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Thursday 3 June 2010


Let's not give in! Have a productive Thursday everyone!

Hope-Faith CI 6:30

See you all tomorrow



Rexroth Check In and Out

Today has not been a good day and I am checking in as that is my committment.


Super Kitty!


that is soooo awesome! You should feel very proud of yourself. "Chance favors the prepared mind" right?  Well it seems yours is (at least getting) prepared.  So glad to hear the good news.Smile

Thanks Crazybug!

Thanks so much Crazybug! really does feel good.  I know that when things go well it's important to stay vigilant and not think that suddenly everything will be perfect (which is how I always used to think life would be, if only I could do X)...which is why I am so grateful for PA.  It has gotten me off to a great start but I am realizing that it will be there through both the good and challenging times that await. 

Hope you are having a good day! :)

Kitty CI 11:09 am

Busy morning so far.  Strangely, after I started to get moving three weeks ago, the universe has started moving rapidly in presenting me with all sorts of wonderful opportunities.  Don't know where any of it will lead, but placing my trust in God that everything is proceeding exactly as it should.  Feels liberating as I continue to detach myself from the outcome of actions and events, and simply focus on the action I must do in the moment. 

  • 7:30 CT Phone Meeting done!
  • PT done!
  • Meditation done!
  • Phone call w/J done!
  • Call M done!
  • Prepare for I done!
  • 12:30 Appt done!
  • Lunch done!
  • 2:30 CT Phone CI done!
  • Call T done!
  • Walk done!
  • Send email for mtg done!
  • 5:30 CT Phone CI (optional) - did not do 
  • Gratitude journal (This seems to not be getting done lately, but I don't feel any resistance to it and actually enjoy it.  Weird.  Will commit to absolutely doing this today.) done!
  • Review goals done!
  • Call E
  • 8:30 CT Phone Checkout done!

1130 potential energy

1. 1 hr cleaning

2.  something fun w/ z

3.  work on reports

4. go see b

5. pack for vaca

6. vit for d

e show's up for June 3, 2010

I have been struggling with my alter-ego inner teenager who is in full rebellion. I am making good choices and bad choices and then getting to learn from them, which is great. I am getting to see how much I need to be home in the evening with my family instead of going to evening meetings. That is good. What I need to do today is to apply that: I want to get to the noon meeting today so I am off the hook for tonight.

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend in program last night and she is going to help me with an area where I am acting out right now. I am struggling with demand resistance when it comes to food.

Today I have planned my food (except for dinner). I will leave the house at 11:30 to get to a meeting. the MIT for the day is to deal with the MassGrant requirements. It appears that late is better than never because they have asked us to apply for financial aid even though the FAFSA wasn't in early enough to meet the state deadlines. Thank you God!

Update: 2:52. walked to meeting, met, walked back from meeting. Need to get some resources for a woman at risk. ate lunch, started laundry. The kitchen floor is screaming clean me. MIT for the rest of the day: this evening going out with my sisters. I should figure out what to wear and make sure it is clean and in good shape. do another application of vinegar and water for the salt stained shoes. Decide on whether to keep the new purchase or not.

very pleased with how things are working with my older son right now. He found an old outdated check and wasn't going to deposit it. This is something I have a hard time handling in my own life: I didn't do it and so I will punish myself by not handling it. I was able to step in and tell him the process for taking care of it, handed him the phone and he dealth with it. He is now elated to have money he thought was lost and knows what to do in the future. I guess that even if he is almost grown I can learn to be a good power of example. Doing the happy dance!

okay. on to vinegar the shoes

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

Agnus checking in

Sheesh I was so swamped yesterday I forgot to add a proper subject line, sorry! Still sort of ridiculously busy today...but I got heavily chided by several Higher Powers (God, J, boss and colleagues) for the work-bingeing so I'm committed to keeping 7am-10pm hours and no more. (New employee yesterday says: "I've heard your name alot. They say you don't sleep and you don't eat." hmmm...). A colleague added the new sig below to email sent to me lately -  Sigh.  MITs and MUTs du jour:

  • Prtnershps/SmBiz –write it
  • Send to CL and RR for budget
  • EM prj pg
  • lunch
  • expenses
  • email
  • Prep for HT call
  • 2pm HT call
  • 3pm AED call
  • BRG proj pg
  • 3:30pm EM call
  • 4:30pm meet VR
  • 5pm commit food

"BOUNDARIES."   Everybody, to me, lately...

Good Morning

Had a sucessful day yesterday.  Especially the work out.  To do:



vacum place/tidy up

call office and tell them you have plans for the afternoon
No need, I forgot that this is my day off


catch bus




catch lunch with Mom

arrive home

clean house                           

work out


do some homework, get some done in advance



kromer 9 CI

Today has lots of scheduled things with relatively short intervals to work, so it will take all the PA tools to stay on task.

Scheduled: Dentist appt 11-12,  I'm guessing bday celebration for labmate 12:30-12:45, reception 1-2:15, , check on expts 4:30-5, tutoring 5-7:30, bible study 8:15-11ish

MITs are:
*Deal w/ emails from past week, send emails about tutoring, quals scheduling, friend's bday, phenome sets
*Pack/shop for weekend, do laundry
*Work on VAD comparison (3 hrs focused work, want to finish gene comparisons and make slides on those and then start functional comparison and/or extract promoters for motif analysis.
*Prep RA (it showed up, yay!)

Other tasks are:

*Email/talk to CE
*Clean off and look at slides
*Start deacon tasks

OK, write now I'm going to work on VAD project for 30 min, then I'll head back home to do packing/shopping/laundry, then I'll go to dentist. 

Scribbler's triumphant check-in (well, not really)

First, congratulations to everybody for at least recognizing the problem and making an effort to overcome it. If you're getting all your things done, so much the better. Personally, yesterday was good for me. The only thing I didn't do was exercise, and I was leaving the house to go for a run when a thunderstorm blew in, so I won't be too hard on myself for that. Today:

  • Get up before 7, coffee, paper
  • Checkins (BRIEFLY)
  • File lowcost factchecks
  • Do SB paperwork
  • Do CIO paperwork
  • File CIO piece
  • S/U Cents piece


  • Eat healthy lunch
  • Exercise
  • Read JH book
  • Return overdue library book


  • Dinner w/kids
  • Kids swim practice
  • Replace a/c filter
  • Read, work on new song, relax
  • Bed before 11 p.m.

Maybe this weekend I can make some progress on the very long list of stuff I have to do around the house.

Great job!

Great job, Scribbler! Keep it up!Cool

Thanks, Crazybug

Very kind of you to give me some props, CB. I could definitely use it. However, could you do so by some means other than replying to my original post? The "Edit" option disappears when someone replies, so I can't update my to-do list. And Firefox wn't let me cut-and-paste, so I can't even start over. How about just starting a new post? Thanks again. Keep 'em comin'! And I hope you have a happy and productive day. Best, Scribbler



 Will do. Sorry about the inconvenience of having to remake your list. I'm still a bit of a newbie at all this. :blush:

 Still sending good thoughts your way for a productive day.

Not a problem

Thanks, Crazybug. Apparently, I could get Firefox to let me cut-and-paste, but it requires editing a config file or something similar and I'd like to avoid that if possible. Hope you're good. Scribbler.

Crazybug 9am CI

Early for my check in today. I managed to interrupt my normal 1.5-2 hours of time wasting and floundering this morning. That's a huge accomplishment for me. I've unfortunately allowed myself to get in the habit of goofing off for a while every day when I get to work. I justify it by saying that I'm 'easing my way' into the work day.  My conscious mind realizes that that is just an excuse.


Here's my inspirational quote for the day: "you've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilites. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination" - Ralph Marsto

To do list for work day:

-Migrate rest of site to new format (do in 30 minute chunks)

- figure out breadcrumbs (1 hour max)

- look into search box (30 min max)

- make map

- make list of supplies needed

- reassess

hope4meanu check-in (8:43AM)

Thanks tuffl for the cute starter. That does seem to be it for me, don't give in to the wanting to stop and the feelings. Some times, most times for me, easier said then done.

Well company is not coming Saturday, so the pressure is off for the house to be perfect. My boss is on his way in, UGH, so I'll come back later to finish my list.

Have a great day y'all!!

♥"Joyful thanks & prayers to HP & you all for my Yoffee's recovery is almost complete.♥

Journey 8:30 & updates

I've been to the gym and was early to work, so off to a good start!   I'll check email & calendar and post todo list shortly.

  • Gym
  • Todo List
  • Rotation Duty Planned - 2 hours
  • Rotation Duty Unplanned - 1 hour?
  • Change Planning Meeting - 1 hour
  • Calorie King - 10 minutes
  • Journal - 10 minutes
  • Quiet time - 10 minutes
  • Take Vitamins - 5 minutes
  • Work on scary SSA form - 5 minutes
  • Make scary phone call to Credit Union - 10 minutes] sent email instead
  • Project V - Work on network problem - 1 to 2 hours
  • Bug G again about J's check - 5 minutes
  • Balance ckbook and check on E's cc payment - 15 minutes
  • Read about PK for Project V - 15 minutes
  • Memory write up - find references to do research - 15 minutes
  • Minor update to documentation for Project G - 15 minutes
  • Order flea stuff from PetMeds - 10 minutes
  • Go thru 10 more files in prep for building move - 10 minutes
  • Cut up pork and put in freezer, forgot to do it yesterday! - yeah,I'm throwing that sh*t out
  • commute & pick up dinner - 1.5 hours
  • dishes (unload dw) - 20 minutes - DDalready did ti!
  • download book - 10 minutes
  • earrings!  - 5 minutes
  • prep for tomorrow - 5 minutes
  • check date for SSA form - 5 minutes

This is quite doable, and of course if the duty pager rings again my schedule goes out the window again, but that's ok, as the duty pager always takes priority.   Off to a great start!  Yesterday felt pretty terrible but when I reviewed what I got done, it was actually a good day.   A reminder that our perception doesn't always match reality eh?

Update 11:30 doing very tedious job for duty rotation . . . hard to stay on task . . .I'm  adjusting my timer to work on it in 15 min chunks, then do somethign else for a while, rather than avoiding it.

Update 2:30 finally finished the tedious job, reviewed it, and asked a colleague to review it too.   Now a break, then take care of those smaller tasks!

Update 4 pm - took care of a bunch of little tasks, now to work on the network issue for one hour.

Update 5:30 - 4 small tasks didn't get done, but not a bad work day.   I'm leaving for home, I worked hard today and don't feel that I need to work late although I didn't cross everything off my list . ..I'll check in when I get home to motivate me to unload that stupid dishwasher.

Update 8:15 yay!  I'm all done.   Now I have free time and I don't feel like playing games I think I'll sit in the porch swing and watch the cars go by . ..good night




'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

huma CI

  • HS info to NY
  • blog entry
  • SEO analysis - topic A
  • SEO analysis - topic B
  • bills
  • followup with new lead
  • software entries
  • call mom
  • discuss changes to photo gallery
  • finalize pricing

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

vIC 6/3




Sorry to hear of your families loss. Your husband is blessed to have you by his side. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


(Thanks everyone)

Thanks everyone, it is so nice to have people who "know" . And most of all the promises do happen, the chains do get broken, for me and others, all we have to do is keep showing up, one day at a time,

Thanks for being here.

yep, hugging vic

Joining my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I can't imagine...but I do get it when you celebrate that the chain is broken with your generation. That's true in my immediate family as well: our grands are the first kids in 5 generations to be raised by their own parents instead of a relative or stranger, hallelujah! 

The problems of past generations still have power to hurt, but not to harm - because we took a stand to live in the Solution today. Glad to be standing with you, vic.

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

yes, (((VIC)), so sorry to hear

Sending an abundance of prayers to you and your family.

♥"Joyful thanks & prayers to HP & you all for my Yoffee's recovery is almost complete.♥

vic, have a good day!

I saw that you had a tough day yesterday. Keep your chin up. We're with you!

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

tuffl CI

yesterday was bad. i really wasted the day, neither working nor doing enjoyable things. in the end i gave up the struggle, not that i had seriously tried. but i couldn't even bring myself to use the chatbox properly to overcome my resistance. i think it was related in part to the fact that i did not have a detailed plan how to go on with the next chapter. (not that i have one today.) i'm a bit more optimistic for today. but i don't understand myself. yesterday i was in good mood because i had completed the previous day's tdl, had finished the previous chapter and felt ready to go on and make progress on the next one. but by the end of the day i just felt bad and had achieved nothing at all. today i don't feel great, rather a bit anxious and tired and still, i have a feeling that despite that (or because of that? maybe today i just care much less?) i will be able to make myself focus on my tasks and get something done (although not as much as i should have according to the schedule, but nevermind). whatever. here's my list.


  • pack bag DONE
  • get to l DONE
  • read art CKW DONE
  • start reading art DS DONE
  • call A for a DONE
  • lunch DONE
  • minor additions to ch2 DONE
  • continue with art DS: 3
  • read relevant parts of R: 6
  • read relevant parts of R6: 14

things i should do but don't mind much at the moment:

  • questions G
  • journal
  • call O

update: i've realized that my tdl is unrealistic. so the tasks below will be for tomorrow's tdl. anyway, it would be good if i'd manage to write at least 1 par today. but still, i won't beat up myself if i don't.

  • read relevant parts of M: 8
  • read relevant parts of S: 7
  • read relevant parts of S4: 5
  • read relevant parts of C5: 7
  • decide on ol


once i've got that far:

  • make a plan how to continue


re:wasted the day, neither working nor doing enjoyable things

oh yeah I've had those days!!   Hang in there!


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma


thanks for the support Jo!


Ok, on with the list.


  • pack bag DONE
  • get to l DONE
  • read art CKW DONE Smile
  • start reading art DS DONE Smile
  • call A for a DONE
  • lunch DONE
  • minor additions to ch2 DONE Smile
  • read art V DONE (not very enlightening though) Smile
  • continue with art DS: 3 DONE Smile
  • read relevant parts of S: 7
  • read relevant parts of R: 6 in progress
  • read relevant parts of R6: 14

things i should/ want to do but don't mind much at the moment:

  • questions G DONE (draft) Smile
  • journal
  • call O DONE

update: i've realized that my tdl is unrealistic.
so the tasks below will be for tomorrow's tdl. anyway, it would be good
if i'd manage to write at least 1 par today. but still, i won't beat up
myself if i don't.

  • read relevant parts of M: 8 DONE Smile
  • minor changes ch1 (BH4 - bar understood)
  • read relevant parts of S4: 5
  • read relevant parts of C5: 7 DONE Smile
  • read relevant parts of F: 16
  • check for relevant parts in DR9 and read
  • decide on ol


i've decided to give myself smileys especially for big/ important tasks that i've accomplished


going home now. plan for the remaining few hours before this day ends:


go home: call O & do some more reading while commuting

have a decent dinner!

relax a bit & write journal

maybe - MAYBE - write a couple of sentences for ch3 before going to bed