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converting this site to a different CMS

Drupal's forum software is very bad. I can't split off messages into new threads, I can't merge discussions, and I've seen complaints that very bad bugs show up when more than 10 people are posting in a thread (that hasn't happened here yet - but it may).

What I wish I'd installed is Joomla, which has a bridge to SMF - an excellent forum package. I have this installed on another site so I know it works. The problem is, Drupal is so weird that there are no conversion scripts to either Joomla or SMF. I can repost the articles, but we'd lost all poll results and all forum content (and we have a pretty large message base now).

Basically, if I converted the site over to Joomla with SMF, it would be like the site was just created. You'd have to register again - we'd be starting all over again. I'm nervous about doing this because there is a certain momentum in a growing membership and a significant message base. I'm afraid that converting will kill the community.

Please post your thoughts about this here. Also please vote in the poll about this.

time solved this problem

I thought I'd add an update with the resolution. Eventually I was able to update the site to a new version of Drupal with a plug-in for managing the forum (split and merge threads). This is working well and we didn't lose any site content.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Change for the right reasons

I agree with the folks who have cautioned against installing a new CMS as a way to procrastinate on other things. :)

On the other hand, if Drupal really isn't suited to the way this site has evolved, it's better to switch to the right system now than to do it later and make it more painful.

I'll gladly register on a new system so I can keep on participating in discussions here.


I don't know the difference

but I trust your judgement about whether or not Joomla is better. Personally, I would be willing to move to a new board as there are things about this one I don't like, which you've told us are Drupal things.

However, if you ~do~ decide to change I feel it needs to be the right time to do it for you personally pro, and not to use it as a time-binge to escape doing other things you don't want to do.

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who, me?

>However, if you ~do~ decide to change I feel it needs to be the right time to do it for you personally pro, and not to use it as a time-binge to escape doing other things you don't want to do.

Ah gee - you think I'd do that? :P

Okay. :)

Well shucks

I wouldn't want to be part of the ~cause~ of a procrastination!

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Like Nike says...

Trust us and do what you have to do.

I must be out of touch!

I thought all Nike ever said was "Just do it".

Am I waaaaay behind the times??!!

But anyway, it's still a good anti-crastination mantra!!!!!

who is "Nike"?



Well, 'Just Do It' was the running shoe people, but 'Trust Me'? That can't ~possibly~ be the same Nike....can it?

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A Good Idea!

Based on how you were able to set this site up and from comments of how good you are at this sort of stuff, it's obvious that you're able to change the site's CMS easily. I would recommend switching to Joomla since it's one of the awesome CMSes. SMF is also a very good forum software and would be more pleasant to post and create new threads in.

I'm just starting to build my website at but it's really nonfunctional right now. Really horrible at PHP currently...