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Lucky master list

One of my tasks for today was to start typing up a master list of all the things I need to get round to! These are all the big ongoing projects I can think of at the moment

eBay stuff
Computer appeal
Post backlog
Mend clothes
Redecorate room

Redecorating is probably going to have to wait until the end of April when there's money.
Clothes mending I can do while watching TV - I'll make a note to bring my sewing kit down tomorrow and start doing that.

Everything else can be attacked over the next 2-3 weekends. Post first, then computer appeal, then eBay.

Lucky master list update

Now it looks like this:

eBay stuff
Computer appeal
Post backlog Smile
Mend clothes Smile (turned out to be really quick)
Redecorate room

I have a long weekend for Easter (Friday-Monday off) and the housemate is working all but Easter Sunday, so I'm planning to get the eBay stuff, computer appeal, and random other bits dealt with then. Random bits include:

bleeping thing
tax letter
bags on table
Christmas decs 

HP willing, it's looking really possible to be 'caught up' on everything by the end of next weekend!