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Sunday May 2 2010

Journey Toastmaster speech tomorrow

I'm giving my CC#10 tomorrow!!  That means I will complete the first manual, having given 10 speeches and I'll get my Competent Communicator award!  

I just finished my powerpoint presentation, and my speech is written, now I just need to practice a couple times in the am and I'm ready to go!  Nervous, as usual, but nothing like the terror that gripped me before I did speech #1.  

I was pretty terrible at public speaking when i started this program, and now I am able to speak freely in public and even be mildly entertaining at times, and I never faint or throw up . . . anyway wish me luck!!


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel




WOW super awesome accomplishment. Good Luck.



That sounds exciting! Good

That sounds exciting! Good luck tomorrow, journey!

kromer 8:20 CI

Did a 20-mile charity walk not going to do too much this evening!

Going to alternate btwn work and dishes & make schedule for next week, then watch some TV, then try 30 min focused work on GOSlim, then maybe spend 30 min on planning garden, then go to bed. 

Wow Kromer! 20 miles!

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

just one project today...

...make progress on my final paper for a seminar! It's due on Tuesday and I have a good handle on what I want to write, except for the literature review... So this evening I want to:

- do some research
- take notes/summarize relevant articles
- outline the paper

It would be great if I could get more done than this but I don't want to overwhelm myself. So for now I'm going to focus on the research. To start: find just one useful article, type up notes summarizing it. I have a book full of maybe-helpful articles already so this should be a good place to start!

 Done: listed lots of articles that could be relevant, which is exciting. Taking a break: when I get back I'll see which ones I have online access to and read some abstracts.

good progress

So I found a whole lot of sources that I may use, and looked at a few of them closely enough to know that I'll definitely want to use them. I also took notes on some of these.

I also drew up a rough outline of the paper, just so I can sort of put it into context.

Overall, as I said in my check-in, I could have done more than this--but I'm very proud that I did at least what I set out to do! 

Tomorrow I'll check in sometime in the morning, and probably be on and off all day, as I do a few other tasks but focus on this one. Plan of attack: organize the articles I want to use into the outline I made, write a summary of my lit review. Start integrating what I learned from that into my review of the key article and my proposal for my own experiment. 

It's 10-15 pages long. This sounds terrifying to me now, but I know people have written much longer things--and I've done a 15-page paper before. I can do this.  And I'm excited about the process of creating a lit review, since I haven't done that before, and it's pretty cool to read all the research that people have done on this subject over the years. I think I'll learn a lot from doing this paper.

Okay. Bedtime!

Research Paper

Although the sun tempts me to do otherwise, I am going to spend the next couple of hours reviewing articles for my research paper.

Kerri -- know exactly how

Kerri -- know exactly how you feel! Good luck on your research; I'm taking heart from knowing that you're out there pushing through this just like I am. :)


Since I am new to the PA web site, I want to learn how to
use the daily check in so I can get support from others and offer
support to others. I feel that by embracing peer support we will grow
and become better people.


 Still learning, one day at a time.


 Still learning, one day at a time.

Great chatting with you!

Good luck to you anuway!  Here's to helping each other become the best we can be!Cool

YAY for first post

Super job. Join us again in chat soon.




Agnus 4:30pm

Well, I just spent half an hour writing a long post about my weekend and realizations, but it must not have been HP's will because it disappeared in an Internet hiccup.

I am currently procrastinating 2 major work projects due at 11 am tomorrow; and calling a sponsee about a meeting tonight.  Major headache pain today, and having to use J's 'puter as mine is in "tech hospital." Going to set my timer for 10 minutes of meditation and neck traction, then get in Chat to work out of this procrast-attack.

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

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Hope-Faith CI 12:00

I am here, starting very late and not making much headway with my fallen wagon. :-(

I had a really good plan for yesterday but a blew it by taking naps. However in my defense I had a super major busy week last week and was only home awake in my house maybe an hour 1 in the am and 1.5 hours in the pm. Inaddtion I had a wisdom tooth extracted on Thrusday and so I have used that as an opportunity to be hum well the best word for it would be LAZY. So starting where I am at right now.

  1. Get ready to leave (yet again)
  2. Leave 12:30
  3. 12:30-3:00
    1. B-day party for family friend
    2. Grocery Store
  4. 3:30 Home
  5. Fold clothes
  6. Declutter Van
  7. Supper
  8. DS and DD work on Livestock books

Wish me Luck


Hope-Faith CI 4:45

Hi I am back and thanks so much for the encouragement Huma I really need that.

So I have to fold clothes and I DO NOT WANNA so I guess I will just have to play mind games with myself. Setting time for 5 min fold and then put away everything that I folded and give myself a 3 min break. Gosh I hate to have to have to do this but I have got to start somewhere. So here I go CI with progress



Hope-Faith Progress CI 7:10

All clothes have been folded need to spend the next hour on putting away clothes and supper. Be back in an hour for progress update


Good luck hope-faith!

I know that you have had challenges lately, but it's a new month, a new start. I'm confident you can make improvements. Like me, you seem very determined to make 2010 a better year. Good luck my friend - let's make the first week of May a good one! Smile

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

huma CI

I NEED to do only a few things, but really WANT to do several more to get ahead. So we'll see how much drive I have today.

  • gym
  • TDC 1-2
  • TDC 3-4
  • TDC 5-6
  • upload 10 pics A
  • upload 10 pics B
  • upload 10 pics C
  • fix  lawnmower if possible
  • proposal for tomorrow's meeting

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

Vic 5/2

Show up (done)

Indecisive about going to church so have procratinated all morning. Have some library overdue stuff, so I will leave now.

2pm ck in Did not et to church but did get my walk and cut the grass (my one son too lazy) now soccer with other one.

pm check in soccer, stores, dishes,  call.

chatline to do a few otems.

Stefinle's Check-In May 2, 2010

Go for a run


Coffee and quick breakfast

Work on time

come home organize what needs to be done for homework

Begin homework

Stefinle Check-Out May 2010

Well things didnot go in the exact order I planned I procrastinated on the run did not get it done until early evening. So here how it went today


Coffee ans quick breakfast

Work on time

Go for a run

Come home organize what needs to be done for homework

Begin homework

Don't think I will do these will go to bed and get it early and do the last two task, maybe.

Rexroth Check In

It is early afternoon here and I am in good spirits

Up prayer reflection and thought
Checked emails
Got ready and out to church
Church meeting and chat afterwards
Home and reported incident with to police over an attempted break in to a neighbours car
Lunch and listen to travel programme on radio

Rest think plan write it down

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Rested checked emails
Looked at programmes on web
Arranged date for next Sunday and am very happy about it
Thought meditated prayed planned and have not written a work of it down

Prayer and maybe I've done enough reflection
Go to bed and sleep I am exhausted

Night Everyone


GSD's Worried Check In

SO much to do today...I'm really nervous. I don't think there is any possible way to finish everything...and I'm just going to be disappointed at the end of the day. I also have deadlines and tests this week, and I keep worrying about them, all the time.

-Finish easy set of math questions

-Finish difficult set of math questions

-Read about complex numbers from textbook

-Read Physics and Chemistry textbooks

-Finish English questions (3)

-Do Math question list 1

-Check answers 

-Do Math question list 2

-Check answers 


Lots of science/math.That is a hard schedule for anyone, I did that once, it can be done, but it is crazy to do it that way.

I found using a timer helps. If I set 5 minuetes , just to start, then set 15 minutes.

Sometimes summarries of stuff in the notes is all you need to know. There are so many on line websites that can explain things if you don't get it (with examples) don't spend too much time on something if you don't "get it"

I was a Chem major- you can e-mail me if you have any questions. Good luck.



Thanks, Vic!

Thanks for those tips, Vic!

I'm using a timer and it's very helpful! Setting it for 5 mins at first helps me get started without getting overwhelmed by the amount of studying I have to do! The summaries idea is good too, as my Chem textbook is 500+ pages and my math textbook is over a thousand pages. Thanks for everything! :)


I am happy it helped. I know, it can be overwhelming, I am sure you will do fine once you get into the groove.

Good luck,



Revision tips

The pressure is on but you have been working hard so give yourself some credit. You can achieve a lot in a short time too. They say that a series of  20 minutes study followed by a short break is the best way to revise as the memory works best during that time. Eat, breathe, take regular breaks, stretch, go easy on the caffeine, get enough sleep. You can do it!

 Here are more revision tips


Thanks, Helen!

Thanks so much, Helen, for the all the encouragement and the revision tips. It means a lot to me, especially as I have been so stressed lately. I am learning to let go of the stress and just focus on revising, taking things one step at a time, and not getting overwhelmed. I'll take your advice! Thanks! :)