Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

My intro

Hi everyone

I have a very serious problem with procrastination.  In fact, I have let it rule my whole life and the conseqenses have been terrible. When I was at college my studies took much more time that it should. In my working life it has been disastrous. I have delayed important work so many times that I have lost control of work which has caused depression more than once.

I have had councelling and even been on sick leave because of depression. But the councelling has always centred around  other stuff, such as childhood, my married life etc. which haven't really been a problem to me. I eat anti-depressants which actually facilitates my procrastination as they make me feel less guilty.

Now I'm 38 and I have never been able to end my habit of procrastination. Just recently I have started to think about procrastination as an addiction, as I use avoidance to escape reality just like other addicts use their drug.

So, finding this site was great. However, I have tried to change and failed so many times that I don't know if I'm able to change at all. When I look at your to do-lists on the check-in forum I'm in awe. I could never be so effective. What I have to do is to start at the very bottom with short to do-lists.

So, sorry about my long rant. Finding this community is fantastic.



Thank you all of you for

Thank you all of you for your warm and wonderful replies. I really do feel welcome here.

Right now I feel so relieved having owned up to my problems. The day before yesterday three things happened, I got accepted as a member here, I went to my first Emotions Anonmous meeting where I talked about my procrastination problem, and I received some books in the mail from EA. In one of the books there was a prayer from someone whose procrastination had led to to bouts of depression.

Since Monday, I have been on an "informaton fast", i.e. no newspapers, no TV, no radio, no reading, no browsing the web. Result: I listen to my inner voice telling me what to do and I get things done with much less effort than last week.

It seems like for the last two days I got an idea of what life without procrastination can be like. I am realistic, though. I know I haven't done the really tough stuff on the list yet. I know I will have to work really hard with my problem, unlearning negaive behaviour and relearning positive behaviour, and I know there will be setbacks. Still, right now I actually feel happy! I am on my way!




greeting Melin

PA rocks. So far I have not achieved perfection...but now I know it is an underlying cause of my procrastination, which has helped.  I am more able to "just do it" now than to wait for some nebulous "perfect time" to get things done. 

When I started here I was facing tax leins on our home.  With PA I got caught up, and for 2 years paid all taxes on time! Now I've backslidden on some business taxes - I took some time off from PA :-(  -  But the great thing is, it's still here for me. We all just keep coming back and sharing - Hope you do too.

Welcome melin

Don't worry, we'll get there. U,me. All of us. We're here for U.

Hi Melin I Never

Hi MelinI never in a millions years thought that I would be where I am at today with my procrastination. I have grown so much but it still is a battle that has to be fought and overcome. I am who I am and I have to make life work for me. I am always modifying as I find new techniques that others use and try here or that I come up with. I work a plan until I go through a period of complacency or depression.  I do not have to start over, I do not feel compelled to start over. I just find where I went a stray and continue on. Then when I get back on track a pick up where I left off and make new adjustments. I do not have to start over, I do not feel compelled to start over. I just find where I went a stray and continue on.

You will find much support here. 

Look at what others do for inspiration, ideas and techniques but do not compare yourself to what others are doing.  Do your own thing. Measure your own success.


Welcome Melin! And by the

Welcome Melin!

And by the way... We don't always DO everything on those to-do lists ;)

Melin intro

Hi Melin, I am new here also and I feel the same way.  I've had counseling also and I always figured I needed more therapy to change. Even now as I speak — I keep saying this — it seems like "addiction? who me?" I feel hopeful now finding this site. I still have to deal with the temporary mess I've made as a consequence. Thanks for sharing.

welcome melin!

Glad to have you here! This place has been really helpful for me, and I hope it will be for you too.

You're absolutely right, the way to start is with very short lists, or even with just "showing up" here at the beginning and end of the days. (Most people here have worked themselves up from very short lists--one or two simple tasks, eg "brush teeth", "file 5 papers")

Also, I haven't experienced this personally, but I know a lot of folks here are dealing with depression as well as with procrastination, and depression can certainly make it way harder to complete even the simplest tasks. So good for you for taking steps to manage your depression as well as your procrastination.

See you on the check-ins or chatbox :)


So glad you have found us. :)