Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 21 May 2010

Welcome to Friday everyone, the weekend is almost here, don't slack off now, keep going!

Kitty Check-in (12:34 pm)/Check-out (9:07pm)

Checked-in at today's 8:30ET phone meeting.  Thank God for everyone doing gets me going every morning even when I don't even want to set my alarm. 

Today pain is somewhat better after spending a morning on heat/ice/baths/stretching.  Now ready to reorganize items on the schedule that have slipped during the past two days.  Here is what I want to accomplish for the rest of day:

  • 7:30CT Phone Meeting done!
  • Extended morning meditation done!
  • Restore mobility via stretching,ice/heat, etc. done!
  • 1:30CT Phone CI done!
  • Make dentist appt done!
  • 2 applications done!
  • Order GA-L done!
  • One section of URD done!
  • Walk (cancelled)
  • Dinner done!
  • PT
  • Evening prayers/gratitude meditation
  • 8:30CT Phone Checkout done!

Check-out at 9:00 p.m.:  Because the phone check-ins broke my day into manageable chunks, I was able to keep focus and get much more accomplished than I thought I would when I got up this morning.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go for a walk (yay!) before my PA check-in phone call at 12:30ET/11:30CT--if anyone would like to join, please do.'Night, all!

Second day at this, seeing how it goes

I did okay on getting things done yesterday. I accomplished three of five tasks for my CIO client,
which was not bad. I neglected to do a chore around the house last night. I had tentatively planned to
repair a sink drain, a simple project that would take 15 to 30 minutes. But I've had trouble breaking 
the seal on the many home repair and improvement tasks around here. Perhaps this evening. Here's
today's list:
x-Plan day, review goals
x-water tomato plant
x-take pills
x-Physical therapy
Send query
Complete CIO pak
Ask about new pak
Do SB paperwork
x-Call re: lowcost
Bike ride
Take car to shop
Possibly move rocks w/RB
Practice new song
Start ACFC letter
Fix sink
Call recording studio guy
x-Email coach about subs
That's a pretty good list. I try not to have more than six or so tasks on the list to do during
the workday, in addition to routine stuff like taking pills, and four or so in the evening. We'll see how
it goes.

Go Scribbler

It's great to see you here again.  Congrats on your good day yesterday :-)

Agnus checking in ... and out

Trying not to be too discouraged that I've fallen back into the habit of late check-ins ... sigh. Well at least I am showing up which is better than most of last month. I have worked very diligently this week but the Inbox has filled up faster than the Outbox regardless how hard I worked - which means no progress on my backlogs, and even some small additions to the backlogs. I can honestly say I procrastinated only 3 times this week: 2 hours dawdling instead of getting started one day, and 2 different nights when I procrastinated going to bed - major cost in lost productivity and energy.

But it's a new day and the week isn't over. With God's help I can get through this list and clear my slate for a relaxing weekend...get to play with the grands tomorrow, yay!

  • email food commitmt DONE!
  • resume tech supt issue when they call  DONE!
  • planning: rm budget did important prep work - can finish Monday
  • join ning before parnter call DONE!
  • partner call 1pm DONE!
  • 4 more thank you notes
  • fwd kt email to ap's
  • read nrc email b4 the partner call
  • create announcements to send all ap's on the wf3 resources
  • file expenses for dc trip, tech supt, vr mtng
  • folo: hhs rvwrs solicit
  • process/post ppts when client sends
  • working agenda for dry run 
  • review Monday's list 
  • review yellow notepad
  • complete sme hire   DONE!
  • outline case study DONE!
  • primer text
  • send vr the eval q's DONE!
  • have the hard talk with 3f
  • request refund on trip
  • call my afg sponsor
  • buy garden supplies
  • buy ofc supplies
  • 20 minute microburst on the bills pile
  • play time with J
  • lunch DONE!
  • dinner
  • break DONE!
  • break
  • Schedule 20-minute meliorism-microbursts for these backlogged projects:
    • rest of the bills pile
    • medicare pile
    • 2008 corp taxes

      DONE with this workday!  I never sorted my list into any order today but the DONEs are the MITs, thank you God!  Many unfinished items but they are neither MITs nor MUTs - heading out to that dinner and playtime with J - have a great weekend everyone!

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

Done with those late school

Done with those late school projects.  Back to everything else.



accept CO trust fund on website

clean place and tidy up things briefl Forgot to do this >:(

Deop summer class and look into my summer plans I have to first find out wether I can get away with a D or not in my ART hist class.



stop by library for fees or that book was gonna check out forgot but I can stop by next week on my way to work, no rush



clean place
incuding the fridge

check email


Make some plans for the night

free time


Journey 11 am

Went swimming this morning . . . I got myself up and drove in the rain and pitch black dark down unfamiliar streets to the "other" gym that has the pool.   (pats self on back)  My mother's best friend was there, she is my "other mother" and we had the pool to ourselves.   A great start to the day.   Although the ladie's locker room at my regular gym is much nicer, I gotta say.  The best part of working out is hanging out on the nice comfy couches and drinking coffee with the other ladies, then getting cleaned up in the nice clean showers and changing rooms.  The "other" gym's locker room is, well, just a locker room.  No couches.  No TV.  No coffee.  No changing rooms.  Just showers, lockers, and benches.  oh well, it's functional!

Was a bit late getting in, the weather was bad and the expressway was a mess.  But I made it here safely, as opposed to the folks in two bad wrecks that I saw.  And of course, everyone else was late too, so no biggie.   Emails are flying about the 2 hour commute, although mine was only 1.5 hours so I guess I'm lucky.  (it's normally about an hour).  The commute doesn't really bother me, I just chill out and listen to audio books.

Anyway, I've read email, checked calendar and taken care of an outstanding item that came up right at 5 pm yesterday.   I also had a personal account matter to make a couple phone calls about, so I did that too cause it was really bugging me. Now I'm going to make my todo list for the rest of the day and start checkin' off those items!

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend y'all


'Today you have the opportunity to handle those old situations in a completely new way.' -  Michael J. Emery

e's May 21st 2010

a good morning so far: made bed, changed duvet cover, washed a half the dishes, ate breakfast, straightened some of the papers. I have a lot more to do today, but am in a really good emotional place: I can have my life the way I want to. So, the way I want it is that things are finished. Last night I thought I was going to peter out and I found myself continuing on with organizing this years tax papers and receipts into categories in a binder. Perhaps this is a little compulsive, but I couldn't find the damn w2's and so I started putting things away. Amazing what you find when you put things away! Then I paid a bunch of bills so I can file the FAFSA paperwork. And then I will let go and let God take over the driving. God's much better at choosing the right way to go than I am.

Anyway, I have a lot lot lot more to put away or to purge, and it seems easier today. I stopped with the dishes because my back was aching, so I am going to go stretch now, and then start making a marinade for a shrimp salad I am envisionining for tonight. I will probably need lime juice and scallions, so a walk to the square would be a good idea. Before that I will need a shower, etc. so I will do that before that. And I need to organize things to take to the post office, so I will also do that before I go. Interesting: thinking of things in terms of what I need to do before I do something else feels overwhelming: I just don't want to do ANYTHING when I start on that. So, for today, I will do what I will do: the post office is the MIT today. Everything else will happen along the way.

peace, e

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

((e)) Everything else will happen along the way.

Hugs for a great day!  I'm convinced now that just showing up, or getting that first MIT done, gets the HP (God, the law of thermodynamics, whatever) to start turning the wheel so everything else can follow more easily.  Thank you for continuing to inspire me to think about things more positively!


I love coming back in here at the end of the day and finding that someone left me a hug. Here is one back! What a gift the phone meetings and the people there are! I am still giggling over What Happens in Vagueness, Stays in Vagueness!

Have a good morning!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

Rexroth Check In

I sort of faded away yesterday and left a bit of a mess.

Up prayer and reflection
Washed up twice
Put on whites to wash and hung them up afterwards
Folded up blankets that I no lnger need
Took out rubbish
Checked phone messages and emails
Printed two emails which I need for a phone discussion later today
Listed what I need to do if I am travelling abroad later this year
Started listing what I might do when I get abroad

Clean kitchen floor
Bath and wash hair
Phone friend later
Check events tomorrow and Sunday
Write journal
Relax and watch programme on web

That will do for now

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Above except for journal

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep - it is very hot in London

Night Folks


kromer 8:30 CI

Man, I'm tired today! Really need to work on improving my sleep habits.

Scheduled today: Grades mtg 10-10:15 (went really long), seminar 12:15-1:15, mtg 4-5, yg 5-9:30(ish)

*CAC stuff
*Finish EA's project (will work on this soon)
*Brainstorm new expts

Other tasks:
*Clean kitchen
*Analyze biosensor data
*Ask about Sohlh2

Stefinle CI

Feeling a little ambivalent and hesitant about my day but thought why not jump start it with a check in for kicks and never know

Get shower

brush teeth

eat vitamins

get dressed

make  bed

when I get to this point decide how to proceed with day from there

shall return for more

GSD Check In

Most important 

Conjugation of all verbs 

Memorize all essays

Memorize all worksheets


Go through syllabus (2)

Less important

Paper 1 of all years

Go through textbooks 

Memorize vocabulary from 2 books 

Vocabulary from other places 


I would also like to kick this Friday off with a quote that pretty much sums up my battle with procrastination: "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off, pick yourself up and try again!"

I'm almost brainwashing myself with this one to reinforce the message!

Anyway to my new and improved CI

Priority 1 (most important)

Complete ACCG assignment (Done)

ACCG quiz (read and study chapters)

Start Stat assignment

Priority 2 (extra work that would save time for another day)

Find another source for history assignment (Done)

Re-sketch object

Stats online assessments

Priority 3 (leisure, after work is done, optional)

Gym (rescheduled)

Going to friend's Birthday celebration (rescheduled meetup)