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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Welcome everyone, hope ya having a good week! :D


I appreciate the supportive environment, thank you!

Checking in for a change

I've been mostly checked out instead of in recently, so I thought I would check in just because.

GOOD FOR YOU! ((Cal20))

GOOD FOR YOU! ((Cal20))

huma CI

  • call bank
  • confirm salon appt
  • get dates for zoo visits
  • switch hosting for DC
  • TDC 5
  • TDC 6
  • TDC 7
  • TDC 8
  • TDC 9
  • TDC 10
  • gym
  • email/call Charles
  • call Andrea
  • call PHP about proposal
  • HTML
  • call other site lead
  • laundry
  • meals for TH/FR
  • email MS re Vegas
  • call PA about concert tix
  • put mower away

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

Email Teacher

Email Teacher projects

Finish color inventorys + Projects B

Project C

I'll make a list of other things once I get the above finished.



Kitty 7:52 CI

Woke up not feeling well, which before PA would have led me not to get out of bed until the afternoon.  The whole day would have slipped away into the void.  But I had to get up for the 7:30CT phone check-in meeting, and that changed everything.

Top priority for this morning is to give my body what it needs so I can keep moving forward.  Second top priority for the day is to work on PM and URD.  Yesterday I got a system in place so now those are going much more smoothly, and they are not so overwhelming.

  • Breakfast done!
  • Stretch, begin ice/heat for injuries done!
  • Morning prayers / meditation done!
  • 11:30/10:30CT Phone CI meeting done!
  • 1 section of PM done! total of 3 done so far.
  • 2 sections of URD - started
  • 3:30/2:30CT Phone CI meeting done!
  • Laundry (if feeling physically up to it) - Nope, rescheduled
  • Evening PT done!
  • Evening meditation session - Did not get extended session and this threw off my bedtime routine.  Oops.
  • 9:30/8:30 CT Phone CI meeting done!
  • Evening prayers
  • Get to bed early  - Not as early as I had hoped, but OK

Journey 8:45

Yesterday was not the best day.   I had a lot of trouble focusing and although I was going thru the motions of working, I didn't really start getting anything accomplished until after 3 pm.  I'm blaming it on my sore foot since I did exercise for the first time in two weeks and I felt tired and frustrated.    So, putting yesterday behind me, and getting started on today.  I went swimming this morning which was a great way to start the day but man, now I could use a nap.   I'm hoping if I stay busy today I will be tired enough to go to bed early.   My schedule is all out of whack since I haven't been going to the gym in the mornings and I'm going to bed and getting up later and later each day, and not eating properly either.   My foot is much better and it's time to SNAP OUT OF IT.   :grin:

I also made major progress on Project V on MONDAY and got past the obstacle that I've been fighting for a week or more.   So now that problem is solved, and now I need to figure out what to do next and that's always a trouble time for me.  When I'm going along in the middle of a project I do much better than transitions,  beginning, and ending.   Knowing that it will be difficult, I'll use the timer today and work for 20-minute periods with 10 minute breaks.   I feel like I'm getting away with something, only really working 40 minutes out of every hour, but something about that 20 minute time frame is really good for me.   It's not too long or too short.  If I get distracted, I look at the timer and can say to myself ' oh, only 11 more minutes, I can keep going until the end of this time period and THEN I can look up that word or put that plate in the dishwasher.

Well I'm rambling on this morning.   Off to make my todo list and then check off those items one by one, eh?   Have a great Wednesday.



'Today you have the opportunity to handle those old situations in a completely new way.' -  Michael J. Emery

u can do jo!

You are always such an encourager here, glad to repay when you're a tad off, as happens to us all sometimes. Injuries and illness mess me up badly too on the procrastination front, hard to maintain routines - which reminds me of a new sig I want to put on my profile ... hugs and grins to you today Journey!

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

Shark quotation

That is a great sig!  *relates*

((Keep going, Jo))

I really needed to read your post today to remind me to keep going, even when the body doesn't want to cooperate.  Thank you so much!  Have a wonderful Wednesday and keep that Pomodoro Timer going!

Hope-Faith CI 8:45

Hi back again today, moving forward

kromer 8:30 CI

Main task for today is to grade exams.

I'd also like to:
*Place order, figure out BrdU/HU plan (will work on this soon)
*Mail stuff to mom
*Call PC, MT
*Re-do genotyping (mostly done w/ this)
*Ask about histology (done, still need to take samples over)
*Clean out voicemail inbox

Lower priority:
*Finish EA's project
*Take new samples
*Read MG's paper
*CAC stuff

OK, right now I need to go grade. 

e's May 19th 2010

good to be up this morning, although its raining and I would like to be snuggled in bed with a book and something warm to drink. So far I am pleased with the puttering about I have done, having accomplished making the bed, having done my teeth, put away dishes and prepped the others for washing, set out meds, put away laundry and signed on to to set up my to do list. The house is chaotic from yesterday's paper whirlwind, so before I start my most important tax, filing A's taxes and fafsa, I will need to spend some time organizing it all. I am thankful to this fellowship that I can do this one task at a time and can see the evidence that one task at a time adds up to recovery.

my alarm is going off for the phone check in, so that is next to do.

Have a great day everyone

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

GSD Check In

There is NO way I will be able to finish everything on my list...Therefore, I'm writing down my tasks in decreasing order of importance. I aim to finish the top 2-3...

Math past papers

Math questions from textbook

Economics read difficult topics AND memorize

Economics do a past paper 

CI accomplished!

current mood: *don't want to!!!* *sigh*


ok. a short list for today. 



some shopping

top up mobile

check in!

summary for sec1 Smile

draft part 1 C Smile



A part 1 - hsm, ex, sources 

A part 2 - draft 

Mama_Cat's picture

Mama_Cat Morning Check-in

TO-DOs for May 19th, 2010 :)

DONE!!! Check bank balance :-)

* Get checks together for deposit

------ Make deposit (later today, in between client visits)

DONE!!! Make and eat breakfast :-)

DONE!!!  Make lunch :-)

* Shower, stretch, dress

* Advertise for f2f

DONE!!!  review paper for meeting with client :-)

* E-mail Dvd about S

DONE!!! E-mail doc to Vd :-)

DONE!!! Morning meeting :-)

DONE!!! 1 hour cleaning - 1/2 hour done :-)

DONE!!! Morning check-in :-)

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and refelction
Check emails
Get ready to go out to shops to look for bedding

Go out and look in shop

I'm not better yet and am stilll coughing but nothing like as much as I have been.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Went out and looked in shop and found the new bed linen that I wanted bought it brought it home checked it fitted and washed the new sheets etc and they are now drying - next time I need to buy new bed linen before the old wears out.
Phoned solicitor and made an appointment to see him tomorrow morning which I hope will more or less finish things.
Read through the letters and correspondence
I have lost a load of money by procrastination and oddly enough gained almost as much. Most of this procrastination has been in the past well before I joined PA.
Remade bed with old linen
Rested and watched programme on the web
Cooked supper and washed up
Emailed MP over health issue

Prayer and reflection
Think todo for tomorrow
Write journal
Go to bed and to sleep

Night Rexroth

Get well soon

Get ready to go out to shops to look for bedding


The way you put this made me smile. Are you a hamster? ;). I hope you have a great shop.

I am glad you are feeling a little better. I always get colds and flu after big stresses. I think it is the bodies way of making you rest and relax so take extra good care of yourself. You deserve it.

Hopefully you will soon be fully fit. 





Thank you Helen

Thank you Helen. I have been compared to a hamster before and am about to curl up into a ball and try to get some sleep. The tiredness I feel is emotional as well as physical and to do with the ending of the long business/legal dispute and finding that I don't need an operation after all. Even good news take some getting used to.

Love and Peace


strike 10.10 am

Hi guys!

Thanks for starting the thread PutmynikesonWorking from home today, a much needed brake from the office (this is my third week), I've been working till 7-8 almost every day. Actually feels good to stay home today and recharge my energy so I can kick butt tomorrow instead. Still need to get some things done though. The weather is sunny and the trees are golden green so I want to finish my work day quickly so I can enjoy the rest of the day outside on a blanket.

  • net work 5 quality hours [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • call t
  • call eye doctor
  • copy papers


Helen's CI


 Finish Administration CV


Research Interview tough questions DONE

Lucky CI

Before work:
Clear kitchen
Straighten hair :)

Full makeup
Prayer time
Read :)

Typing :)
Get G contract signed and posted - In progress
PDfs for E :)
Previous meeting actions :)
This meeting actions - In progress
Media Worldwide contract :)
Termination :)
Meeting mins Not needed till tomorrow!
Sort papers for next meeting
Unpack stationery
Receipt stationery

Email parents
Get some air

After work:
To E&N's for housework
Tomorrow's list


Agnus ci and checkback 6:50pm

Good morning Putmynikeson! Thanks for getting us an early start - this is my nighttime but I find it helps me to make my list the night before - off my mind.

  • prayer and pet care DONE!
  • sponsor call 645 DONE!
  • breakfast and dress DONE!
  • work by 730: ppts in? DONE tho later than expected
  • sponsee call 815 DONE! (late)
  • call in j's rx's DONE!
  • talk to client re em ppts DONE!
  • ppt revisions DONE!
  • send em invites DONE!
  • check status on lmi sme hire DONE! but needs followup tomorrow
  • thank you notes
  • see if j can get groceries and my vits DONE!
  • break: eat lunch, call mom DONE!
  • schedule brg action items
  • primer text this is backburnered ; may resurrect tomorrow or Friday
  • talk to vr about primer build-out (better to meet?) scheduled mtng ThursDONE!
  • ADDED: conf call 530pm DONE!
  • Call Mom DONE!
  • ADDED: catch up with sis DONE
  • ADDED: baby shower gift DONE!!
  • call cl re ap/cs
  • check progress against Monday's list 
  • review yellow notepad and sked the many task-jots not yet done

I am pooping out - three BIG days this week! Going to walk the dog now and consider how much moe stamina I have for the rest of this...

After work:

  • sponsee calling, sometime
  • try to get to ofc supply store (wall planning calendar and project planner)
  • 20-minutes of microbursting my choice of ONE of these (only ONE):
    • 2008 corp taxes
    • bills pile
    • medicare pile

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

Today:Gym Meet tutor if


Gym (Done!)

Meet tutor if available about assignment

Find object for assessment and begin hunting down sources (Done)

GNAT quiz attempt 1, Stat Summaries (2 chapters at least)

Download stat assessment 3.

ACCG revision, week 9.

Meet sister for bus home (not needed)

Soccer training (Done)

Chapter summary (two) of  ACCG for quiz.

Good morning, PMNO

Signing off for the evening but hope you're having a good start to your Wednesday morning. Smile Great to see you here!


Hi all,

Just joined up-this seems like a great forum, I hope it helps me finish the paper I've been procrastinating on for the past year! 


finish part 1 and 2 of section two 

work out and eat lunch

finish part 3 and 4 of section two 

transcribe interview for last two hours 

((Welcome, Change))

So good to see you getting started right away.  There are a lot of new people here (I'm one of 'em), and the people in PA are absolutely fantastic.   If you need help finding and using the tools, please ask.

Keep coming back!



thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!

sorry, I seem to be posting in all the wrong places-  where do you go to post your goals for the daily check-in?   can you delete posts in the wrong place? thanks!