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Tuesday March 30 2010

This, people, THIS is what it's all about. I feel like I should meditate on this picture every day for the rest of my life. :)


Doggie photo

Love the photo   jumping over what looks like a barbed wire fie\\\fence!   Tooo often I feel impaled and snagged - and it's all my own doing, my own characerr defects (steps 6 and 7  --  ),   thanks again. 

Vic 3/30

Show up (done)

Love the pups, but trying to figure out why "it's all about this picture", feel  like I am  looking at a Rorschach test.

The pup on the upper right look like he is having fun?

The one on the lower left look like he is saying, go ahead guys, I'll catch you later.

Anyway, got a good cyber school day with my son. I am exausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. I start to feel sorry for myself and instead of looking at the accomplishment, get short tempered, So I need to take a shower and time out.

Someone posted, in their childhood, "doing was suffering" I am haunted daily by that line, I see that has been something I learned as welll and continue to practice not even knowing that is what I am doing. It is not the legacy I wish to pass on to my children or anyone for that matter- I need to stay upbeat. (I hope). "Doing "was an "adventure" at one time in my life, I hope Ican/we can  get that back. Thyanks for being here


In so far as i can put it

:) In so far as i can put it in words, it's all about the joy and energy and the way the dogs are not just jumping the fence but BOUNDING MILES over it. It's the attitude I'd like to have to life. I think that ties in with 'doing' as an adventure, actually.

strike check-in/out 8.14 pm

  • education & training (at new part time job) 9.30-5.20
  • spinning 6.30-7.30
Today was a busy but simple day. I'm have a new part time job and I had my education & training today. It will only be on comission (at least initially) but it's right up my alley and I would love to work there full time. At least it's one step away from my current job situation (which is my main cause of stress in my llfe) and one step towards something that gives me energy. The education & training will continue tomorrow. 

I was home for like ten minutes then I went and tried a spinning class at the local training facility. In a nut shell, that was my day. Now it's chill time! :D

ps. those dogs are rad. Great starter Lucky! 

kromer 9:30 CI

Today I have lots of scheduled stuff

Lab mtg 10-11:30ish, seminar 12-1, class 1-2:30

I also have some MITs:
*Finish planning S8 expt, make sure I have supplies I need for this (working on this now)
*Deacon stuff

I'd like to do as much as possible of the following:
*RT on sample I have
*Figure out tax status of insurance
*Email about flight
*Hand laundry, dishes

OK, now I'm going to work for 30 min on S8 expt planning. 

kromer (almost) CO

A pretty good day.

Did planning for s8 expt (though I still have to ask a few questions about supplies tomorrow)

Did deacon stuff (which I've been dreading)

Did RT on sample I have

Emailed aobut flight

Heading home now, where I'm going to do either hand laundry or dishes, and then go to bed.


kromer 4:20 CI

I'm making good progress on the s8 expt planning, and think I'll be able to move forward on this. However, finishing up sth is always tricky, so I'm posting a breakdown:
1)Finish making expr graph for Expt 10
2)Consolidate all my primer info, chose best primers (1 hr)
3)Ask MG about RNA, TE about method, YH about primer, LO about supplies (15 min)
4)Clean bench + start RT on sample I have (1-2 hrs; if I have time/energy, I'll start RT on second sample this evening, after dancing)

OK, I'm going to the chatbox to chug through this list

Journey 9 am

Good morning!  Working from home today, only have one meeting.  I have a lot of work to do and I need to stay focused but I really wanna goof off!  I'll probably be checking in frequently today. 

Before my 10 am meeting, I want to have my todo list and schedule done.  I've checked email and calendar, I've been to the gym, unloaded the dishwasher and done some goofing off.   Time to get to work!


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Journey 11:45

10:00 meeting is done, I did make my todo list and schedule but otherwise have not been real productive this morning.   I feel sluggish and stuffy; it's allergy season!  I have taken my allergy pill and some advil and I'm sure that will help.  I'm going to work on Project G for 45 minutes then I'll have lunch. 


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Hope-Faith CI 8:15

Love the Pic :D

Internet was down at home this am, but managed to get everything done but e-mail and financials.

Still using this list


  • AM Routine Done
  • AM Task  Done
  • Work Routine Done
  • PM Routine Done
  • PM Task Done

 Paper work

  1. 3/29/10  I can not remember what this one is for, I have to get better at my coding or improve my memory one.
  2. 4/1/10 80/70

I need to make appointments for (trying to make up codes so that I can be semi private yet post here so I can stay organized and focused and now I have forgotten what my codes where for, I should have written them down :rolleyes:)

  1. R/C
  2. Bx2
  3. Fx3
  4. 1x2
  5. 1x1
  6. Cx3
  7. GX3


  1. Conservation
  2. Computer Learning



ProNagger: Check-in March 30

I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE that picture!!

The fences I will jump over today:

Call clients (another WAY full day)

Be sweet to my husband! (this is easy)




eat healthy breakfast

healthy lunch

healthy dinner

up to tow healthy snacks

Work on website between calls

5m laundry room

clean-up after meals

10m writing blast

10m sifting through old emails

bed by 10PM 


I have now corrected vocabulary test. Time to correct new test.

Lucky CI

I'm knackered today! Spent my morning task time sleeping in an arm chair and only just made it out of the house in time to catch my train! So a rather late CI for me - I'll put down what I HAVE done this morning - and I'm going to try and keep my tasklist short and only do what's necessary

Before work:
Make and pack SF  Smile

Full makeupSmile
Read some of book Smile
Prayer time Smile
Do some of creative writing book

Daily Challenge:  All email, paper, tasks and contracts (except catchup files) up to date
Tidy desk
Got Everything Check: phone 

Check re getting bikeSmile
Get some air Smile

After work:
Writing - 100 words  
Charge phone
Bird feeder
Dog face wash
Clear kitchen
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in
 Bed straight after check in!

Rexroth Check In

Thanks for starting the thread Lucky and I'm glad the fence I have to jump is lower and without barbed wire on the top.

Up feeling grumpy
Washed up and tidied up papers
Checked emails and emailed reply to letter from yesterday
Got out legal papers and found what I wanted and continued writing letter which is nearly finished.

Go out and photocopy a few papers
Research some valuation info on net or in files
Complete letter and get ready to post it
Phone and/or email friend with whom I had lunch yesterday
If time (and inclination) get out and post it - it needs to go from the post office
Prepare for political candidate selection meeting this evening get ready and go out to it

and anything else

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Everything including posting the letter and except getting changed for tonight also received email confirming settlement of some old issues
Also talked with friend on phone for a while she was unwell

It took me an hour or so to get the letter sorted, papers copied and posted. I had left it for nearly two weeks and I wonder why?

Rest and drink tea
Have supper
Get washed dressed and changed and go out the place is 10 minutes walk away

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above and even washed up so everything is tidy

Go there and behave myself

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Out and it went fine.

Night Folks


huma CI

I LOVE the doggy pic Lucky!! Haha! Laughing

  • CC shipping
  • pay hosting
  • BSSB quiz
  • BSSB page
  • list of 10 I new biz
  • list of 10 more I new biz
  • email HS
  • ck on accountant
  • sort mail
  • laundry

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

Melin 12.30

So far I have
Fantastic picture.

Corrected grammar test
Cleaned the fridge
Written a letter

I have to leave for a meeting at four.
Until then I need to
1. mail S
2. Correct vocab test
3. Correct reading comprehension
4. Prep. tomorrow's lesson
5. Exercise

Hopefully I'll make it.

Agnus 5:45am

LOL Lucky! (daystarter). But I can't help thinking that poor pooch second from left in the air is about to get an owwee!

Well, try as I might, I could not get that proposal finished on time without an all-nighter. So now I've been up for 26 hours and still have "regular" work ahead of me.  Hopefully after everyone gets to critique it, I can run the edits and then get some sleep. :-( I feel sad for me!


Good job finishing the proposal, and best of luck today!

Argh, ((Agnus)) good luck

Argh, ((Agnus)) good luck staying awake today! Well done on getting that proposal done though - it takes grit to stay up all night working!


Hope you get some sleep soon!   

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Helen's CI

 Morning routineSmile

Assignment:  Design aTshirt 


·        Exploration1 

·        Exploration2 

·        Exploration3 

·        Reflect


  • Concept 1 
  • Concept 2 
  • Concept 3 
  • Reflect 


  • Preparation  
  • Making
  • Final proposal 
  • Reflect  
  • Evaluate 


Bank meeting


Washing up 



Love the picture!

Okay...I plan to finish three papers by 7 PM. I'll report back when I finish 2 pages...

Update: I FINISHED THE FIRST THREE PAGES! *does crazy victory dance* Now, for the next two pages...

Update 2: I FINISHED THE NEXT TWO PAGES! YAY! Smile I hope I can continue on this track...

Update 3: I finished another page (7:18). Goal: Finish next page by 7:30 (Done)

Goal 2: Read about T and B (12.40)

Good luck, everyone!