Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Why support groups may help procrastinators

I just read this on the Yahoo Group The Now Habit that flexiblefine told us about (I hope no-one minds me quoting from another site). I think it answers part of the reason why I've had so much success in addressing procrastination this year - this is the first time I've actively sought support (via the internet in my case). It also addresses lonliness issues.

> Just thought I'd point you in the direction of a rather good Podcast from
> "The Cranky Middle Manager Show" featuring a guy called Mark Goulston.

I did finally listen to the podcast. For those delaying, it's a
little over 30 minutes, and most of it is the interview with Dr.
Goulston. Procrastination is one of the topics he covers in his book,
"Get Out of Your Own Way at Work." The book is about conquering
various types of self-defeating behavior, not only procrastination.

He mentions an interesting angle on procrastination -- that we may
procrastinate because of loneliness. Being the only one responsible
for something can make us feel lonely, and we're more likely to
succeed if we enlist others to help. He even suggests that Alcoholics
Anonymous succeeds because of the fellowship at least as much as
because of the 12-step program. AA members don't have to feel alone
-- when they have problems, they always have someone to call and help
them get through it.

Could I just recommend Ck it out-everyone cks in w/

Pls ck out the CLA, group- It's useful I think to find some ck ins. Older crowd there but still it is active, going, every nite 8p-9:30p  Phone meetings.

 Then action meetings, check ins all night..

It takes time getting used to, but it is cool. if U understand the concept. .



Have a wonderful day all~! I'm new to this group. Let's show Inertia  the door & march onward!?!!  



Listening to it

Listening to it now.....very good

 Values are what you do, not what you think.    Ok.    Confronting adversity in an effective way...a life that makes sense.

About "Get Out of Your Own Way at Work"

I bought the book after listening to the podcast, but I was surprised by the format of the book. Instead of dealing with a few broad topics that get in our way at work (like procrastination), the book addresses 40 topics.

For each topic, there are a few pages about the topic, including activities to help you become more aware of the problem and ways to get over it.

I enjoyed the book, but it isn't something I would recommend as a procrastination-stopper. As a more widely-applicable business-activity book, I think it's interesting. (Wait for a paperback edition to come out, in either case.)


Hi Normy. Nice chatting with

Hi Normy. Nice chatting with you yesterday.
This is certainly my problem. I am the only one. I am responsible for everything. I find myself getting angry at married women who have a husband helping out with thier shows, house work, errands, condflicts and bills who say to me, Just get off your butt! Whats wrong with you? Are you lazy? The truth is, although I am extreamly independent I cant do everything by myself.
During the times I have enough money to hire someone things do go better.

It ~is~ easier

Well, I've been alone, and I now live with DSO, and on the whole being with him ~is~ easier than going it alone. Having said that I've had SOs in the past who created a lot more problems than they solved.

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