUT THEN I time out!!so, don't know what to do.

 ALso, just wanted to express thanks for this group of ppl out here! I feel lucky I have stumbled upon this site, it makes me feel a little better that I can share or find ppl who can relate to what I might have to say or comment on. I sympathize greatly with Jennyfleur, w/ her post yesterday "Cry for help". In many ways I can relate to her distress & struggle w/ time management or prioritization of things to do..what to do first,where to start first, etc, even though I have every intention of doing lots of things ==I wish to do everything that pops into my mind!      But we can only do a little bit at a time, that is the trick to pace yourself- & I guess maybe ppl in PA find it harder to pace themselves. COuld it be impatience or perfectionism? Is it being TOO self-critical

or hard on ourselves before the action even gets started or the fact that we don't "understand" TIME as well as we should- that we can't feel time the way other ppl can?

Or maybe we understand it, but we have difficulty implementing it for some reason- Giving ourselves the proper amt of time to get to an event, to do some activity that which takes 1)preparation/Lead/Introductory/Getting familiar w/ surroundings, assignments & its requirements, & checking out resources <like Library time, commuting to the Library time, waiting in line time to ck out books time, printing out resources time!, IN ORDER  to get it all done! time  

 2) action-oriented time== THE actual TIME< duration  it takes to visit the place, take the assignment to the next level, w/ our gathered research- the actual work involved in writing something up- be it a paper, report, memos, speech, minutes to a board/committee meeting, Laundry!, cooking, getting to the movies/a show on time! Getting to class on time, getting to a date/or Dr's appt. on time??


 3) closure/clean-up/.editing/wrap-up  time? Round up the task's activity & attain closure, or finite endpoint,. & not let it go over our time boundary- if we are to keep sane about what the next line of activities for tomorrow will be? or the  next task lined up for the next hr./or next half of the day, or give ourselves more time to sleep?

 ANyone have any comments?  I welcome any constructive comments on this, & if you've any further insights, perspectives to add to this, LET ME KNOW!


PS. Is there anyone here that is ALSO struggling with other issues that the PA effect might overlap into other areas of your life? If so, I'd like to be able to share, hear about that from you, either in private chat or,,,whatever.. LEt me know?

Advise me how to use private chat- or set up another chat room for this.

I am not used to chatting on-line cause I don't like to keep typing!! We already do too much already on the computer=-=- SO I hope U can all advocate that we have the phone bridge--the TEleconferencing up & running for 1.5 hrs at least maybe every morning or middle afternoon- to be a check-in, or find action partner or just discuss our particular issues? Shares maybe..  

maybe 11am EST or 2:30p EST  or really late at night 12 midnight or 1 am {since we're east coast, we can stay up later than the West coast ppl},  Definitely not too much during rush hrs {or getting to work hrs}! Maybe 6:30 am,EST, but I doubt anyone else NOT in the East coast could make a 3 am PST, their time!

SO 11am EST + 8am PST, or// 2:30pm EST, + 11:30am  PST.. would be something to shoot for ?

 COMMENTS PLEASE! I hope to find any of you on the phone meeting tomorrow sometime.. Maybe 11 am, EST. & it can extend on weekends too..just do play it by ear..It's a # that will be available regardless-- I've done conference calls before-=It just takes mutual agreement so if we wanted to get on at the same time-{like only a few of us, then we should try to do a reach out to one another & see if it's possible@!!

like a ad-hoc meeting...if we're feeling really down or bad about things or severely down on ourselves..  that's what a support system SHOULD BE, & is all about i GUEss..


Have a wonderful day all~! I'm new to this group. Let's show Inertia  the door & March Onward!?!!  


Postscript: PS...  

I typed this once & lost it 2x!! Thank god {no thanks to god but anyway!} Its a good idea to copy  &past what U are composing at the time, cause if you're impatient like me, sometimes- if U hit the wrong area-section of the pg. with the slight touch of your finger, [BEcause my attentive eyes were drawn to the sidebar **New forum posts**!] Duh! PA attention gets diverted! -=-->> It magically, obviously disappeared-- SO all that effort {shown here{} would've BEEN ALL for NOUGHT!! all for nothing!  SO frustrating when that happens. It's happened a few times- Has anyone else have that happen to them--They've composed this Illustriously long, charming memo, Letter, email or composition, /AND then,,,,, all of a sudden--- POOF! the page goes missing cause of an unintended  wrong hit of a button!??


SO, I am reposting, hopefully this sticks to the board here, finally!!!



reply to Whela re: meeting chatbox

Whela, you DID get into the meeting chatbox, but you arrived there 45 minutes BEFORE the meeting was scheduled.  We arrived when it was time for the meeting to start, and saw what you'd typed earlier -- your request for help -- but by that time, you were gone.

Please see this notice and click on the "red" font there (where it says "click here") to find out when the next chatbox 12step meeting is in your timezone. We currently meet once per week, and each meeting lasts about an hour, but somtimes it goes a bit longer.  (There have been requests for a second weekly meeting, but nothing has been planned at this time).

I know what you mean about how sometimes our chatwords bleed out to the right column.  To fix that glitch, click on the "Chat" button at the top of the forum and chat will reload for you.  Hopefully it will display properly then.

If chat "times out" on you, don't worry.  This happens sometimes.  Just re-load chat.

If you are continually plagued by timeouts, note that some wireless connections time out frequently. Try a different method of connection to the internet.

If you need additional assistance with re-entering the meeting room, please read this:

Hope this helps,
---  movingalong

I really thought it was starting 2:30p EST, b/c its DST, Phone M

Its Daylight Savings time?

It says so somewhere, that it is DST , so it starts at 2:30p, East coast? Hrm, did I read it wrong?

Was also wondering if ppl out here get to know each other well enough to get an action buddy or someone U can hold yourself accountable to, develop some sort of buddy system, rapport over the phone, 'Cause I think phone support would really help?


ALso, can I recommend, a group to the group? There is a live phone meeting tonight for those interested..  It's about ppl "getting behind in their List of things to do-- stuff, & it does become eventually unmanageable &  "physically" buried under piles of things to do! scenario.  Has this not ever happened to you?

1 Bill put under the magazine that U are keenly intent on reading, a new newppr comes home & U have to flip through its pages, then U have to make dinner or set the table, then TV< then your new mail piles on top of that magazine that U wanted to look through that really is laying on top of that bill & any other mail or old mail, bills or things to do that U had originally wanted to commit to finishing!! Like grocery list, flyers that have all the great deals, coupons, or weekly savings circulars!

Can U tell me how U deal with this or how U have learned from others, how some folks have dealt with it? Do u use any strict scheduling system or how do u do your journal or do U KEEP a log or page of written down items?

It is so hard, really, even when written cause these things just mountain up I think..

[Magazines I don't like to throw away unless I am totally done w/ it, cause they are

1)really worthwhile to keep-= colorful & well-printed  vs, the cheap  daily newsppr print.

 2)expensive as a single issue! $5.00 per issue if U had to buy it off the newsstand,m

3) Really informative, but I can't keep cutting out all the favorite articles, I will NEVER get around to starting my day, I noticed, that I can't get done with a newsppr in 1 day!! A half day gone is already really heavy, & time consuming, but I feel like I  get alot out  of learning alot with the current events in newspprs.  Wrong way to go or what?

I HATE newsprint, it is so dirty, smudges & is pretty rough on the hands..

BUT I lOVE the layouts & the leisurely feel of flowing thru the pgs without having to burn my eyes out on this computer --!!! I also think as PA ppl, reading online, we can't stop ourselves from going from 1 link to another-= even before we finish w/ one reading or post, right ?Do u ever get that feeling??

What city/state are U in BTW?  PLS HELP, advise, what can I do to budget my reading time for EVERYTHING that I wish to read & absorb?

 while keeping time for practical things like EATING< going outside to hang out w/ ppl, laundry, making the food- not just eating it, returning phone calls, getting through my 100+emails faster!*  [My computer seems to be getting SLOWER & slower... IS it b/c of memory issues? ]  (* Do u also subscribe to newsletters from various orgs or corpations? ?  well, ppl who like Ipod, or Android probably will get a newsltr on that, etc. so on & so on..





Not everyone is a clutterer but it falls under the premise of  being in that procrastination mode.






to Whela re: Online PA 12step meeting time clarification

Whela said:

I really thought it was starting 2:30p EST, b/c its DST, Phone M
Its Daylight Savings time?

It says so somewhere, that it is DST , so it starts at 2:30p, East coast? Hrm, did I read it wrong?

You read it wrong in that ... you misunderstood what you read, and made an assumption.  Understandable.

Let me explain:

The online PA 12step meeting is an international meeting.
People from all timezones participate.
Several continents.
North, South, East, and West of Planet Earth.

Different countries have Daylight Savings on different months, and some countries don't have it at all.

Therefore, the PA online 12step meeting doesn't follow Daylight Savings rules.

The PA online 12step meeting follows UTC (universal time) (formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time) ... which is on Standard Time year round.

The meeting is at 19:30 UTC Sunday evenings.
Standard Time year round.
It is 19:30 UTC Standard Time year round, no Daylight Savings.

When you change your local clock to Daylight Savings, the meeting does not follow your local clock.  Therefore, when you enter Daylight Savings, the meeting time might seem to be one hour different than you might expect it to be.

That is the "why" it seems "off" to you.

You might not care/understand about the "why".

Note that all you really NEED to know is what is written here:

Go to that LINK and CLICK on the WORDS
"Click here (this red type) to find your timezone equivalent"
And that click will take you to a website that converts the PA online 12step meeting into your local clock time.

Hope this helps!

--- movingalong

Computer Tip for Chatbox


I had similar bleed-over and connection issues. "Sarito" was kind enough to tell me about going to my own "tools" tab and clicking on "compatability view [settings]" and then after a few times, your computer recognize PA-web for chat...and it is wroking fine ever since.

Good luck.