Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 13th of April 2010

Ag's evening goals, revised for reality...

  • 1 load laundry DONE! 8-)
  • Prep dinner DONE! 8-)
  • Feed cat, walk dog DONE! 8-)
  • Feed dog DONE! 8-)
  • Dinner DONE! 8-)
  • Cleanup kitchen DONE! 8-)
  • 8pm phone meeting DONE! 8-)  on a cool blue roll here...woohoo!
  • 9pm - relax, prep for bed DONE! 8-)
  • Step 10 DONE! 8-)
  • bedtime 10pm Oops - missing this by :30:rolleyes:
  • carry over to Wednesday evening:

  • bills 
  • cancel npstr account
  • ins claims
  • taxes
  • "My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

    Ag's pre-post for Wed

    I had one of my alltime most productive days today (Tuesday) possibly because I pre-posted for mental clarity while sleeping and woke up knowing what I needed to accompish. So I'm going to try this again!

    • 6:15am morning routine
      • :15 margin
    • 8am start working
      • 2 hrs brg - arrarptng rvw, workplan update, staffing skeds
    • BREAK :15
      • 2 hrs em - next steps? ID and do.
    • LUNCH BREAK :60
      • resume working - 2 hrs case study
    • BREAK :30
      • 2 hrs billable - clear Inbox, check timecard, work plans
    • 5:30 stop working
      • walk dog, feed cat, prep dinner
      • evening routine



    "My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

    Falcon CI Tues. eve.

    Hi pro amigos,

    Checking in to keep myself on track this evening.  

    • Answer email
    • Eat dinner
    • Go for a walk (unless it starts raining)
    • Finish taxes
    • If time, do a little vacuuming
    • Get to bed early


    Falcon CO Tues

    Done except for the vacuuming.  Also caught a problem with my taxes & fixed it, and went out to get stamps.

    Spent way too much time fooling around online. . . could have been in bed by now. Embarassed

    Good night, everyone!


    Vic 4/13

     Show up (done)

    Knocked off a whole course yesterday and some lessons today with my son.I feel good about the progress and his actual learning, but until we catch up, I feel overwheamed. and today I feel sick.

    so now I need to "accept" and be grateful and catch my thoughts before they stray off again.

    Tonite soccer, store and home- I need to get a walk in there. and do something for me.

    ScottK CI 12:57

    Stuff for this afternoon:


    1) Write EMI Letter

    2) Find DVD

    3) Take out garbage/recycling

    4) Call Marlene

    5) Call RB

    6)Call ep

    7) 2 other calls


    formatting problems

    does anybody know why the formatting is weird in my check-in post today?  It looks normal when I am writing it but when I submit, it splits and throws everything beneath it off to the far left margin of the page. 

    Not a big deal, just curious if I've done something that caused it. (Also just a tad worried it might signal a 'puter bug - since my FB account was hacked yesterday).  Thanks for any suggestions.

    "My boundaries enclose a pleasant land..." Psalm 16

    huma CI

    • call mortgage co.
    • transfer $ if needed
    • emails
    • get appt w/PH
    • 3 new biz appts
    • gym
    • web ads
    • do i have AC ad?
    • sort mail 
    • clean fridge

    "It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

    "Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb


    work DONE

    water plants DONE

    tidy house, wash dishes from morning DONE

    exercise routine

    patio start (30 min) DONE

    SL lesson two

    G - part one

    print instructions for cert r pro (tomorrow)

    call R about taxes again DONE

    fax papers

    pack lunch, get clothes and breakfast ready for morning DONE


    I'm really not feeling well and am going to bed early without completing most of my tasks.  Hoping for a better day tomorrow. 

    kromer 11:50 CI

    Today so far I've done some catch-up tasks and gone to lab mtg.

    Have a few scheduled things: Seminar 12-1, class 1-2:30

    *Work 1.5 hrs on presentation
    *Analyze RT data
    *Work 1 hr analyzing biosensor data

    Other tasks:
    *Finish analyzing biosensor data
    *FIgure out what I'll present at mtg (I have a rough idea)
    *Bug about HPLC and GSEA
    *Make doctor's appt
    *Buy tennis shoes

    OK, heading to seminar now

    Journey 9 am

    Happy Tuesday! I'm working from home today.  I've been to the gym, stopped by the grocery store, and did the dishes (which have been sitting in the sink since Sunday night).  I checked my email and calendar and now I'm making todo list.  DD is making my breakfast  :O.

    I'm so excited, I tried Instant Boss again (thanks e!) and it does work on the new work laptop.  It's much like focus booster, but cuter.  I don't know why, but it makes work more fun. 

    Have a great day everyone!


    "Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

    Rexroth Check In

    Up and sorted
    Out for food shopping
    Looked at emails

    Wash up clear up put food away
    Write journal
    Bath wash hair and change
    Out for photo to be took

    Fed up for no reason when all seems to be well

    Regards Rexroth

    Rexroth Check Out

    Above and I also spent time at an interesting railway station
    Home and watched a film on the web
    Planned what to do timorrow - my anxiety is in part due to me not doing some things so the answer to my anxiety is obvious

    Write journal
    Go to bed and go to sleep

    Night Folks


    strike ci 10.10 am

    Hi, guys,
    Yesterday was unfocused. I really need to streamline my priorities, and my highest mit for everyday will be to get a new job (my economy is getting thrashed and it's starting to notice on my stress levels). Today I will not get much work done since I'm going to travel and visit my parents for a couple of day (I can focus way better when I have people around me).

    Thought for the day I have people around me that loves me and can help me; I'm not alone in this; I will soar over all my little "problems" with calm and ease; things will work out somehow. 

    • call fs
    • call ak
    • call manager e (no answer)
    • call manager d unfortunately not openings this year. darn - really wanted to work there!
    • pack 


    Helen's CI

    Yesterday I worked hard clearing paperwork, tried and failed to mend my DVD burner and procrastinated about my CV. Today I will finish  my CV lite. I HAVE to do this. If I dont then I give you all permission to 'get on my case'. Yesterday I got tired and cranky because I knew I was procrastinating about this. 

    Notes on project 

    Alter Outlook for projects 

    CV Lite (MIT) - (3 * 15minutes)

    Call Dad (MIT) 

    Washing up - (3 * 15 minutes)

    Study - (3 * 20 minutes)

    Read 2 chapters of CV book  

    Exercise (2 * 5 minutes) 

    Paperwork backlog - (4 * 15 minutes)



    Agnus check-in 10:35am - update 1:25pm, 5:10pm and 7:20, out!

    that is adorable, MT!  Thanks for cheering me up!

    I pre-posted last night - it helped me get started this morning. Tuesday goals:

  • Step 11 DONE!
  • 6:45 call sponsor DONE!
  • pet care DONE!
  • me care DONE!
  • start work 8am started at 9
  • em and rm repts, 1/2 hr each DONE!
  • email, 1/2 hr DONE! 
  • BREAK - Oops - not done - started late and spent too long checking email and resolving an ugly facebook problem (hackers sent nasty msgs from my FB email to church friends!). Also dealt with about a half hour of incoming work. Going to take a break now, :30 mins for lunch, regroup.
  • br 2 hours: bdgt postup DONE!- arrptng webinar and recomdt'ns begun
  • case study 2 hours - reply to db’s question (costs) DONE!  - check download workability DONE!  - review software webinar DONE!  - activate promo plan DONE as much as can do today; completion is pending someone else's decisions
  • case study research 1 hr
  • br research 1 hr DONE! 
  • 5pm STOP WORKING!  Not gonna happen today. I got distracted: the FB hack, incomings, phone call from Mom (during which I started cleaning the back porch of pollen, which became a major distract-a-task).  J thank God felt well enough for a small errand, leaving me a rare opportunity to work alone in a quiet house!  So....I will work until 7pm or until J returns, whichever comes first.  DONE @7:22 
  • 1 load laundry
  • Prep dinner
  • Feed cat, walk dog
  • Feed dog
  • Dinner 6pm
  • Cleanup kitchen
  • 7pm - pay bills - cancel npstr account - file ins claims
  • 8pm phone meeting
  • 9pm - relax, prep for bed
  • Step 10
  • bedtime 10pm
  • carry over to Wednesday: taxes - 2009 personal - 2008 corp
  • ooph, I don't like the fact that taxes, a classic procrastination hook, is the ONE thing I am already planning to postpone another day. Honestly I can't see where to fit it in amid tomorrow's schedule, and I am trying to fast from work-bingeing after the last proposal wiped me out. So, there it stands.

    I admit I am powerless over procrastination and my life has become unmanageable. I believe that a Power Greater than myself can restore me to sanity. I have decided to turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand Him.  God, please keep me away from the first act of procrastination today. Lead me to your vision for my day. Bless my family and friends here.  Thank you for helping us all. Amen.


    • Tai Chi
    • Organise study materials
    • Phone credit union

    MT check-in 18:25


    • Tai Chi - done
    • Organise study materials - half completed
    • Phone credit union - done!


    • Fed scraps to chickens
    • Organised some cables
    • Cleared half of desk
    • Letter to CL
    • Fed dogs

    Rests: 1 x 1 hour
    Feel: sick
    Must rest more often. Use timer!!!