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major projects

Fantastic.  I need a place to put a list exactly lik ethis.  I didn't realize this was here.  I will work more on this later, but right now there are so many things going on in my life that I feel overwhelmed when I think about them.  But then when I actually work on them, I love it and am excited with the results.  Bizarre.

 OK so I have 4 big projects going on.  No wonder I'm overwhelmed.  Three are professional and one is personal.  Plus I have ongoing house/garden stuff.

1. SLC -

2. G -

3. BM -

4. Exercise Program for upcoming races -

5. House / Garden stuff -

Yes that is basically what occupies most of my time.  I will come back to break them up.  I'm at work now.

Then on top of that there are daily life maintenance stuff which roughly amounts to:

1. Cleaning

2. Cooking

3. Bills, Paperwork

4. Laundry

If I could get those chores established on a weekly routine, this would make things much easier for me.  But I'm afraid that doing that would be a little obsessive compulsive?

Then I have things that I keep putting off but would like to do, but I've been saying that forever.  I should schedule to do one a week:

1. order prints

2. finish scrap book

3. fix table and cabinets

4. plan comp

5. cr pro 1-5

Finally, there are social/familial obligations and fun stuff.  I need to learn how to balance those things _ I tend to let one take over the other.