Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 19 mars 2010 Check-In

Concentration. Mindfulness. Focus. Courage. Persistence. 

Good morning productivity athletes.
Well done getting through this week.
Let's make this last day count.

... and have a whiz-bang-ninja-good weekend! :) 

Vic 3/19

 Show up (done) Progress .. especially in getting connected in am on phone line. Positive mental jolt. Love the optimistic starter. I've been reading about self coaching to help during times alone. (see below)

Self-Coaching,  Understand that the potential for healing, real healing, always resides within you. Remember, the best psychologist in the world can’t make you better. No one can.Our minds, as well as our bodies, deteriorate if we allow ourselves to follow destructive patterns. That’s what anxiety and depression are. It  is like driving a car with one foot on the gas (i.e., healthy desires) and one foot on the brake (i.e., negative distortions)—you’re forever feeling stuck, frustrated,and discouraged. By replacing negative thoughts with more objective, reality-based thinking, Selftalk, in combination with a coached attitude of optimism, made thedifference. Once being unstuck, the necessary motivation for continued training came.  A training approach both requires and teaches three essential things:Ø  PatienceØ  2. Realistic understanding of the dynamics of changeØ  3. Self-reliance Effective training always involves following a program of repetition and progressive effort. Psychological training is no different—requiring repetition and progressive effort. Self-talk willbecome the core of your training program, demanding a similar commitment.The heart and soul of Self-coached healing can be condensed into seven basic principles. Principle 1: Everyone Has a Legacy of Insecurity, the Insecure ChildPrinciple 2: Thoughts Precede Feelings, Anxieties ,and DepressionsPrinciple 3: Anxiety and Depression Are Misguided Attempts to Control LifePrinciple 4: Control Is an Illusion, Not an AnswerPrinciple 5: Insecurity Is a Habit, and Any Habit Can Be BrokenPrinciple 6: Healthy Thinking Is a ChoicePrinciple 7: A Good Coach Is a Good Motivator (My own Personal Principle 8: Remember to pray)TRAINING SUGGESTIONBe sure to write down these seven principles on aslip of paper.You might find it helpful in moments of stress or struggle toread through the list. These principles will become your mantrafor success. Read and repeat them to yourself often.


Great Points


Based on your intro and your "Personal Principle 8", it looks like the 2nd Paragraph is mostly an excerpt or summary from another source.  If so, can you tell us where you found this?

Many thanks!

cl daily overcoming

:) 7am-11am 4hrs work (ok a little binging ;))
:) 11:15 10min ci
:) 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
:) 30min quiet time - jesus was awesome !
:) 60min wko - lunch w/ wife instead
:) 15min rdy
:) 10min dailies
:| 10min work plan - half credit, a little bingie
:) work hard.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Journey 10 am

Getting a late start after a long day yesterday, and I have a lot of stuff that must be finished today to be ready for the weekend.   I doubt if I will check in much, as long as I'm staying on task  :grin:This is the kind of stuff I can usually stay focused on . . . so I'm hoping for a very productive day.   I hope the same for you!


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

kromer 9:30 CI

A little late getting going this morning, but that's OK

MITs are:
*"Back-time" schedule for getting ready for committee mtg + do 45 min focused work to get ready for this
*Federal tax forms + 1 small state tax form
*Clean kitchen (will do this after youth group)
*Fix WM bug
*Ask about next step RA biosensor

*Youth group (5:30-9ish)
*Check on expts.

Other tasks:
*Work on organizing papers  (did 20-30 min work on this in lab, and can see a big difference!)
*Look at S. slides and brainstorm next steps
*Quick clean bathroom

OK, right now I'm going to start with sth I've been putting off for a while (WM bug--should be fast)
Then, I'll tackle my hardest task (comm. mtg stuff). I'll start with the plan. Then, depending on how I feel after that, I'll either do focused work straight away, wait until later, or split it up into 2 bursts. 
After that, I'll ask about next RA biosensor step and check on expts.
Once I've gotten all my lab-related MITs done, I'll work on taxes.

Heading to chatbox now. 

hope4meandu check-in (9:07AM)

Hey Dudes,

Inspiring David, thank you.

Yesterday, thankfully was a good day!! Went out 2 nights this week and I'm proud of myself, I usually cancel seeing friends or having fun, as I am such a homebody. I don't want to change anymore into being a popular social butterfly, that's just not me. Thank G_d, I don't have to prove to anyone of that anymore (my family).

To do Work:
-ask N questions to clear up stuff
-proof chart

To do Me:
-balance checkbook
-get $
-compose email for Dr. K
-take Y for a walk

To do Home:

Giving myself an easy day because I had 2 late nights in a row. Also Saturday night I want to schedule something light to do that I don't mind doing that will kind of get me in gear for a busy Sunday, but ease out the restful Saturday.

Have a wonderful day - HUGS!!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

Hope-Faith CI Work

WOW GoDavid I was just thinking this am that becoming a more productive person is like training for a marathon or some type of athletic event, then I saw your post this am which gave more foundation to my mindset.


I am thankful that over the past year I have progressed from jump jacks and running in place onto weight training and building endurance with regards to my productiveness. It will not be long and I will be running a productive marathon. (Physically I could not run 1/4 mile but I am working on that as well)


Todays goals


DETERMINATION The ability to see past challenge rather then stare at it.  Great quote for the day thanks GoDavid.

In addition to my structured daily work routine I need to make progress in the following areas

  1. Study guide 1 & 2    
  2. Study Guide 4  
  3. Update Makeup
  4. Record glogs (20 more to do)
  5. Record Sub
  6. Load Itembank
  7. Make E

I must be determined and focused must manage time wisely and make decisions that will produce the best outcomes.


Hope-Faith Update 1 9:40


  • Study guide for 1 and 2 done (Need one more for monday)
  • Macro
  • Painter
  • e-mail, plan and prep for 1 & 2 done


Hope-Faith CI 11:25

All in the previous post are done including

  1. Glogs
  2. Handled 5 e-mails


  1. Lunch
  2. Routine
  3. Make up for 4th
  4. Exam


Hope-Faith CI 2:30

  1. Complete work routine
  2. Print out R:)
  3. Gather stuff to take home:)
  4. Call accountant :)


Hope-Faith CI 3:40

 Next list of task (some are really projects) 

  1. Activity for DS
  2. PM Routine
  3. Make up an AM Routine 
  4. Taxes
  5. Organize



Hi Hope-Faith

Congratulations on slowly building your physical regimen. Not a small task, gives me hope that I can do the same.

Enjoy your day!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

Rexroth Check In

Felling a bit better today after another rough night's sleep.

Up, personal care and dressed
Read emails
Out to collect medicine and some food shopping

Generally take it easy and sort out things
Prepare for tomorrow

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

I've got a lot of small things done today and my life is a little clearer as a consequence.

Food and washed up
Cleaned Kitchen floor
Dealt with post
Sorted out papers and filed them in good order
Listed what I need to take tomorrow and checked transport times
Got most of things ready and sorted
Written journal
Sorted some financial stuff
Bath and washed hair
Set alarm
and a few other bits that I can't remember now

Sort final bits for tomorrow
Write a little more in journal
Personal care
Get to bed early and get to sleep

Night Folks


huma CI

I need to break the cycle of good starts to my days, then poor middles or finishes. I'm striving for some consistency today. I did not sleep well either, so I'm going to have to squeeze in a nap or two here.

By 9am:

  • send HS rules to LB
  • send HS details to LB
  • send HS sign details to LB
  • switch MB banner > L banner

90 min nap, then by 2pm:

  • SS info to NP 
  • 1 hour CC work
  • wash dishes

Then by 530pm:

  • 1 hour CC work
  • check if OMF is done, if so, call for check
  • gateway
  • call CC re shipping

90 min nap if needed, then by bedtime @ 1130pm:

  • 1 hour CC work, or filing
  • 1 hour filing

I run out of steam too...

I wanted to say that you are not alone in this. I get a big dip in energy after lunch and struggle to get going again. Often I dont but I have started checking in again after 4 and some days I manage to get moving again. I have started to get up 15 minutes earlier than the day before as I am obviously best in the mornings and need an early start to begin to achieve anything. I often nap in the afternoon. I call them my POWER NAPS :) which makes me feel less guilty.


Thanks Helen!

I appreciate the encouragement. :)

huma CI update

By 9am:

  • send HS rules to LB
  • send HS details to LB
  • send HS sign details to LB
  • switch MB banner > L banner
  • pending
  • report to SM
  • call SM

90 min nap, then by 2pm:

  • SS info to NP
  • call Lisa 
  • 1 hour CC work
  • wash dishes

Then by 530pm:

  • new promo
  • check if OMF is done, if so, call for check
  • gateway
  • call CC re shipping
  • call HS manager

90 min nap if needed, then by bedtime @ 1130pm:

  • 1 hour CC work, or filing
  • 1 hour filing

Lucky CI

David thank you for another stunning threadstarter!

Before work:
Up by 6 - Got up at 6, sat down in armchair, fell back asleep till 7!
Check in :)
Prayer & visualisation over tasklist :)
Dress smartly :) (ish, it's dress down Friday)
Straighten hair
Clear kitchen Smile 

Full makeup :)
Prayer time :)
Read some of book :)
Do some of creative writing book Smile 

Backlog :)
Email - part done
Paper - part done
Tasks - part done
Contracts :)
Tidy desk :)
Got Everything Check: phone :)

30m writing
Email/ facebook/lj/forum :)
Get some fresh air

After work:
Charge phone :)
Clear bag :)
Clear table :)
Deal w/current post, move rest upstairs to backlog :)
Check/fill bird feeder :)
Dog face wash :)
Vitamins :)
Clear kitchen :)
Maintain the tidy room! :)
Tomorrow's list :)
Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in :)
Bed straight after check in! :)  

David's Redwood Hiking Check-In 08:51


Hi everybody, hope you had a nice wake up and good breakfast. I've got my day planned out. In the evening I'm going to a performance event with a friend.

I'm hesitant to meet him because I often feel inferior to him; it's feels like I always have to explain to him why I have not quit my current job (which is very repetitive and way below my capacity) and got a new one. I feel ashamed when I meet him because I have procrastinated on this for three years. But I know this is only in my head and does not represent reality. No reason to stop seeing him just because I feel bad about my situation. Like always it's best to just be honest and accept reality as it is: "Yes, I have procrastinated because I'm afraid to move forward in this area for various reasons; Yes I have not called you in a long time because I feel inferior too you, but I still like you and want to be able to relax in your company."  

- clean sisters kitchen 
- shower
- pack my things 


Time Log
08:51-09:51: Check-in, brushed teeth, paid cell phone refill, facebook, reading pa-threads (60 min)
09:51-10:51: clean sisters kitchen, shower, pack (60 min) 





Update 10:30

- clean sisters kitchen√ 
- shower√
- pack my things√ 
- text friends and ask them to join the performance event√ 

 [Update 15:14] 

I've been in a slump so far. My morning was slow and the more I drag out on this the more stress I feel. I still ahev about an hour left before I must leave my sister's house and go back to my own apartment. I'm nervous about my meeting with my friend, I just want to be able to relax.

- process email√
- write 1 job application 

[Checking Out 16:12]
Compared to yesterday this day could have been bette, much better. No point dwelling on it though, I'm only human after all.  I'm leaving my sister's house now and going back to my own apartment, getting ready to meet my friend at 7 this evening. Take care everybody!


Time Log
08:51-09:51: Check-in, brushed teeth, paid cell phone refill, facebook, reading pa-threads (60 min)
09:51-10:51: texted friends, cleaned kitchen (60 min)
10:51-11:51: cleaned kitchen, hang out with sister's son (60)
11:51-12:51: hanged out with sister's son, made lunch (60)
12:51-13:51: pack, shower (60 min)
13:51-14:51:videogames (60 min)
14:51-15:51: videogames, snack, updating pa. (60 min) 
15:51-16:11: processed email, talk to sis's son, leaving sister's house (20 min

Take heart

Plenty of people are working in jobs below their capacity. The recession is serious and has affected many professional people.  You are not having to scrabble around trying to get work, any work, and so are in a better position than most to ride out the recession.

I think you should be proud of holding down a job regardless of its status. It takes guts to do a job that bores you. If he puts you down for not doing a 'better' job you might mention that you are secure and in a good position to ride this recession.He may not be so fortunate soon, who knows in these difficult times? 

I know it is so frustrating  to be put down for procrastination. My father does that to me  too and has done so for all my life. This is not helpful. However when I was more successful than I am now, not a word of praise from him, its like getting blood out of a stone. 

Actually these days I am so angry about it that sometimes (not always) it kinda motivates me. I say "right, I will show you" and that thought helps me not procrastinate about the task.

You are not your work, you are valuable in your own right, even if unemployed or in a job which does not challenge you. If you are going to 'trade' up jobs then please don't do so for the status.When you are ready go for a job because it interests and challenges you. Your happiness is paramount here. 


Thank you Helen

"You are not your work, you are valuable in your own right."
Thank you for reminding me of this because I tend to forget it. But it is true, for all of us and everyone here. Thank you so much for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. 

Helen's checkin

Today I have to travel to put some forms into the hands of a government official so my day is split into morning and afternoon. This morning I am concentrating on some admin. I have a huge backlog of tasks but I have spread them out over a few days 

This way I hope to not become so overwhelmed. I want to make a start on the decorating today too. Maybe for only 1/2 an hour but start. 

Self care- 3hours


  • Eat breakfastSmile
  • HypnosisSmile
  • Get dressedSmile
  • Inserts
  • Brush hairSmile
  • Clean teeth (2minutes)Smile
  • Clean looSmile
  • Wash face
  • CheckinSmile
  • Put washing up awaySmile
  • LunchSmile
  • Dinner
  • EFT tappingSmile
  • Phone checkinSmile


Household - 2hour


  • Central heating offSmile
  • Bathroom Smile





  • Buy security penSmile 
  • Shopping list Smile


Admin/ jobhunting - 1hour


  • CRB form- Find certificatesSmile
  • Send bookSmile
  • Prepare to go to mall/ choresSmile 
  • J Creek DVDs backSmile
  • Howell - Find floppy Smile


Exercise - 1hour

Decorating- 1hour

Creative work/study  - 3 hours

Self-development- 1 hour


Helen's checkout 5pm

I did 9 hours today. So that is it for me today, apart from dinner.

I have rewarded myself with some DVD's so an evening tucked up in bed, watching DVD's with the cat purring on my lap. :)

Have a good evening everyone.