Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 8 April 2010


It's only fear...'

'Fear' by Pauley Perrette (Abby from NCIS)


'Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.' - FDR

'What's your greatest fear?'
'It's that awful cliche: it's fear itself.' - Julie Andrews

No matter how many times I edit this, the word 'Abby' keeps showing up highlighted in yellow. I can only assume she's messing with me. :)

Vic 4/8

show up (done)





or...alternate f.e.a.r. acronym






LOL Agnus

I so identify with that acronym! Thanks for the laugh!

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

Journey's TAXES are FINISHED

with 7 days to spare!  



"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

wow jo!

your are the PA Recovery Queen!  so inpsiring.



Super Job


love that pic, hope-faith!


This is so impressive!

Great job!

woooo hooooo journey!

I started mine months ago, ran into a road block and then froze up. Today I would like to microburst towards the right direction: namely, transfering the program onto my new computer instead of being to scared to see if the data is lost.

Thanks, Jo !What a great power of example!

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

Way to go!

I don't think I have EVER done anything with 7 days to spare, let alone taxes. 



that's awesome :)

hope4meandu check-in (8:12PM)

Just want to claim my seat as a fellow pro sufferer!!

Also thank you "e" so much for your amazing help today to get me through, successfully, a very rough day!!

I kind of have a vision of what it would look like for me to be recoverying from this disease - I will clean a portion of my apartment every night or enough that my house is always basically clean and I don't have to do a top to bottom cleaning when someone comes over.

Also, am kind of getting off my own back about not starting my doggy business. I figure when my girl recovers enough, I will have the "extra" to bring to my other four legged friends.

K, so before I go for the evening I would like to dust the room I'm in now and continue to work on the top of the stove.

Without you guys, I'm toast - burnt toast (without butter)!!

Best wishes to all & every!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

Agnus check-in 10:05am, followup 1:15pm

Today is pretty clearcut but busy. Contracts are coming in so I am trying to rebuild my ability to work an honest 8 hour day - at home, alone. Lots of challenges!  Right now I am sitting on the back porch to avoid the noise of J's TV and phone calls. 

  • First up:  timeline DONE!!
  • figure out what to do about Ch TR, then do that DONE!!
  • check notes for other committments - be proactively outstanding! Doing, 4 pesky emails that will need some attention right after lunch.
  • reading for em and brg
  • give vr and bh and heads-up; discreet q to bh re 4sale?
  • team call for idq status

Agnus 4:30pm

re-posting to get myself back on track after lunch was interrupted by so many work-related phone calls and quasi-urgent emails that it seemed forever before I finished eating.  It really throws me when boundaries get fuzzy like that.  I reacted by thoughtlessly going aimless, surfing and gaming, and just caught myself getting those icky procras feelings again. Squaring up now! 

  • check notes for other committments - be proactively outstanding! Doing, 3 more emails need attention to clean out Inbox. DONE - plus a few more that straggled in
  • reading for em and brg Done in part - this is an ongoing task for awhile but made good progress today. YAY!
  • give vr and bh and heads-up; discreet q to bh re 4sale? DONE!
  • team call for idq status DONE!
  • Ag getting back on track

    Thanks for the great example of getting yourself back on track!


    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    kromer 9:40 CI

    I've had a bad few days, and I think it's because I haven't been sticking to the kind of habits that help me stay on track.

    So, for today I'm trying to stick w/ good habits: prayer (done), little or no sugar (done), healthy food (done), little or no soda (done-ish), exercise (not done), bed on time, check in and out, use the tools (done-ish), keep my website blocker on (done-ish).

    Here's what I want to get done:

    Scheduled: class 1-2:30, seminar 5-7

    *Finish/mail taxes (mailed fed, but state is a big packet so I want to take that to the post office tomorrow)
    *extract RNA, order primers
    *Finish draft write-up (yay!)

    Other tasks:
    *Start analysis for EA
    *Order tennis shoes, bug about HPLC and GSEA
    *Finish analyzing biosensor data
    *1 hr work on comp lab nb

    OK, right now I'll work on draft write-up

    e's Thursday april 8

    Good morning!

    Yesterday was mildly productive: I woke to a pile of dishes, a filthy kitchen floor and unfolded laundry, which indicates that I got off track. I have 4 hours before work and would like to more than deal with these three things. First thing meds.

    "There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
    ---Brad Ramsey

    Journey 8:30 &

    Early to work again today due to Spring Break light traffic even in spite of a police standoff closing down a major street in town!  Yesterday was a pretty good day, planning to make today a good day too!

    I've been to the gym, checked email & calendar.  Now for coffee and todo list.

    UPDATE 1 pm :  completed 1 MIT, did some unplanned administrative stuff for boss, and went out to lunch (also unplanned but very nice!)  Now working on Project V Security stuff for 25 minutes, then I'll take a 5 min break to input my calories into Calorie King.

    Thanks to Verzonni for recommending .  I've used timers in the past but for some reason this one is really helpful!  I think it's that forced 5 minute break lol.  Although you can set the work and break times to whatever you want I've stuck with the default 25/5.


    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    Hope-Faith CI 4/8/10

    Not sure I can do a herkie now at this age but I will salute you in my own away for completion of you task.

    1. AM Routine Done
    2. AM Task Done 
    3. Quick Breakfast Done
    4. Dentist Done
    5. To Do
    6. A  List   B List    C List    D List   
      Mow Grass :)    Sweet P   Crammer    Video   
      Van Spot   Heath    Research C pin       

      B-Ball 6:30

      :)  X & 11Chart    E-mail Necklace       
      Cabbage   Over Head           
      Goats   Clothes           
      Speech     E-mail J          
      Work Work     Material          
      Wood Carving              
    7. Multitask
      1. Fun and enrighment for DS and DD
        1. Online
      2. Phone Calls  2
      3. Master Bedroom
      4. Tarp Done
      5. DS activity
    8. Work Routine Spend (1.5 hours) planning and preparing
    9. 5 Star Supper SP, H, BB and Done
    10. PM Routine  Done 
    11. PM Task   Done
    12. Extra TaDa's


    1. Conservation
    2. Computer Learning


    huma CI

    Promise me a date with the girl rockin' the NCIS hat, and I promise I will get all of my tasks done today! Kiss

    • call CC
    • fax CC
    • pay hosting
    • pay bill at home
    • call N re DC
    • web ads
    • teach SM about emails
    • settle AC gross/net
    • walk/gym
    • contact 10 off list
    • email BSSB logos to N
    • 36 quiz questions 

    "It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

    "Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

    I most certainly will not -

    I most certainly will not - Ziva is my girlfriend Wink


    work - DONE

    exercise routine - DONE

    chart for G (from yesterday)

    last of SL unit one

    cook Thurs, Fri -DONE

    pack up for work tomorrow -DONE

    tidy house  DONE

    Got hung up on the phone.  Now it is later and I'm tired.  Surfed the net for a while, procrastinated.  It's hard to get a lot done on a week night.  Still I'm going to tidy up the house and try to do more tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Friday and I don't have too much planned so I feel like I can let a few things spill over.  This is the slippery slope...   

    GetStuffDone CI

    3.14 onwards: Physics

    5.00-6.00: Economics

    Rexroth Check In

    Woke worried as I have a hospital appointment tomorrow which I hope will confirm that I need another operation and that I can have it as soon as possible. The operation is not at all serious but it is a nuisance. I'm trying to get on with things and feel inclined to lie on my bed drinking coffee and worrying abou it so:

    Up and dressed
    Washed up and cleaned up kitchen from the mess I left it in yesterday
    Sorted out some of my dry and drying clothes
    Checked emails

    Dry clothes and put away
    Deal with post
    Craft project - I need to post more on this. It is something I have started on again after procrastinating on it for many, many years
    Look at hospital file and check appointment time and what questions I need to ask
    Do psychological exercises on anxieties about tomorrow
    Write journal
    Look at my list of needs and wants

    Regards Rexroth

    Rexroth Update

    Above and
    Emaied friend again

    I'm very tired and feel all over the place

    Rest sort tidy be clear about tomorrow

    Regards Rexroth

    Rexroth Check Out

    A lot today which I did not feel like doing. I was going to spend the whole day worrying about tomorrow and I haven't.

    To bed and journal and sleep

    Night Everyone


    ((((((Rex)))))) Hope all

    ((((((Rex)))))) Hope all goes well. And glad to see you've put 'rest' in that list - you deserve it.

    Thank you Lucky

    Thank you Lucky. It is not much but I will be glad when it is all settled.



    Good luck with that hospital/surgery stuff! 

    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    Thank you journey

    Thank you journey

    There is not much wrong but it is a nuisance and I would liek to get things settled.


    Lucky CI

    Fly-by check-in at work once again - I spent so long making the threadstarter that I didn't have time to write my check-in!

    Do E's archiving
    Make a huge dent in the contract pile

    Apply for a payday loan (boy, I hope this is the last time THIS item appears on my tasklist)

    Prep bike for tomorrow - map, lights, kit
    Boil some rice and lentils to take to work
    Get early night


    I love that show but I'll be showing my age if I say I like it because David McCallum is on there . . .I was madly in love with him when he was on the Man From Uncle as Ilya Kuryakin!


    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    Ilya? Ilya's back? omg!

    I MUST wrest the remote away from J to start watching this show now! So glad to learn that my childhood lust-puppy is onscreen again!  ;-)

    david mccallum then and now!



    OK, stop surfing David McCallum sites and get back to work Jo!})


    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    Ag is busted!

    LOL jo - that is exactly what I was doing on my lunch break!! :-O

    I'm quite disturbed to see

    I'm quite disturbed to see how stunning Ducky was as a youngster. Um, gosh.

    re: disturbing

    What's really disturbing is seeing your teen idols turn into dried-up looking little old men!  And yes, it will happen to you too! :D


    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    the man from uncle

    That show made a memorable impression on me, too, Jo, and I was too young to remember the plot lines! What a hottie!

    "There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
    ---Brad Ramsey

    Helen's CI

    OK Today I have two lists. 

    A long to-do backlog and a list for today. Here is the shorter list. I will move items from the longer list onto it when  I complete this list. I would really like to make a good dent in the longer list, clear the decks.

     Cooked lunch
     Writing task 


    Gas bill

    Post book

    Wash up * 3 (2nd bowl done)

    Pen tablet

    Move fire alarm

    Plant seeds for garden

    Handles back on doors - No more torn clothes