Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday April 2 2010

To everyone who's feeling like this:

Yes! It's Friday! Smile

So, seize the day! And have a wonderfully productive day!

Pyrotecher CI Fri 2 Apr 2010

Check-In 7:30 pm

This has not been a good week (once again).
Mired in immediate urgent tasks, not getting to the big ones.
My tasklist is still a shambles.
My home office is a bonafide mess (my work office just slightly better).
My boss and wife are both p***ed at me for being so far behind the 8-ball.

Getting my schedule back into sync with the other people in my life is definitely one of the priorities.

I'll take as a positive that at least I'm recognizing that there is a problem and thanks to PA have some faith that I can address it, and some support tools to do so.

At least my weekend tasks are easy to list:
- Essential Chores
- Taxes

As a prerequisite to the Taxes I'm going to have to at least partially clean up the home office. At least find the tax documents. Trick is to do this without going on a cleaning time-binge as a way to avoid working on taxes.

If I make headway on taxes (at a minimum, find the files and start entering the numbers), and get essential chores done, that's a victory.

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."
Benjamin Franklin

Journey 9:30 &

Got a 9-11 meeting, but it's a conference call and live meeting yay so I can multitask a bit. 

I got to bed early last night and went to the gym this morning so I'm feeling much more motivated today.  I've been taking my allergy meds regularly too so I'm feeling better physically.   Also DD is still visiting friends out of town so no drama!  I think the hubby and I will have a nice dinner out tonight by ourselves.  But for now, work!

I'm making my todo list while I'm in this meeting and I have two projects that I want to spend my time on today, Project V and Project G.

Have a great Friday and Happy Good Friday to those of you that celebrate it.  

UPDATE 1 pm - had a nice lunch with a friend.  Now Project V for 45 minutes. 

UPDATE 2 pm - did my status reports instead.   This part of the project is big and scary and I don't want to start on it.   Setting timer to work on it for 15 minutes.  That should get me started.  

Update 3 pm: yes, the 15 minute timer got me started!  Now I'm going to work on researching patches needed for 2 20 minute stints.





"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Agnus 9am (yes!)

Starting strong today. Got appropriately scared yesterday by my risky eating behaviors so took steps to head it off: Made phone calls, OA meeting, and met a friend at the gym to make sure I showed up there. Unlikely I'll exercise that late again as it kept me up past bedtime, but I feel good today. Thank you HP!

Today's MITs:

  • idiq - review, plan, email team, sked mtngs - DUE 10AM DONE
  • verify mm ppe's - by 10:30AM DONE
  • fine-tooth idiq w/ notes - DUE 11:30AM DONE
  • ppe reqs - DUE 12n
  • e-versn AP DUE 2PM
  • RM rept DUE 3PM
  • (church service in here someplace, not sure time)

Not urgent but important:

  • Call BH - discreet q/a
  • set RR-VR appt w/o 4/12
  • sync brg notes w/ dgr
  • of course, ride herd on email Inbox

kromer 8:45 CI

Today I'm leaving to go visit my parents for easter. Yay!

There are a couple of things for me to get done before I leave:
*Check over, copy and mail taxes
*If possible, finish analyzing data from last expt

On the plane, I want to:
*Do differential equations reading

Once I get there, I need to:
*Go over hw problems
*Do budgeting

OK, packing now

strike check-in 12.44 pm

Hi guys! Been procrastinating for two days but now I'm back. If anyone have a good tip on how to stay away from idle random internet browsing, please share, since it is one of the biggest procrastination traps I tend to get myself into.

  • declutter apartment
  • pack bags for easter trip
  • fill in ak-papers 


declutter apartment pack

  • declutter apartment
  • pack bags for easter trip
  • fill in ak-papers 

Internet timers

Here are some open source (free) software for Internet watching and setting an Internet timer. You could choose to set it up so your access is restricted by time.

  • Akrontech - Offers computer and internet timer to limit access for users.
  • Cogilab - SurfPass is a software for Internet access control, monitoring, URL blocking and filtering, time limitation and parental control. Smart cards option
  • .WaveCrest - Internet access management software can block, filter and report on employees' Internet activity.


Thanks Helen

I'll check them out... after I have finished my tasks! ;)

Hope-Faith CI 4/2/2010

Thanks for getting us started GetStuffDone.

Still using this list, late start this am but it all down hill from here thanks to routines and having this site to come to.

  • We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls. - Winston Churchill
  • The best way out is always through. - Robert Frost
  • Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.


  • AM Routine DONE
  • AM Task  DONE
  • Work Routine  DONE I SAY DONE
  • PM Routine
  • PM Task  

Paper work

  1. 3/29/10  I can not remember what this one is for, I have to get better at my coding or improve my memory one.
  2. 4/1/10 80/70 Done

I need to make appointments for (trying to make up codes so that I can be semi private yet post here so I can stay organized and focused and now I have forgotten what my codes where for, I should have written them down :rolleyes:)

  1. R/C
  2. Bx2
  3. Fx3
  4. 1x2
  5. 1x1
  6. Cx3
  7. GX3


  1. Conservation
  2. Computer Learning


Helen CI

 I have decided to spend the Bank Holidayhaving a blitz on procrastination. I hate living in  the undecorated chaos that is my home. I expect that it will take a while yet to get it totally sorted but I do have a maintenance plan. I think it will be easier if I actually get my home looking good to begin with.  I may then  be more motivated to keep it to a reasonable standard. As it stands, because it really needs decorating even if I clean and tidy nothing looks good so I tend to ‘go blind’ and not see what a state it is. I have started to decorate in all rooms but to finish at least one room would be great.

I hate all the following tasks so I will try to make this fun by using tools:

Music;incense; EFT; 20 work, 10 minutes break; timer; rewards; check-in.

Areas of procrastination

Friday : Spring cleaning, decorating preparation

Saturday : Decorating living room

Sunday : Administration/ Task list /Filing/Job hunting (specific job)/ A little study.

Monday : Decorating living room/hall/bathroom


Today’s tasks

Dressed, teeth, breakfastSmile





Reward: I will meet up for Scrabble in the pub next weekend

Washing up, clean floor,  oven, surfaces 

Living room

Reward: I will take a Life Drawing class next week

  • Tidy Smile
  • Sweep floor Smile
  • Move chinaSmile
  • Move bookcase & books
  • Wash 2nd & 3rd walls with sugar soap
  • Wash windows
  • Scrub floor with washing powder


Reward: Read some creative and self help books this evening. Buy some daffodils.

Make bed, tidy bedroom,clean mirror, wash windows, make room for bookcaseSmile




Reward for finishing everything on this list today: Trip to the cinema



Rexroth Check In

Up prayers and reflection and get ready for church

Go to church

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Today did not go at all to plan. I was ready for church and then my tum sort of...well I was unwell.
I've done some craft work for the first time in ages
Now ready for bed

Night Everyone


GetStuffDone CI

Things to finish:

A. Asking Chemistry Doubts

B. Two One entire Math papers

C. Two One entire Chemistry papers

D. One Physics paper

E. One Economics paper

F. Filing all papers (buying folders etc.)

G. Redoing wrong questions from yesterday


10.30-11.45: Procrastinated...  :(

11.45-13.00: Buying folders for filing papers (Status: COMPLETED)

13.00-14.23: Mathematics paper 2  (Status: COMPLETED!!)

14.23-14.33: BREAK! (Status: Completed)

14.33-14.40: Filing math papers (Status: Completed)

14.40-15.00: Read through previous Economics paper (Status: Completed)

15.00-15.15: Taking a break  (Status: Completed)

15.15-15.30: Continue with Economics (Status: Completed)

15.30-15.36: Filing Economics Papers (Status: Completed!)

15.36-16.00: Physics Paper 1 (Status: COMPLETED!!)

16.00-16.10: BREAK! (Status: Completed)

16.10-16.30: Study Economics Papers (Status: COMPLETED!!)

16.30-17.15: EAT!! (Status: COMPLETED!!)

17.15-18.00: Chemistry Paper (Status: COMPLETED!! So happy!)

18.00-18.10: BREAK!! (Status: Completed)

18.10-18.13: Filed Chemistry Papers (Status: Completed)

18.13-19.00: Physics Paper (Status: Completed. Could have been more productive...but something is better than nothing, right?)

19.00-19.17: Break

19.17-19.35: Physics

19.35-19.50: Chemistry

20.00-21.00: Math

21:00-22:00: More math...

17.00-18.00: Clear Economics doubts