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Friday, February 19, 2010

hope4meandu check-in (11:00AM)

Hi Fellows,

Lots to do:
-give girl meds that cost $200, & will probably do nothing - like everything else we've tried.
-call MB at gym to extend leave
-find p.t. NO
-look for scraper FOUND IT!!
-wash the walls
-prepare for S
-take girl to park for long play
-look at finances? NO
-meeting? NO

The rest of my list is doable and will start now, first with lunch - YUM!!

Happy & Accomplishing trails today y'all!!

Also, also welcome to newcomers, oldtimers, oldtimers returning, newcomers returning, those who are afraid to post, those that are just helped by reading, those that think this can't help or work, those that feel hopeless, those that think this is a crockpot...and everyone in between..."WELCOME" to you all!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Journey 9:45

Debated calling in sick today, or working from home, but decided to get up and head to the office.   I still feel under the weather but better than yesterday, and I figured I'd feel better if I got out of the house. 

I have some system administration work to do today, and that will probably keep me busy all day.   If I get done early enough, I will spend the rest of the time on Project V and get out of here early again today.   I do have to work this weekend but what I need to do should be fast, less than an hour.   I might think about working on Project  V some this weekend too. 

Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'm going for a coke and make a todo list.  I rarely drink sodas so it's a rare treat!


Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

Hey Jo

I so admire your ability to want to call in sick, & you're not feeling well, and go in's like seeing a foreign movie without subtitles to me...when you say you wanted to call in sick or work at home, but you went in anyway...where can I buy that pill?

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

re: go-to-work pill

Ha, I wish I could bottle that and sell it, I'd make a million!  You know what's funny?  The boss has it now.   He called in sick.  

I think my husband cured me of that problem, he has only called in sick 3 times since I've known him.  One of those times he was in the hospital, one was to play in a golf tournament, and once because he was puking his guts out.  I'm not that extreme though, if I'm sick enough to stay in bed all day and/or go to the doctor, I have no problem calling in sick!  I don't like it when my co-workers come into the office genuinely sick and spread their germs around.


Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

go-to-work pill

If you do, I'd be the first to buy it, even if it's not FDA approved!!! LOL!! I think that if I continue to "show up" here as I've seen others do, MAYBE, I'll be able to too (is that allowed in the English language?).

I know my husband is the same way and it hasn't cure me yet!! LOL!!

Kind regards!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

kromer 9:25 CI

Today, again, I have a busy day.

Scheduled:  Seminar 12:30-1:30, yg 5:30-8:30

I definitely need to:
*Run a gel, look at results (results not good, need to do more work)
*Deal w/ WM issue (working on this now)
*Do QC and basic processing for arrays
*Send antibody request, order new secondary antibody
*Figure out grading division
*Check on expts
*Call about girls' group.

I might be doing a western blot today. If I'm not, I also want to:
(not doing western blot today)
*Look at list of interesting genes (working on this now)
*Print all papers from AvO lab, read 3, send email to AvO
*Choose tumor samps for comp.

OK, I'm going to do QC/basic proc. now

Rexroth Check In

Up bath, wash hair, trim beard
Deal with emails
Email investigater regarding hospital complaint

Two letters and other admin bits regarding hospital complaint and file everything - this is priority
Make notes as to what to do next when I have more information
File everything away
Write journal
Write needs and wants
Phone two fellowship people
Check access to craft website and file craft papers
Put dry clothes away
Wash up and tidy up in kitchen
Cook supper and extra for freezer

Think what to do next...

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above except one phone call

Phone call

and whatever else which is not likely to be much


Lark @8:50am

Hi everyone. It looks like it's going to be a sunny day here, which is a rarity. It's also going to go above freezing. Yeah. It'll be a nice day combine errands and get some sunshine and fresh air. There's always stuff to do in the house and workshop, but nothing is pressing.
to do:
(X)morning things
run errands
(+) 1 go to bank
(+) 2 do laundry
3 get kerosene for workshop
(+) 4 get haircut
(+) 5 pick up dry cleaning
(+) 6 go to other bank
7 12 step meeting
8 get gasoline
cut trim board for house door
make a start on painting workshop wall (commit!)
check in again

cl daily overcoming

tx for the day starter, edge.

8:15 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs :)
8:25 10min ci :)
8:30 10min dailies
8:40 jd2sch :)
9:20 get gas :)
9:40 call md :)
10:30 call g :)
11:00 b stuff :)
11:45 misc work stuff :)
12:30 ?
1:20 30min quiet time
30min wko
15min rdy
10min work plan
work hard.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Edge's CI - 3:12pm

Hello :-)

It's already afternoon, have things to get started on.

x kitty litter
x pic up sis
- cover last week study material
- prepare for tomorrow classes
- study hiragana
x BH:l (pt1)
- shopping?
- prep tomorrow's to-do

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson