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Tuesday, 16 February, 2010

Happy Tuesday! I'm posting from my phone so pictures are a bit beyond me today :) so I'm going to fall back on quotes...

I am earth and air and fire and water.
I come from the Dark where all things have their beginning.
I come from the Sea and its tides;
I come from the sky and its stars;
I come from the Sun and its brightness;
and I come from the forests of earth.
Slowly I moved at first, always sleeping and dreaming.
I remembered all I had been and I thought of all I shall be.
And when I had dreamed my dream I awoke and came quickly.
I heard the stars singing as I came and I felt warm wings about me.
I passed the beasts of the jungle and came through the dark, deep waters.
It was a long journey.

P.L. Travers, 'Mary Poppins Comes Back'

Potential Energy 3:30

I need to find a solution- when I actually get myself to sit down and do my reports I feel like I am going to fall asleep.  It is like my body will continue to resist even when I am giving in and trying to do the reports- any advice? 

Well, as usual, the things that I need to do are my beloved reports. I live in reports anymore and it just stinks.  I miss having a life free from report after report.  I have made my mind up to let go of one of my contracts, it is the one w/ the most reporting demands.  Just thinking about giving it up is helping to make the rest of my contract year go a little easier. So, just 5 more months and I will be done with that one!!

To do

AW report, PC report, ML report, EM report, JM report, JS report, LS report 

30 min straighten downstairs

get ready for tomorrow



I turn my brain off and just try to do it as fast as possible. Once I start actually doing them and knocking them out it gives me a boost of energy. If I don't just focus on the report in front of me and just getting it out of the way as fast as possible, I get overwhelmed with all the other things that need to get done and I don't get the report, or anything else done. I guess for me its about focus.

Thanks Babarino!

so focus on the report in front of me and getting it done as soon as possible.  I will do this.  I need to try anything I can to get through these reports easier.  Thanks!

I get the sleepiness thing

I get the sleepiness thing too. Caffeine helps a bit but if you overdoit it makes you just as useless as falling asleep! If working at home I sometimes get around it by working standing or moving around very frequently. At work, it's a question of findingexcuses tostand up and move around as often as possible, even if just to get water, or doing the sleep-inducing tasks in tiny bursts. It's also worth noting what times of day you're most awake or most sleepy. Working on an empty stomach can also help. Just don't hurt yourself to stay awake. I spent an hour and a half in a meeting chewing the inside of my lip to stay awake, ended up with a fat lip that took a week to heal!

Thanks Lucky

It is a tough one, because when i try to move around, I end up doing anything else but sitting back down.  I guess my habit of drinking 20 some cups of coffee a day dulls the effects of awakeness it once had on me.  Bu,t maybe at 10 a day I can once again enjoy an energy boost.  Monster energy drink and Red Bull don't even do it!  You are right I need to find ways to move around.

Was the fat lip symmetrical?  You know people pay alot of money to get that lookKiss



20 cups of coffee a day,

20 cups of coffee a day, argh. I've been there - in fact my lowest (or indeed highest) point was when I took 16 pro-plus pills in a day and had to leave work early because I couldn't think straight! I do drink a lot less now though (and am going to try giving it up altogether for Lent - yikes!) and feel a bit more awake and a whole lot saner as a result.

Moving around without getting distracted... hmm, maybe some of those  'exercises at your desk' would be the way to go? 

And :D no... the fat lip was NOT symmetrical :P

2.16.10 Babarino ci

Thank you all for being here :) 1) three reports (one report done)(2nd report done) (third report done)2) appointment (done) 3) look at file (done)4) 15 minute declutter (did 7 minute declutter. Good enough)

Bye all!

hope4meandu checkin (1:46PM)

Hi Friends,

I gave official notice today, and went on 2 waitressing interviews - got 2 nos, but I went!! I think I might have a cleaning job 2 days a week, the person was caling for her sister-in-law, so I'll have to speak with her.

I think it's divine madness that I, who can't clean my own home, will be cleaning other people's. I think it will also be good because it will probably help me to clean my own. I'm worried about my back, but I will have to start p.t. again, and I'm willing to do that, thank G-d!! The woman asked me how much money I wanted and I was too uncomfortable to say $15 an hour..that's what the person I last hired charged me!! Anyway, HP is good and so are you guys.

To do:
-wash kitchen floor!!! (for weeks this has been on my to do list)
-look for p.t. places
-take girl for nice long snow walk or backyard play
-call M
-find out how to get into my 401k, if I need to

Wishing you all success and progress!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

*HUGS* Well done Hope,

*HUGS* Well done Hope, you're doing GREAT!

Thanks Lucky for your support ((HUGS)) back!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥


 So happy that you are showing up and opening doors.!!!!

Love the image and the words - much thanks VIC

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Cal20 check in

I seem to be energized this week.   Getting more accomplished in less time. 

It would probably make sense to work on some things I have put off, and off, and off, but I always defer to the easy tasks, the ones that are hot at the moment, quick payoff, easy reward.   It feels good to complete my lists, but the costs continue to mount.     It's like I'm putting out little fires around my feet while the forest is a blaze behind me!

I continue time binging while other things go up in flames.   It's so frustrating to keep struggling with the same issues, being so undisciplined, uncontrolled.   I put on a good show though making sure no one know just how bad it is.  

Dig in, make progress, move forward, stay focused.


"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

kromer 9:05 CI

OK, yesterday was a cruddy day, but today I'm feeling a lot better and am hoping I can be more productive.

Scheduled for today: talk 12-1, class 3-4, dancing 8-10:30

Revise and email pset
Send samples for histology, ask about samples wearing off slides (didn't get to this)
Finish prep for recitation
Take care of urgent WM tasks (working on this now)
Church emails (will do this soon)
Read up on histology troubleshooting(made some progress on this)

Other tasks
Redo genotyping
Start repeat of IHC
Get and analyze list of interesting genes
Start prelim analysis of stages data

OK, right now I'm going to finish up pset, then read up on histology troubleshotting, then take samples for histology. Heading to the chatbox now. 

Vic 2/16

  Show up (done)

It is almost a year since I found PA. A "thought" from my HP came to me when I needed to get together my pathetic little bit of stuff so we could give it to the accountant to finalize our taxes.My husband gave the acoupntant 99% of the stuff and they were waiting for me and I could not get it done!!!When I found PA, people actually "understood". They did not say, "I don't like to do that stuff too" etc., etc., they "knew " the torment I was in and could not get past. With the support of people here, and an excruciatingly painful day, many tears, self loathing, etc., I completed what I needed to do. (which seemed utterly absurd in the end but that was beside the point, it was done)

I hope this year will be more sane- my husband has completed his 99% and waiting for my 1%, again, so I hope to start today.

I have a long way to go with PA, but as they say in the rooms, bring the body and the mind will follow, so I am so grateful to have a place to "show up" one day at a time and know that I am not alone or "shameful" because I am a procratinator, avoider, discomfort doger, addict or whatever, the "word" doesn't really matter. Thanks for being here.

update: got my shower, some decluttering and closet, went through papers, was on the action line, now resisting phone calls to make but need to find papers so I can make them. movement, any movement helps to get me going, sometimes I feel like I wish I could just have a pushbutton on my head to get me started. It's a thought, I could pretend..

Update #2 Did a good job of tidying up and dinner if I say so myself, now I need to taje a break and get out, my push button is broke, I need a kick start, I remember my husband had to do that with his bike years ago.

Journey 8 am &

Back to work after a 4 day break.   I feel rested and relaxed and ready to get back to work.   Well, I'm trying to convince myself I feel that way anyway haha.

I've been to the gym and had breakfast.   I'm going to give myself an hour to catch up on email and get re-acclimated, then make todo list and then check back. 


UPDATE Well it took all morning to get thru 519 emails and get myself organized again but it's done.  Have a meeting in 15 minutes then the rest of the day for project work.

UPDATE: meeting over, taking a break then getting back to todo list.   Catching myself thinking "what?!  it's 2pm and you've done NOTHING,what's the matter with you?"  stopping that right now.   Look here, self, I had 519 emails.  I have not gotten any project work done yet, because I've been doing necessary administrative stuff.  So shut up, self.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way <3.



Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

CL daily overcoming

getting a rare early start. feel blessed with more strength to do MITs than usual today.

8am 10min ci
930 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
30min quiet time
60min wko
15min rdy
10min dailies
10min work plan
work hard.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Rexroth Check In

Thank you Lucky for the poem and for starting the thread.

Woke deeply relaxed and not feeling like doing anything. Spent a long time working out the quickest and most logical way of visiting the Post Office etc. The time I spent doing it I could have been there and back.

Gone to Post Office
Some bits of shopping there
Checked emails
Put shirt in bio to soak blood off

Put on washing machine
Write journal
Write needs and wants
Check money - various bits
Deal with post if and when it comes
Think, list and plan future

Future is now different as when I saw my doctor last Friday she said that I needed another operation. I am no longer planning to go abroad and have cancelled my membership of the psychology group. In theory I can focus on sorting out the last of the legal/business problems and getting better at my craft work. If I am not careful I shall waste time in feeling sorry for myself.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above and I need to think more about my future and rest more
I've also hung up the washing to dry

There was a phone message from the hospital saying the earliest they could see me is 9 April and I am not happy with this and thinking what to do next.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

I've sorted, prayed and thought and am much clearer as to what to do next.

Immediately that is to go to bed and sleep.

Thanks for being here everyone.

Night Rexroth

*HUGS* I think feeling


I think feeling sorry for yourself is allowed in the circumstances. You're being amazingly proactive about this and it is okay to take some time to rest and allow yourself a bit of normal, healthy grieving and getting-used-to-things.

I think we procrastinators *do* have a problem with flopping around feeling sorry for ourselves, but we also have a problem with not cutting ourselves any slack whatever when under stress. Not quite sure how we manage both, but I think the trick is to land somewhere in the middle... easier said than done, I know *hugs*

Praying for you :)

Thanks Lucky

Thanks Lucky what you write makes sense to me. I need to rest more before action.

Regards Rexroth

chick CI


info b c

corresp s t i etc

task e

task a


Lucky CI

I've had a crummy couple of weeks procrastination-wise because of various factors...

Housemate and I fell madly in love with a TV show that's on for 2 or 3 hours a night
Housemate more in need of company than usual, hence cast- iron excuse to sit about watching TV with her all evening
Late to bed
Trouble getting up in mornings
Arriving at work dishevelled because I got up at the last minute, feeling bad all day
Really behind at work

You can see how it goes ...

For today my main tasks are

Full makeup
Finish contracts bible
Get bike
Fantasmic post and activity check

Anything else is a bonus!

I think I need to start making a proper tasklist, doing all non-Internet tasks before I sit down in front of the TV and then Internet tasks on my phone while watching


Thanks for sharing, I can relate.

After all that, you had the courage to "show up" and have a plan, thanks for the inspiration!

Aw, thanks vic! (vic) <3

Aw, thanks vic! (vic) <3

please acknowledge source of quotations

Hi Lucky, thanks for the starter.

Good luck and solidarity to you.

I think I know where the quote came from :) but please, for my enlightenment and to be fair to its writer, tell us your source!

Thanks for pointing that

Thanks for pointing that out - done :)

I've got an extra day to finish the bible so I need to sort work into 'Things that can't wait till Thursday' and 'Bible' and then do in that order.



AC mins
Prep for 1:1 with D
S filing (see blue flagged emails and paper tray)


Contracts emails + Backlog emails - Make a file - In progress
Contracts in drawers
Contracts in paper tray
Bible Catchup box
Bible Index


HD quiz - Not possible
Get soup - Not possible
Get bike- Failed
Print pics :)

Nice to see you Lucky!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥