Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Have a productive Thursday !!!

Totally missed my check in

Totally missed my check in but today I:

Went gym

completed a stats assignment

went to an extra study class

got clarification and help from my tutor on my assignment

set up a study time with my group members for an assignment

Good progress, I hope to go one further for Friday!

tiptree CI 5 pm

1) Sess. fixed
2) inv. hl perf.
3) robustness issues
4) look at A.'s code
5) research libs/tools
6) close out 682
7) impl 1859
8) shower/shave
9) study 1-1000 7s + 8s

Vic 5/20

Show up (done)



oh Lord, so timely! Can't find my w2 to attach to the Mass State Tax forms and I am GRUMBLING! I needed that!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

I needed that

I really needed that laugh...thanks, Vic!

Scribbler first post here


Here's my first shot at this.

1. x-Plan Day, Review Goals f

2. x-Take pills d

3. x-Water tomato plant d

4. Send query d

5. File 5 CIO pieces d

6. ACFC f

7. Call re: lowcost d

8. P/U kids at 3 p.m. c

9. Kids to swim practice c

10. Chore (sink?) d

11. Read, music I

12. D/O kids c

This is a cut-and-paste from my LifeGuide sheet for today. LifeGuide is my made-up home-brewed organization tool. I'll explain later if it seems appropriate. I'm glad to be here. Hope all are well and getting things done today. Scribbler


Welcome, Scribbler

It's so terrific you're getting started right away!  Welcome to PA--this is such an amazing site, and the tools and fellowship here have made such a difference in my life, even in the one single week that I've been a member. 

In addition to the online check-ins, we have 2 morning telephone meetings that everyone is welcome to attend, at which time we also schedule short phone check-ins throughout the day on the half-hour.  (Spirit graciously maintains the info for these, located in the Phone Meetings forum.)  There is also a chatbox where you can check-in anytime while you are working on tasks, and an online PA meeting every Sunday in the Meetings tab of the check-in. 

Whew, that was maybe TMI all at once, but if you have any questions please ask.

Great to meet you.  Welcome!


to-do list for today

Yesterday I had to take my husband to the airport and did not manage most of my list from yesterday, so today I will:

finish section two completely

contact girl about renting my room


Journey 10:45 Thanks for the support

Thanks for all the support during my down day yesterday and I will probably need it again today.   I'm just feeling kinda down and depressed, ready to get back to my normal activities and the foot is just not healing fast enough to suit me.   :-(  But I guess it's a good sign that I'm impatient to exercise, I don't always feel that way :D

Anyhoo, I have my MITs, my tunes on the mp3 player, and my timer.   I can do this, y'all, and so can you.   1 2 3 GO!


'Today you have the opportunity to handle those old situations in a completely new way.' -  Michael J. Emery

1-2-3 Go Jo!

Hi Jo -- Thank you posting this; it is something that I really need to hear right now as I am also dealing with an injury.  After good process for several weeks, I've had a bad couple days and have wanted to hide.  Knowing that you are pushing through gives me much-needed hope. 


Thanks Kitty!  It's very frustrating, isn't it?  But we'll get through it.   Here's hoping you get well quickly ( and me too!) 


'Today you have the opportunity to handle those old situations in a completely new way.' -  Michael J. Emery

Agnus check-in

Good morning! Hope everyone is enjoying a pro-active day so far. It feels good to be back on routines again. My Step 11, personal care, pet care and sponsor/sponsee calls are DONE! Now it's time to get to work:

  • practice on LiveMtngDONE! this was a huge time-suck as tech supt sought workarounds - still can't use it fully, grr. techsupt says more 2morow:?
  • thank you notes ONE DONE!
  • respond when client calls re ppts  DONE!
  • check progress against Monday's list 
  • review yellow notepad and sked the many task-jots not yet done
  • follow-up sme hire   minor correspondence - bring it home tomorrow!
  • catch up on brg action items
  • call cl re ap/cs DONE!
  • primer text
  • meet with vr 430 re primer build-out DONE!
  • buy garden supplies
  • buy ofc supplies
  • meeting 730DONE!
  • ADDED: monthly rpt - spent way too much time looking for the info i needed

Man this workday got blown apart by the tech issues and missing info searches. I bet I had to do 15 reboots today:rolleyes:. sigh. now if I don't hit the hay I'll have a lousy morrow so g'night all!

I already know I will not have time today for these long-delayed projects but I want to avoid siding back into denial that they exist, so I will keep listing them as to-do's:

  • 2008 corp taxes
  • bills pile
  • medicare pile

 "Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

Hope-Faith CI 10:00

Hi all,

huma CI

  • call bank
  • confirm salon appt
  • get dates for zoo visits
  • switch hosting for DC
  • game store appt
  • email DHO proposal to NP
  • direct response renegotiation
  • email HS info to NY
  • TDC 9
  • TDC 10
  • TDC 11
  • TDC 12
  • gym
  • email/call Charles
  • call Andrea
  • call PHP about proposal
  • call other site lead
  • laundry
  • email MS re Vegas

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

Stefinle CI (I love seeing the Pink Panther!)

Read morning meditation

Get a shower

Get dressed

Get a yogurt

Get charger

Get out the door

Pick up cell phone

Call J

Call D

Go to Asht Ran (late didnot go)

Meet with advisor (cx and resched appt instead for Tuesday May 25, 9:15am)

Fill out slip mail (didnot do)

Return to Painesville

Begin to clean space





Stefinle CO

Day not a total bust. Really a good day. Redirected and resched when I knew I wouldnot make my appt on time. Realized I needed to start day earlier to be out of house. Instead spent morning with a  friend walking on a beautiful day. Went to counseling appt to library to meet an obligation to a friend and to meeting. Will make effort to begin cleaning space tommorrow.

Jules K CI - LOVE the Graphic! Think Pink!

Hi Gang - Hey, can anyone tell me how to make this NOT double space when I post?

Have a few good days of not procrastinating under my belt.  I keep thanking God for those and praying for more!

I already took care of some special wash pretreat while the computer was warming up. (THose have been sitting to the side of my laundry pile for 6 months now!)

Need to

Find energy bills and log onto roommate's tab

Call an old friend re: a job.

Check something I'm shipping for ebay.

Return an email

Check comp files for an old meeting script.

Then on to work.

Drinks with a friend after that.  WHEW!  Relax time!

Thanks all!!


Work on an updated lease for 15 minutes



double spacing

Try pressing Shift+Enter to go to a new line (rather than just Enter)

Wow I always wondered about

Wow I always wondered about that also - thanks!

Kitty 8:10 CI

Feeling like I can make this day a good one.  Pain is much, much less than yesterday--yay!  The phone meeting today covered Promise #12, and I learned so much from everyone who shared.  I like living this real life, not the shadowy existence that passes for life when I am procrastinating.

  • 7:30CT Phone CI meeting done!
  • Morning meditation done!
  • Go for walk done!
  • PT canceled
  • 11:30 a.m. CT Phone CI done!
  • 3 sections of UR class
  • Call T done!
  • Call J
  • 2:30 p.m. appointment
  • Clean bathroom
  • PT 
  • Evening meditation/gratitude journal
  • 8:30 p.m. CT Phone CI

Had bunch of unanticipated mails/phone calls  done!

kromer 8:20 CI

I'm having some wrist pain this morning, which is frustrating...think it makes sense to limit what I do on the computer today, and I really don't want to do that.

OK, MITs for today, with this in mind, are:
*Email MG comments on his paper
*email LL
*Take new samples, make BrdU/HU plan
*Email RH, email miniparish members
*Ask about histology, deliver samples
*Clean up bench, microburst cleaning desk.(will do this soon)

Other tasks are:
*Work on EA's project (working on this now)
*Work on analyzing biosensor data
*Brainstorm new expts
*CAC stuff

And I need to leave work early (4pm) so I can help w/ carpets at church and go to harambee.

OK, right now I'm going to write up and send commnets


Lucky CI

Typing for E
Contract stuff
CA mins
Order stationery
Unpack stationery
Receipt stationery 

After work:
Reply to email re reunion 

Rexroth Check In

Thanks for starting the thread tuffl

Up prayer and meditation
Washed up tidyied up
Checked emails
Put on washing machine
Final check on legal stuff
Out to see solicitor and sorted
Bought fresh fruit and veg and home
Brought in recycling containers

Check notes for solicitor and file
Lunch and tidy
Rest for a while
Write journal

That's it for now

Regards Rexroth

tuffl CI

Today feels much much better than most of the last days! Unfortunately I've got only about 3 hrs to work but anyway, I'm in a good mood and will try to make the most of it! Here's today's list:


* finish part1 A DONE  Smile

* draft part2 A

* continue C

* finish C


if there's time left:

* sources for part1 A 

* wrap up ch2


once that's done:

* e-mail supervisor