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Helen's Decorating Project

I am decorating my living room and still stuck on clearing out the stuff so I can get to the walls.

I have chosen a paint colour but I am now really procrastinating.

I will start by clearing cleaning, undercoating and 'taping up ' one wall next week.



Helen's decorating master list

 I hate decorating. I have changed my mind again and hope to decorate the living room. I have started and I shall do it piecemeal because I hate it so much. I need to get at least one room done before the summer. There is no way I shall do this when it gets hot and it would be good to have one room that looks good. Finally in my life a pleasant home with matching decor and furniture! I hope to do one task a day but that might be ambitious so at least 2 tasks a week.

 1. Decorating plan DONE

 2. Clear wall 1 DONE

 3. Wash wall 1 DONE

 4. Clear wall 2 DONE

 5. Clean skirting wall 2 DONE Monday 19th April

 6. Clean skirting wall 1 When ? Tuesday 20th April

 7. Clean wall 2 When ? Tuesday 20th April

 8. Tape walls 1 & 2

 9. Clean wall 3 

10. Paint wall 1 & 2 with  white undercoat 

11. Choose colour DONE

12. Buy paint DONE  Tuesday 20th April

..... more planning

 Did I mention I hate decorating?