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Daily taskmaster calls?

Hi everyone- 

So I'm on the hunt to find someone--and pay someone--to call me daily M-F to check-in with me and make me review my "to do" list...then check-in later in the afternoon, to make sure I'm staying on task.

I don't need a "coach" per se, as I know what I need to do. I just need someone to nudge me to do it.

Does anyone have suggestions or resources? 




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Task-master help

Hey Bill,

there is a face-to-face meeting in the Cambridge, MA area.

That might be a good place for you to reach out and see if you can find such a person, or - at the very least - an action buddy! :)

You can find the info below here:

Yours in fellowship -


Phone checkins

You could use the phone checkins here an arrange with someone else to checkin at certain times throughout the day.

Here are the details.