Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 7 april 2010 Check-In


Each time you finish a task today me and the gals will do a herkie jump to salute your awesomeness. 

Pyrotecher CI Wed 7 Apr 2010

Check-In at 5:50 pm

Some progress, but not enough, since last post (Fri 2Apr2010) going into the weekend:

On the weekend I got the "most" essential chores done (though I'm still struggling to keep up with bill paying), and did get started on taxes. The latter took too long thanks to quirks of the (older) computer and tax software. But I did get far enough to get key data entered - and realize how much info I can't find, most of it buried in my disaster of a home office. Gonna be hard to finish on time but just starting and learning what I still need to do helps to break down the mental barrier toward working on it.

Work likewise continues to fall behind: too much time handling busywork and not enough on the Big Task. I'm trying to follow my mini-success on taxes to sit down and map out what I need to do so I can start to get over the obstacles.

Evening commitments are a bit of an obstacle to these goals but also a reminder that I need to make good use of what time I can find. Last night I had to adjust my plans because wife, stressed from her own job, was clearly in the mood to go out and relax. That served as a gentle reminder that relaxation time isn't just on my convenience, that I need to allow for "downtime" that benefits my loved ones as well.

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."
Benjamin Franklin

Melin 8.40 pm

Today I tried working for 30 min with one task than switching to another task for 30 minutes etc. This was very effective. I have hardly taken any breaks until 7 pm and i haven't procrastinated for more than 10 min today. I still do not feel too exhausted as switching from one task to another felt like taking a break.

I could have worked more on some high-priority tasks, but apart from that I feel pleased with myself. After all, my procrastionation illness is so bad that it has taken over my life for several years, so I am just happy to see any improvement.

Also, yesterday I went to my third Emotions Anonymous meeting and I decided to be totally honest for once in my life. So I told them all about the disasters I have caused as a procastinator. It was horrible but I'm still proud that I did it.



You have climbed out of dat ole river De Nile which is a huge breakthrough. Very well done! There is research out there which suggests that people who forgive themselves for past procrastination  improve faster. Now it is the time to forgive yourself for all the past procrastination. Choose not to beat yourself up about it. It is an ineffective way to motivate yourself and just gets in the way. You already have taken great, huge, massive strides because you have not only named the issues but have also found us and others to support you to make positive changes and you are doing so successfully. Improvements happen but not overnight. Keep on choosing to battle this and sure, you will have  good days and bad days (or even weeks) but you will get there! Might take a while but that's OK. 





Sounds like you are making some SUPER progress.


Thank You H-F and Helen

Your replies made me so happyLaughing, especially because the two of you have been such and inspiration for me. Reading about your accomplishments spurs (is that how you say it?) me to move forward.

The forgiving myself part is not so easy, but I'm trying,

Thanks a million




Ag lol and checking in

strike, that is hilarious - herkie=hurtie at my age (actually, always for me!). Gratz to strike also on getting the speech done, and to all on a productive day so far. 

 I am working steadily but noticed that my MITlist feels like a demand list, and I can't remember the last time I finished it all.  So for now I will just report what's up...

I've been productive on Step 11, OA tools, brg proj, proposals, j care, housework, pet care, and team projects. I've been avoiding e-vers, studying, bills, taxes, calling Mom, calling grief counselor, and live 12Step meetings. 

Agnus update 5:50pm

RE..."I've been avoiding e-vers, studying, bills, taxes, calling Mom, calling grief counselor, and live 12Step meetings."

I completed the e-vers - YAY!  This has been promised since March 10, delayed first by Dad's death etc, then by just plain hating this kind of work (pure keyboarding, with old files, nothing new or creative - then navigating technical stuff to get it where it belongs - all my yuckiest unluckiest types of tasks!).  But at last it is DONE!  Thanks for being my PA-Pals through these obstacles. It helps so much to have the support.

@hope-faith -

Agnus's picture

noticed your to-do for walking the goats and thought you'd enjoy my favorite sig pic!  Isn't she just the happiest little face? 


Love the goat and it actually looks like the type of goat that we have.


Mama_Cat's picture

Man, I just have cats.

Man, I just have cats. Regular, domestic felines.

Feeling a bit "left out of the cool kid crowd" here! :(

Although - we have a turtle. Does a turtle count?

No pic for him, though!

Ah, well. Yet again, I fail to fit in with my peer group.


Cheers, Agnus and Hope-Faith.

Love the pics! :)


My cat

I have a cat too. Cats are good for procrastinators as they let you know in no uncertain terms that it is time to open the tin of catfood. Mine sits in front of the computer screen and stares at me. If I look past her she puts her paw on my chest. If only she could talk she would make a great life coach.Smile



Any animal counts for the cool kid club

We have cats as well. 3 of them just called the vet about getting them fix. Over 300.00 to get all 3 of them fixed. :(

As a kid growing up I always had a turtle, we catch one every summer and keep it for a bit so the kids can watch it. We have a habitat outside that we setup for the turtle, but we do not keep it because I would have to take care of it and clean it living space. We also catch tadpoles every year and watch them grow, we turn them lose as they turn to frogs.

The goats are only here till the end of April once we show them at the livestock show we are not allowed to bring them home. :(



Mama_Cat's picture

We have tadpoles too!

That is too funny, hope-faith - we have tadpoles too!

Hubby collected them, and gives me daily reports on their developmental status!

We also have (he thinks) salamander eggs. No hatchlings just yet from those! 

Our little kingdom. Turtle, btw, is a permanent resident with us. Which means cleaning the tank. :(

Every freedom has its price!


Blue Tail

Two summers ago we incubated and hatched about 11 Blue Tail Lizards. DS loved it once they hatached I had DS put on a white T-shirt and we put the lizards all over him and took a pic. It is really neat. When then let them go.


I have 3 rats and a

:) I have 3 rats and a chihuahua (well, the chihuahua belongs to my housemate, but we're all one big 'family'!)

We are

We are all just to cool, rats, cats, turtles, goats, tadpoles, salamander eggs and a chihuahua.


kromer 9:50 CI

I've had a hard time focusing recently...yesterday was decent-ish, but a big struggle.

MITs are:
*Analyze RT data, plan for repeating expt, start expt 
*Work on committee mtg write-up
*Work 1 hr on organizing comp lab nb (did 30 min on this)

A few small tasks that I can get done to help myself get moving when I get stuck
*Order tennis shoes, return library books , mail taxes (will do this soon), phys. studying, clean off desk (have made some progress on this), prayer time, get book, bug about HPLC

Lower priority longer tasks:
*Start comp for EA
*Look into mission trip
*Finish chapter

Fun stuff (I won't do all of these, but want to do some...lots of break time helps keep me focused):
*Cookies/coffee w/ labmates
*Call CC
*Bible study or dancing(going to bible study now)

OK, I'm going to start by analyzing RT results. 

Journey 8:30

Good mroning!  Yesterday was an ok day, I didn't get as much done as I had planned, but I worked pretty steadily.   I wasn't as focused as I would have liked though, although I didn't actually goof off.   So today . ..

I've been to the gym, stopped by the grocery store for milk and mushrooms, checked email and calendar.   I have a 9:30 meeting so I need to take a quick shower and have my todo list done before that meeting starts.   I'm going to enjoy working at home while it lasts . . . I hear management is disappointed with the results and feel that it's being abused, so telecommuting is probably gonna be history by the end of the year . . . but whatever.  The main thing it will mean to me is that I can't prepare the nice homemade meals that I've been making on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.   But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  

Today, I want to:

  • finish the directory compares
  • review the security commands
  • input the 1098 info into federal taxes and call them finished
  • finally answer the letter I got about LAST year's taxes that I ingnored
  • make a nice lunch and dinner
  • dishes
  • download some new podcasts for my mp3 player
  • prepare clothes for work and gym for Thursday and Friday
  • prepare FSA to mail
  • attend two meetings (conference calls)
  • finish formatting in prep for for Project P

If I get all this done it will be a good day!  Well, I think that counts as making my todo list, now for that quick shower!



"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel


Hello to Strike! What a wonderful image to return to today as I drag my a@@ back in yet again

Today I would like to work on one task at a time. I woke up to my son brow beating me about the fact that he has no clean laundry. While he is fully capable of doing laundry, it is generally my task to do it. So, despite my grumbling, I want to acknowledge that I have not been in my best mode, no matter what the excuses are.

For today: desperately needed tasks

Time sheets!
pay bills, especially that ugh-ly parking ticket.
the kitchen floor
doctors appointment
meeting tonight

off to the chatbox

Have a productive day, everyone

love, e

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

yay e! wb!

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

journey hugs!

Thanks, Jo! So glad to see you!

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

that dratted laundry

Sometime if I get overwhelmed with laundry I take it to the launderette. The woman there charges only a small amount for the service and when I collect it, it is neatly folded and needs little ironing. I know there is an extra cost but sometimes getting this mundane stuff done turns into such an uphill struggle it is worth the extra cost. 

Good luck with it all.



If only I had a service close enough like that to use I would love it. I would have to drive 30 miles to drop off a load of laundry. I hate laundry and dishes. No matter hwo well complete the task or how often you still have to do it again. Over and over and over.

Here is how I handle laundry

  1. Have a 3 section laundry hamper in my utility room(White, Color, Dark)
  2. Everyone is required to put there dirty clothes in hamper nightly after baths.
  3. In the AM I wash one load and dry it. (The fullest section of the hamper is what gets washed.
  4. Then I fold  the load in the dryer from previous day (I buy very few clothes that have to ironed)
  5. I put away my clothes that am and put away DS and DD's clothes in pm (most of the time, sometimes DS and DD's clothes sit in the basket unti lthe weekend)
  6. I am working on getting DS and DD to put their's away nightly when they go to bed. It is still a work in process though.

Prior to this system I would wash 7 to 10 loads of laundry on the weekend and spend the whole weekend folding and putting away. If I even folded them and put them away many weeks and months I would wash, dry and dump on the couch and we would dig hrough the clothes daily and get what we need to wear.

Boy I have come a long way.



laundry blues

That is true, Helen, sometimes it is worthwhile to splurge if it gets me going. It won't take me long to actually do the laundry, but the mindset is what is in my way. One load at a time

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

huma CI

Laughing Love the starter pic, strike!

Ok, is it possible for me to have a productive day for once, I say sarcastically? Undecided

  • contact 10 on list
  • create list of 10 I new biz
  • call HR re LH
  • call Dennis
  • RF proposal this AM
  • review CC agreement
  • call CC companies
  • transfer funds
  • groceries
  • send BSSB logo to N
  • 36 GG quiz questions

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

Vic 4/7

 Show up (done) Love the starter. New day new start.

Hope-Faith 4/7/10

Not sure I can do a herkie now at this age but I will salute you in my own away for completion of you task.

  1. AM Routine Done for the moment 
  2. AM Task  Done for the moment 
  3. 5 Star Brunch Done only 3 star brunch today
  4. Multitask
    1. Fun and enrighment for DS and DD
      1. Egg in glass jar Done
      2. Puff the magic peep Done
      3. Pick out material
      4. Wood Carving
      5. 2 times
      6. Online
    2. Make Appointments Done made 9 phone calls
    3. Master Bedroom
    4. Walk Goats
    5. Tarp
    6. Brackets on Van sprayed and soaking
    7. Start supper
  5. Work Routine Spend (1.5 hours) planning and preparing
  6. 5 Star Supper SP, H, BB and
  7. Mow Grass -- Plant Cabbage Plant Half the yard done
  8. PM Routine 
  9. PM Task  
  10. Extra TaDa's


  1. Conservation
  2. Computer Learning



I love the picture.  It made me laugh!

 water plants DONE

work DONE

5- 5:30 - clean up around shed (30 min) DONE

5:30-5:45 - weeds from yesterday DONE

5:45 - 6 - break DONE

6 - 6:30 - exercise routine DONE

6:30 - 6:45 - pack up for tomorrow DONE

6:45 - 7:00 - tidy up house  DONE

7 - 7:30 make chart for G - put off until tomorrow



Well there was  some construction and a ton a traffic today so I got home from work late.  Going to relax for a while and then reevaluate my to-do list.  Right now I'm not feeling like doing anything but veggie in front of the tele.  So going to take a break, eat something, then come back and break it all up into steps and make a realistic estimate of how long each task is.  So I hope to be back at 4:45. 



OK I made a realistic schedule.  All tasks I really want to do.  It's funny that I can't wait to get home to do the things I think are fun (work in the garden, hang with G) and yet then when I get home I feel like all I want to do is sit around.  Nuts. 



 It's 8:30 and I didn't get to some of the other chores but I wasn't procrastinating.  I exercised with a friend and hung out for a bit.  Social obligations are important, so I don't feel bad about it!  Let's see if I can get the other stuff done before calling it a day.  I feel good about exercising all week. 

Lucky CI

Love the threadstarter, strike!

Just a work checkin for now - my daily challenges have not been going so well, as you can see:


29.3.10 - All email, paper, tasks and contracts (except catchup files) up to date
30.3.10 - REBOOT - All email, paper, tasks and contracts (except catchup files) up to date
31.3.10 - REBOOT - All email, paper, tasks and contracts (except catchup files) up to date

6.4.10 - REBOOT - All email, paper, tasks and contracts (except catchup files) up to date
7.4.10 - E archiving - top shelf of cupboard and all boxes on left of desk
8.4.10 - Finish contract catchup box
9.4.10 - Finish fully ex'd box

12.4.10 - Finish paper catchup drawer
13.4.10 - Finish paper catchup box
14.4.10 - Archiving/thinning contract drawers (inc stuff under desk)
16.4.10 - Firesafe confusions

19.4.10 - Filing A-E (Remember extra files in drawers)
20.4.10 - Filing F-O
21.4.10 - Filing P-S
22.4.10 - Filing T-Z (+ recall files at end of day)
23.4.10 - Deal w/recalled files & files to create

26.4.10 - Sort archive bible filing into 4 equal batches, file batch 1
27.4.10 - Archive bible filing batch 2
29.4.10 - Archive bible filing batch 3
30.4.10 - Archive bible filing batch 4

I still haven't finished that first challenge of getting all my email, paper, tasks, and contracts up to date. I'm not sure how many points I've got, not many, will have to count. I'm going to leave trying to do that for now and focus on doing E's archiving today. She's out from 1pm so should be easy. Then I'll keep going as per the list and just try to catch up on backlogs in the spaces between. I feel like I have way too much to do but I know if I work faster and smarter I can do it.

Also, at lunchtime I need to:

Get contact lenses
Get porridge oats

I need to make cakes or something for my bosses and don't know how on earth I'm going to afford ingredients but will see what I can scrape together. I'm tempted to buy cake ingredients instead of food for myself but that's ridiculous so am resisting.

Rexroth Check In

Up and my cold is coming on nicely
Checked emails

Clean fridge
Clean kitchen floor
Food shopping
Craft work
Food shopping

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above except a small bit of the floor and
Emailed friend re return of table
Written journal

Put on washing
Finish cleaning floor
Bit more craft work which has been very successful and I am wondering why I left it for so many years.
Personal care

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out


Go to bed and go to sleep

Night Folks


Helen's Checkin

 Yesterday was a bad day, total procrastination and I am still reluctant to get started even though I feel well today. Hurray I feel well today! I don't even want to plan the day so I am going to alternate doing tasks I dont want with  things I do want to do. I feel so resistant, it is so tempting just to spend a day in bed although it is not in my interest. I had a really good month, took the bank holiday off completely and now it is really difficult to start again. I shall make all my tasks low stress ones so at least I will get some feelings of success from doing them.


So I am starting off with a DVD then the washing up then some writing. 

Copy notesSmile

Teeth Smile

DVD (Mission Impossible) Smile


 Walk in parkSmile

Food shopping Smile

DVD (Star Trek )

Washing up 


Post book 

Finish CV

Find pen for tablet 

Drawing practice 




strike's no BS check-in 7.52 am

Hey guys. I'm cutting the BS-tasks today. Will face my fear and tackle my MIT head on.

  1. write speech [first draft 25 min, 2nd draft 15 min]
  2. practice speech [30 min] 


strike's no BS check-out 3.56 pm

  1. write speech [first draft 25 min, 2nd draft 15 min] Done! 
  2. practice speech [30 min] Done! 
  3. plan tomorrow Done!

 I've finished my MIT for today. My plan was to spend a maximum of two hours on my speech, but I got stuck on details (as usual) and ended up spending 6 hours on it which is ridiculous for a 7 minute speech. But the mother lover is friggin' done! I will probably practice it for 30 min again this evening, but for now my reward will be at least 4 hours of play time - yeah!

Thank you all for the nice comments regarding the starter. I just laugh every time I see that pic. Herkie jumps kicks ass :D 

Speech writing!

Well done! 

Herkie for Strike


This is the best I can do, back in the day I could have done double back flips but at this day and age it is best that I keep it on the ground.

Super job on speech.

Have a good day. 



I am cheerleading impaired. What is a full herkie?

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey


The man in the pic of the thread starter for today is doing a Herkie.


Mama_Cat's picture

Awesome thread starter,

Awesome thread starter, strike!

Gimme a "P," gimme an "R," gimme an "O"...

Rah rah! :)