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Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

Vic 2/17

  Show up (done)

I love having a reliable connection here.

Actually made some progress, now need to walk.  Thanks for being here.

hope4mandu check-in (6:36PM)

Hi All,

Got a very late start on the computer today because internet was out.

Gratefully, I was once again propelled & inspired to action by this group & HP. I did cleaning, did grocery shopping & cleaners but, took cleaning a little easier because I'm not feeling so hot.

The homeopathic vet is prescribing meds for my girl for a 15 day intensive in hopes of curing her infections....y this wasn't done sooner as she's been sick for a year in March, I don't know. It will come tomorrow and I fear if this doesn't work either what I can possibly do? The $ is depleting very quickly for these treatments and will not be replaced - YAY!! NOT!!

To do:
-ask husband to help me at some point this week with submitting to my girl's insurance co.
-how to get dog business?
-how to handle M call?

To do tomorrow:
-call old employ to repair relationships
-go to waitressing interview
-call 401K person and ask about cashing it out
-how not to debt while not working?

Take care all, may we all succeed & prosper!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

potential energy 630


I am pretty much working on the same thing I always do.  Reports....blahhhh......

1.  EM report,  2.  JS report   3.   JM report     4. JL report    5. ML report  

These are due by tomorrow am. I still have my check with held from Jan. until they are in.  I am very lucky that my boss kind of has a sense of humor about this and that I am pretty good at the rest of what I do, because my record keeping is awful.  I feel like these reports are killing me!  OK maybe a little dramatic.  But, I do feel like they are taking over my life. I have no time to just be, and feel guilty when trying to have ohhh I really should be doing my...reports.  I really need to win the lottery.   

Rexroth Check In

Not a good day. It's 6.30 in the early evening and I'm only now checking in. I fear that I am becoming depressed again.

Phoned two regulators over problems with phone and getting medical records and got advice and downloaded a complaint form.
Dealt with post
Dealt with emails
Cooked washed up
One load of washing through machine and hung up
Got rid of some old stuff
Researched some medical stuff for operation

Put rubbish out
Write journal
Write needs and wants
Tidy boxes in kitchen

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above and emailed landlords over their stuff to collect, put stuff out for recycling, washed up and sorted in the kitchen.

Strange how quickly things get done when I do them

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Tired so Night Folks




2.17.10 ci babarino

Project 1

Project 2

Finished project one and two. Last thing to do is to eat dinner have fun and relax

Journey 10 am

Working from home today, getting a bit of a late start  but that's ok!  I slept in a bit, exercised, had breakfast, read email and checked calendar.  I've got one little admin thing to do then I'm gonna change clothes and make my todo list for the rest of the day. 

UPDATE 6:30 well, after a VERY slow start it turned out to be fairly good work day.  The only problem was that I dawdled over the lower priority stuff and didn't get to the higher priority stuff until late in the day.   I did, however, do some work on all 3 of my highest priorities and now I'm going to go make a quick dinner and be ready to crawl into bed at 9 pm with American Idol.


Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

kromer 8:45 CI

OK, yesterday was not a great day, but it was significantly better than hopefully I can make today follow the upward trend.

I'm giving up soda and a list of websites for that might be hard today

Today I have a bunch of scheduled things in the evening (service 5:15-6:15, OH 7-8:30, bible study 8:30-10), but the day is pretty free.

MITs are:
*Church emails
*Finish doc. rand runs
*Drop samples off for histology, ask about slides
*Analyze list of interesting genes (working on this now)
*Start repeat of IHC

Other tasks:
*Repeat genotyping
*Start writeup for MG
*Choose samps for comp.
*Post recit. handout

OK, right now I'm going to send church emails, then I'll finish doc. rand runs. Heading to the chatbox now.

Lucky CI

Show up :)

I've coined a very pleasing new word... failflail. I'm in an ongoing state of failflail. It's not fun to be in but my goodness it's fun to say.



Like the wagging of a fluffy chihuahua tail.

I think I may actually be high on lack of caffeine...

failflail lol

There's a mainframe computer term that I like to use, it's called thrashing.  It's when the system is so overloaded it spends all its time moving things from one place to another and just keeps getting farther and farther behind until it crashes!


Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

LOL Lucy & Jo!!

Hmmm..think I might borrow this for meself!!

Praying this will pass, Luck!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥