Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


I gather I've already got one person signed up for this before I've even started it - hi Helen :)

Hope-Faith, I hope you don't mind that I'm hijacking your awesome idea, but - well, it's awesome!

An explanation for our many new faces :)

The 'weekend madness' threads are for anyone who has a crazy busy weekend planned...

  to post their plans,


make progress updates,

celebrate success

and cheer each other on like mad.


We use loads of graphics and generally make it a party atmosphere.


It REALLY works. 

Are you ready, people? LET'S GO!


Lucky progress check 3 28.3.10

Didn't get much more done before leaving, although I did clear the kitchen. Housemate wanted to talk to me, which was fine, and we've had a lovely long day out, which is also fine. On the train home now. Today hasn't been the productive day I was hoping for but it has been a wonderful day of friend bonding, which is at least as valuable.

Starting with AM Routine

Starting with AM Routine

  here is The Good Witch of The Task at Hand that will cast her magic to help us all accomplish are task at hand.



Next on the agenda

Next on the agenda is to run to store a few items not on list. Check back when done

  1. I have accumlated some clutter that needs to be put in its appropriate place -- this should take about 40 min Done
  2. I need to C -- should take 40 min but can spend 20 of the 30 min doing other stuff Done
  3. Take DS to practice

1 and 2 are done and I really got done a whole lot quicker then I thought I would.




Hi, I have progressed to dinningroom today So far today I have cleared clutter spot 1 and 2. I did 3 last night as it was the smallest one. hope-faith

DR it is done




Awesome, hope-faith!

Awesome, hope-faith!

Happy dance

Doing the happy dance for you. Great work!


Weekend madness : Helen's Sunday

I am on my morning routine so I have started. Yay! I slept poorly and have woken up tired but I will forge forward. Quite stressed about getting it all done in time. 

Morning routine


Activity 2

Activity 2 – Part A Photograph

  • Activity 2 – Part B Transfer your photograph to your computer
  • Activity 2 – Part C Trace your image
  • Activity 2 – Part D Scan or photograph your  trace
  • Activity 2 – Part E Comment on what other people have done

Section 2

Activity 3

  • Activity 3 – Part A List
  • Activity 3 – Part B Photograph & upload
  • Activity 3 – Part C Think
  • Activity 3 – Part D Photograph & upload

Activity 4

  • Activity 4 – Part A Select one of these  
  • Activity 4 – Part B Produce a sequence of drawings 
  • Activity 4 – Part C Scan and upload

Fix printer

Plan assignment

Start Assignment  

Weekend Madness: Helen

OK It is 3pm and I have slept all afternoon. I do feel rested but apprehensive. I am now starting with activity 2.



Helen's progress

Well it is now 5:15 pm and I am feeling much better. I am on a design course and the assignment is to follow a design process and use design tools to produce a T-shirt design and an actual T-shirt!

I carefully read the assignment and realised that I could get away with doing Activities 2, 3 and 4 later i.e. not to the Thursday deadline or even alongside working on the practical aspects of the assignment. 

The marks are for following the design process rather than the final T-shirt and I have been working on my design ideas today. I am now very clear what I have to do and I am almost certain that I have the time, skills and knowledge to do so. I have made a thorough plan of action for the next three days so I can produce the required evidence and the T-shirt itself.

I am feeling so much calmer now I have 'done the creative work'. That lack of clarity and a looming deadline made me feel very anxious and I don't do so well in an anxious state.  The work I have done this weekend has meant that this goal is actually within my grasp so I invite you all to share in this good feeling I am experiencing now and thank you for your support. :) Next time I am not going to procrastinate as I would enjoy myself so much more.

Now I am quite drained and I am going to spend the evening eating well and resting.



Wonderful, Helen! This is

Wonderful, Helen! This is great to read - well done!

Yahoo! It's a celebration


 A dance party for you  :) super job and enjoy your down time.



Yahoo! This is your celebration
Yahoo! This is your celebration

Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)
Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)

There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you

Come on now

Let's all celebrate and have a good time
We gonna celebrate and have a good time

It's time to come together
It's up to you, what's your pleasure

Everyone around the world
Come on!

Yahoo! It's a celebration

Song by Cool & The Gang 



YAY for the start

Activity 2 you can do it.

I love the way you have broken down your assignments.  


Lucky progress check 2 28.3.10

Ugh! I'm really slow and unfocused this morning, and once again had a panic over cleaning the rat cage, luckily with nobody watching this time. At this point, rat cage and shower are definitely not getting done before I go out, although there's still a slight chance of doing them this evening depending when we get home.

So what I have to do in the next hour is:

Clocks forward - In progress - 1m
Put away dry stuff + clothes in living room - 10m
Clear kitchen  - In progress - 15m
Empty bins - 5m
Cobwebs out of bathroom window & shower - 10m
Make bed - 5m
Floors - 15m

Totally doable!

Lucky progress check 1 28.3.10


New day, people - let's go for it!  

I've given myself a rather ambitious tasklist for today, given that I'm going to be out all afternoon... and I've prepared for it by skimping on sleep and spending ages trying to make the 'perfect' check-in thread... oops!

I'll commit to being sensible about today, dealing with any time/energy problems instead of hiding from them, and if I can't manage everything, just choosing a few things to skip and forgiving myself.

Up by 7.30 smiling
Check in smiling
Clocks forward - In progress
Prayer time on
Prayer & visualisation over tasklist
Writing - 100 words
Put laundry on to dry
Put away dry stuff + clothes in living room
Clear kitchen  
Empty bins
Cobwebs out of bathroom window & shower
Make bed
Rat cage
Get ready to go out - start at 11.30 for 12.00
Got Everything Check: phone, keys, money
To town
Thank K
Pack CK mag
Charge phone
Bird feeder
Dog face wash
Keep table tidy
Keep room tidy
Clear kitchen
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly
Email report
Check in
Bed straight after check in!


Weekend madness: Helen's checkout.

That is all the academic work done! Yay! Tomorrow will be an intensive hands on session. I have done a 12 hour stint. I am getting stronger! Thanks guys for the encouragement. It works! 
Morning routine (including breakfast)
Quick bath (phew, not a moment too soon ;))
Tidy desk (Is chaos creative?)
Section 9
Buy tracing paper
Section 3
Section 10 
Section 11 
Section 12
Section 13
Found and cleaned rusty but good quality wok 
To do tomorrow
Activity 2
Section 2 
Activity 3
Activity 4
Fix printer
Plan assignment
Start Assignment 

Helen - 12 hours!! WELL

Helen - 12 hours!! WELL DONE!

Way To Go


You really put a dent in your list super job. Tomorrw is a much easier day to face.

Take some time for yourself and enjoy you evening.


Lucky progress check 4 27.3.10

I really thought I wasn't going to finish today... BUT I HAVE!

All post is filed and put away, an entire bag of rubbish has been chucked (or trash has been trashed, for those on the other side of the pond) and I only found 5 things I actually had to take action on. I've put one a day in my diary for next week.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHH! Thanks to all of you for the support! (((((((everyone))))))




Way to go make sure you take some downtime for yourself. 


Yay! You did it!

Yay! You did it! Queen of Declutter. I curtsey before you. Wink

Awwwwwww! Thanks to both of

Awwwwwww! Thanks to both of you!

Lucky progress check 3

Whew, second bag of post is a LOT bigger than I thought! About 3x bigger than the other one... I may not finish this today, but I'm still pleased with progress and think I have a hope of finishing this weekend if I plan properly. (I'm out a lot of tomorrow.)

I've already looked at my tasklist and the only things I absolutely need to do this weekend are:

Rat cage
Cobwebs out of shower/bathroom window
Clear kitchen

These are all things I can do while the housemate is home, so I'm not going to worry about them now.

Plan for now:

Rearrange files a bit so I can chuck things in the right places as I find them and don't waste time later

File like mad till about 5.45 (2 hrs from now)

Tidy up and find a setup I can use to carry on filing during tonight's TV watching (if she doesn't mind!)

Such progress!

You are doing great and you are a wonderful rat mummy too. What lucky pets you have. 


Thank you, that's a really

Thank you, that's a really lovely thing to say :)

kromer Saturday project

I'm trying to get a work project off my plate...currently my plate looks like this :P


 While I'm at work I'll only be able to get preliminary results (since I left a key piece of paper at home: grr!), but I can make it so I'll only need 30 or so minutes to get final results at home:

1)Quickly reconstruct enough of paper to get me going
2)Plot ratios and figure out correction factor
3)Implement correction factor for sorted data
4)Sanity check correction factor for subtraction data, implement
5)Preliminary scatter plot of results (make this automatic so that it'll be easy to re-generate)
6)Figure out what message this shows, make a couple slides explaining
7)Go home, re-generate scatter plot and put on slides

OK, this is doable. Starting now, back after each step. 

kromer Sat. project update 1

OK, have taken a few good "bites" out of this project...have done steps (1) and (2).

Now on to (3) and (4)...back when those are done

Keeping on steadily...

kromer update 2

Done w/ 3 and 4!!!

Now on to 5 and 6 (can't do 7 until I get home)

Good Job

Good job on 3 & 4 sorry to abandon you but really. Good Luck with 5 and 6 and maybe I will be back on when you get to 7.



WELL DONE! Keep it


Keep it up!!

And that guinea pig on a bike is freaking adorable... Guinea pig. On a bike. :)

Good Job

Push on through to 3 and 4 you can do it.



Go for it

Go for it! You can do it!


I know how you feel. However that plate looks good enough to eat. :D

Good Luck


Go kromer! Well done for

Go kromer! Well done for sorting yourself out after the paper forgetting incident, and good luck!

Vic weekend

   Just spent an hour trying to do a great post only to keep losing it so I will just do a YES! and start. seel you later.

Vic Weekend

 I "wemt with" walking down these roaads and got some stuff done.  !!! Thanks everyone.!!

yay vic re: walking roads of "Dream Ave" and "Believe St"!

very inspiring!

yay for Yes!



Yes works good luck with your task today.


Solidarity vic, I've been

Solidarity vic, I've been there :) This IS a great post - good luck!

Lucky progress check 2

First (and smaller) bag of gubbins plus stacked in-tray done!

That was slow progress... now let's see how fast I can do the larger bag!

I'm going to continue past 4 if I need to - I'm determined to finish the filing today! Very few things are coming up that need action, which is great :) although one of those actions is going to be a faff and involves...TAX :)


YAY for backlog and smaller bag of gubbins. A questions thought is gubbins just paperwork or paper clutter. :-?

Keep up the progress


Bit of both 'Gubbins' in

Bit of both :)

'Gubbins' in general just means stuff/bits/odds and ends. I thought it was the funniest word in the world when I was about six.


I felt the same way about Toot which means junk.


Toot and Gubbins

WOW I am getting educated on Saturday. Thanks for the new words. I use all kinds of different words and work and the people that I work with just get a kick out of it. So Monday I will have a suprise for them.:)



Toot 2

Toot rhymes with foot. 

Oh, I thought I'd never

Oh, I thought I'd never heard of 'toot' but now you say it rhymes with foot... yup, totally heard it :)

This is a fun vocabulary lesson... 

I make up words all the time

I work with teenagers and the word that get their attention the most is "woobie" for when we or I make a mistake. (Of Course some refer to a special blanket or stuffed animal as a woobie.

Another word that gets their attention -- when they say things that are not to nice I tell them not to use wordydurds for dirty words.

They may be teenagers but they like sillyness to.


Weekend Madness: Helen Progress check 1

 I am now working on section 3 and Activity 2. 
Morning routine (including breakfast)Smile
Quick bath (phew, not a moment too soon ;))Smile
Tidy desk (Is choas creative?)Smile
Section 9Smile
Buy tracing paperSmile
Library Smile
Still to do 
Activity 2
Section 3
Section 2
Section 10 
Section 11 
Section 12
Section 13
Activity 3
Activity 4
Fix printer
Plan assignment
Start Assignment 


WOW you are really moving. Keep up the good work.