Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday April 1 2010


 The truth is, it's APRIL FOOLS' DAY! Have an awesome (and productive) day!

Remember: "Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow."  -Gerald Vaughan

Cheering for you guys!!!!!!!

Carpe diem guys.

Sieze the day...And mail it to me in a box so that I can use it when i need some extra time. ;-):-D


I did sieze the day (for the most part). Now, I'll mail it to you! Smile

agnus 12 noon

i was going to check in at 7am but you'd have known right away it must be April Fool's Day! ;-)

OK, just coming back after a crazy work binge Sunday through yesterday afternoon. Another massive deadline is suddenly on the horizon also. Neither one from my procrast but just the nature of my work this time of year.  But it takes a terrible toll: today I misssed the first 10 minutes of a VIP meeting - urrgh! (solidarity to journey!).  My body feels in danger of getting sick, which I can't afford. So, trying to pace myself today...back with a plan after prayer/breakfast.

Ag 4:30

um, not sure wth took 4.5 hours ...  oh yeah, boss calls, emails, husband, washed the dog, did some laundry, tax twiddling, vacation planning and...ahem, all procrastination, i'm afraid.  the vacation planning was really not necessary at all. none of the rest is a priority, in light of the massive workload i am avoiding. very spacey today, sorta feels high. wondering: payoff for procrast?

ok, time to call it off right now.  It is 4:30 and I have not eaten lunch. My food recovery is on the line: day 3 of procrastinating meals. Dangerous 4me. Might have to take this step by step, can't quite make a list yet. Going to make lunch now.

Magic Pill Cures Procrastination!

April Fool! 

Oh well, guess it's back to working on it one day at a time. 

Still having some family drama, allergies, and work stress.  I never got around to taking my vitamins or meds yesterday, or exercising, and I skipped dinner . . . all bad choices which will only make things worse.  I did hit the gym this morning, and got here just in time to make my 9:00 meeting so I'm already behind before I even start!  

Deep breath, some advil/caffeine/allergy pill, todo list, and start doing stuff!


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Journey 12:30

Just finished my MIT for the day - more script testing and make a final decision.  Now I'm going to take a break, then I have a 1:00 meeting and a 2:00 meeting (which is scheduled to last 2 hours).   After that, I'll work on Project V for the last hour of the day and get out of here at 5:00 today.   I've been working a lot of hours lately and I think I need to get away from this place early today.  DD (the cause of the family drama) is spending a few days with a friend so the house will be peaceful this afternoon!  8)   

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Journey 4:45 HALT

I'm hungry, angry, lonely, and tired.   I think I'll throw in the towel for today!   waves goodbye, I'll see ya tomorrow. 


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

kromer 11 CI

Today I want to get a few big things off my plate:
*Do titration curve expt
*Analyze data from previous expt (working on this now)
*Finish taxes

I also have some scheduled things:
Class 1-2:30
Maundy Thurs service 6-9:30ish

And I have a few small tasks
Answer student qs, divide pset grading, call home

I've been working on the titration curve expt this morning...I'm going to finish that up, maybe working on taxes and/or small tasks in the gaps, and then head to class. 

kromer 10:20 CI

Got back from Maundy Thurs service

Totally panicking about my remaining tasks...I'm going to spend 15 min working on data analysis, that's a lot less scary than the taxes, then I'll tackle taxes. 

huma CI

Alrighty! Let's start the month off with a bang! I need the cymbals from that great graphic, GetStuffDone! Cool

  • call/email JD
  • call BR
  • upload video
  • restaurant email
  • make sure N calls DC
  • email charts to N
  • fix CC shipping
  • email RS about coding problem
  • review finances
  • laundry
  • exercise
  • compile list of 20 I new biz

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

Thanks, Hope-Faith!

The graphic is from the link you gave me yesterday (about how to post pictures)! Thanks! 

Hope your day goes well! Smile

Hope-Faith CI 4/1/10

Love the graphic GetStuffDone

Thanks for getting us started GetStuffDone.

Still using this list, late start this am but it all down hill from here thanks to routines and having this site to come to.

  • We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls. - Winston Churchill
  • The best way out is always through. - Robert Frost
  • Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.


  • AM Routine Done
  • AM Task  Done
  • Work Routine  Done
  • PM Routine Done
  • PM Task  Done

Paper work

  1. 3/29/10  I can not remember what this one is for, I have to get better at my coding or improve my memory one.
  2. 4/1/10 80/70

I need to make appointments for (trying to make up codes so that I can be semi private yet post here so I can stay organized and focused and now I have forgotten what my codes where for, I should have written them down :rolleyes:)

  1. R/C
  2. Bx2
  3. Fx3
  4. 1x2
  5. 1x1
  6. Cx3
  7. GX3


  1. Conservation
  2. Computer Learning



Rexroth Check In

Woke early with sore throat and went back to sleep again
Up and checked emails and postings
Put on washing machine

Hang up washing when it is finished
Take it easy
Prepare for Good Friday tomorrow

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above and
Vacummed through and washed kitchen floor
Washed up and put all stuff away
Months financial records finished
Tidying up finished
Journal written
Looked at weeks list
Personal care things

Put scarf to soak

and I can't think of anything else

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Above and
Cleaned paint off stuff
Tidyied everything again
Researched kit on web

Go to bed soon and go to sleep

Night Folks


Melin. Starting from the very bottom,

After some initial hesitation I have decided to check in here every day. The reason why I am scared is that procrastionation has taken over and strongly affected every part of my life - parenting, mental helth, marriage and most of all work. It has got to a point where I'm not sure I can keep my job. (Even though I just work half-time iI still cannot do things on time.)

This is why I cannot write posts like the rest of you with longer lists. I have to write about mini steps in the right direction. I really hope to see some improvements at the end of this month.

As my life is chaotic at the moment I just hope that posting here and turning to my Higher power will help me. I knwo I cannot do it alone.

So today I have:

corrected tests for three half-hour sessions. Done some laundry

Worked on procrastionation modules for two half-hour sessinons. 

Avoided distractions such as reading papers, browing the web etc.

I need to do:

45 min of exercise

Five half hour work sessions

I half hour procrastion modules.

Prayer and meditation

Then I'm going to play with my children.

Do whatever

Do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Your list is your list.

Each and every one of us here are different

  1. we think differently
  2. we plan differently 
  3.  we express our successes differently
  4. we approach our road blocks differently
  5. we use the tools and methods here differently

 There is not a set structure here if there was I never would have been able to create the success that I have because I would have resisted the structure.

Use the tools that are available to benefit your needs. This is your place to work on your procrastination with the benefit of having a wonderfully positive group of people here to cheer you on.

Personal note ***I cannot even count the different approaches I have tackled and I know that what I am doing now (which is working) will change because I started as a seed at the very bottom and now I am growing and branching out.   

Right now you are developing your roots so that when you are ready to branch out you will have a secure solid foundation that will support your growth. 



Welcome Melin

Welcome Melin

If you are at the very bottom the only way is up.

Your lists are your lists. There is no competition here only loving support.

There is one day to do things and that day is today.

Wishing you well


2nding rexroth@melin

small beginnings are exactly the right place for all procrastinators to start!  knowing that and accepting it is what launches us on our way to recovery. thanks for being here and sharing that; i needed the reminder myself! we never "graduate" and often the best input for all of us comes from the newest members here.

ditto rexroth & ag

As Clem says, "Doing something is infinitely more than doing nothing."  

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Thank you so much all of

Thank you so much all of you!

When you get this kind of encouragement it's definitely easier to feel motivated!



Lucky CI

Morning all! I'm out all day today so no tasklist to speak of, but I thought I'd check in so you know I'm okay. I'll be going to St Paul's today so I'll say a prayer for you all :)

Best of luck, helen. You can

Best of luck, helen. You can do it!

Helen CI

Deadline day for the assignment. I am stressed.


Way To Go

Super job Helen



I did it!

It is 9pm on deadline day and I did it. I submitted my assignment and  I have passed for sure. It isn't perfect but the work I have done is pretty good. Next time I will not procrastinate as it is a great course and I will really enjoy it if I don't leave it all to the last minute. I mean really! I did eight weeks worth of work in two and hurray to me for sticking at it but what unnecessary stress! I am now very motivated to change. 




way to GROW!

GetStuffDone CI

Today's Tasks:

A. Do 5 Chemistry Papers

B. Study Difficult Areas in Chemistry

Today's Timetable:

10.43-11.30: May 07 Paper 1 (Status: COMPLETED!!!)

11.32-12.32: Clear Chemistry doubts (Status: COMPLETED!!!)

12.32-13.00: Lunch (Status: COMPLETED)

13.00-13.15: Break (Status: COMPLETED)

13.15-14.30: Do May 2007 Paper 2 (Status: COMPLETED!!!)

Update 1 (13.40): Three questions finished!

Update 2 (14.07): Nine questions finished!!!

Update 3 (14.24): Eleven questions finished!

14.30-15.00: Take break (Status: COMPLETED!)

15.00-15.30: Chemistry Paper 2 (Status: COMPLETED!!)

Update 1 (15.11): First questions finished. This is so hard...I'm tempted to procrastinate, but I won't!! 

Update 2: (15.26): I'm still tempted to procrastinate, but controlling this feeling has gotten easier. I must continue working!!!

15.30-17.00: Go cycling (Status: COMPLETED!!)

17.00-18.30: Just procrastinated one and a half hours. WHY!? Ugh!!

18.30-20.00 Start Mathematics Paper 1 (Status: Completed...not as productive as I hoped, but something is better than nothing, right?)

Update 1 (19.10): Finished three questions. Good, but I need to be more focused...

Update 2 (19.20): Finished four questions. Getting better...

14.00-14.30: Ask doubt about chemistry.

17.00-17.40: Read notes (see paper)

20.00-21.00: Math