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Trip Down Under

Don't even have time to post in bookends right now, but I wanted to announce (especially to Milo) that my son got selected to be part of a People to People student trip to New Zealand and Australia this summer. It's a peace-making/international relationship-building and student leadership sort of thing; we'll learn more about it at an informational meeting October 1. It's an honor to be selected and means his teachers think quite highly of him. He's WAY excited!


What an achievement!!!!!


He's a smart kid, in the gifted and talented program--sometimes a little too big for his britches, with his parents, but generally polite and cooperative with teachers. He's taking dual-credit classes (count for both high school and college). The big challenge now will be coming up with funds, I'm sure. I've known kids before who have done this trip, and I think they have to come up with a couple of thousand dollars. So we'll likely be doing some fundraisers of some sort! Maybe he can find a small job that will work with his school schedule, too.