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Steve Irwin

Well, that was an accident waiting to happen. I'm amazed he stayed alive as long as he did.


I'm very sad. When somone is so full of life and they go young, it's horrible. He was such an optimistic, enthusiastic person - he made me smile. And he was like that all the time, on and off-camera.

I rarely get upset by celebrity deaths (after all, I don't know them), but this one shook me up a great deal... :(

I nearly drove into a tree when I heard it :shocked:


I just watched one of the early morning news shows to catch whatever footage they had on Steve Irwin. I have always adored wildlife shows and I always got such a kick out of Irwin's enthusiasm and vitality. I thought it was over the top sometimes--and I always figured that this is how he would go--but it's ironic that he wasn't agitating or pushing the boundaries this time, just snorkeling. What a shock for his family and close friends. And he was such an icon it must be hard on all Australians, even those who preferred to disassociate from him as a bit of an embarassment. In fact, it might be hard on them in a unique way. At any rate, it's sad when someone so full of life comes to an end, even when it's totally expected. In a way, it's a good death--he died doing what he loved doing, and without dwindling or lengthy suffering. He'll always be remembered in his prime!

Australian icon

He was, but he was bigger in the States!!!! I think in true Aussie fashion even those who were sometimes embarrassed by him are still sad because he was so real. Weird, a way-out guy being described as real, but he was a genuinly nice guy through and through. I had to hold back tears again this morning watching footage of him and hearing tributes. I would have sobbed had I not just done my makeup ;). I am angry that he was taken so soon when he had so much good left to do. And a little bit angry with him for not being more careful!!! And I think about his wife and kids. He was the same age as my DH. If I lost him I would just disintegrate - I feel for them.

I went to his zoo a couple of years ago - pretty cool place. I held that massive python of Terri's on my shoulders and around my (pregnant!) waist - her name was Rosie. Awesome!

Yeah, awesome!

If I ever went to Australia, I would have enjoyed meeting him at his zoo just to see what he's like in person. Won't happen now. I think the image of you with Rosie around your preggers belly is a kick! I quite enjoyed watching my baby hognose while he was here. I adore animals and I'm fascinated by their habits and the wild variety of their characteristics.

True, but sad

I liked watching him (except for the baby/crocodile incident), though I couldn't believe how nuts he was. I'm sorry to hear he died.

too bad, but totally expected

I'm not happy he's dead - it's always unfortunate when someone dies young. But given the way he lived his life, it was totally to be expected so I don't feel sorry for him, as I usually do when someone dies young. An early death was a natural consequence of how he chose to live his life. It's amazing he wasn't killed earlier.

I'm not criticizing his way of life, either, because he had fun. His friend said he was having a great time when he died. I wouldn't want to be married to a person like that, though - kind of guarantees single parenthood. The grief his widow and their children are experiencing was inevitable - just a matter of when.

Dangerous life

I agree with you that he led a dangerous life, but he would have argued that he was safer than your average Aussie (we have fatally dangerous animals in our backyards - lots of venomous things everywhere) because he knew the wildlife so well and could predict their behaviour. I guess he didn't read the 'ray as well as he should have, though :(

I would actually put my money on the fact that his family would not have expected him to die in that way, strangely enough.

watching danger

I never liked watching him because I don't like being scared, or being triggered into visualizing something disgusting happening. I don't go to horror movies, either.