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Friday January 22, 2010

Off to a pretty good start and almost made it to work on time. Yay!

Continuing with tasks from yesterday


  • Finish sending out forms
  • Call Mrs. H
  • Change doctor envelope
  • Look inside a squirreled-away box. Maybe even list contents & prioritize.
  • Get at least one incomplete record finished


OK. Breathe steadily and start with printing the first form.


potential energy 635


I am making my effort to check in.  Not sure how I got out of my routine of checking in-it went so well.

Please beware, if you do read on, the following content is laced with whining and complaining!

I am feeling like I am so overwhelmed with these reports for my job that I really feel sick and there is just no end.  I love the other parts of my job-more hands on.  But, I never was one for quickly getting thoughts down on paper.  I have been up at nights with the panic yet paralyzed type of feeling.  That feeling just fuels my not doing anything...  I have the feeling of fog and wish that I would just be fired so that I could do something less demanding...less stressful. 

This weekend, again, I am sending my family out so I can stay home and clear out another at least 10 hr. long pile of work.  It doesn't help that I also work on Saturdays-ugghhh

I really need to get away from this pace, or figure out a way to keep up with it while keeping my sanity.  The thing is that I  am now waking up at night in a panic and fog, then tired in the evening so I have to stop this cycle.  Last complaint -I have at least 20 small speaking obligations w/work during the next 2 mos. and I am sick to my stomach about that, too.  I meant to take some classes to deal w/ fear of public speaking but never did. 

Tonight-try to meditate, pray, relax, and make a concrete plan

OCz late / lame check in!

Haven't checked in almost all week... and I've missed it. So, here I am, checking in as I read yesterday that a lame check in is better than no check in... I totally agree Clement!

But, overall, I've had a great week.

Yet, there's something funny going on... my wife is out of town and I've been responsible for our daughter (1.5 yr) all week long... somehow it has energized me and I've had the most productive week in over a year. I've not only done almost all of my MITs for the week, I've performed with great quality... and this has helped me to stay motivated.

She'll be coming home tomorrow, I wish next week to be as productive as this one even when sharing the responsibility for our girl. I need to remember that I have responsabilities and that my inactionbrings consecuences both directly to me and the people around me


Now back to work as I have still about 20 minutes yet to be productive until I leave to pick up SS.

Have a great weekend and an excelent next week!

mj Fri ci

I haven't been checking in, and surprise! I haven't gotten much done. So, one day at a


high priority:

clean LR put down rug

help VH w storage

check online JC HR

take stuff to recycle


low priority:

change bed

one box

make dentist appt


Vic 1/22

 Show up (done) How did it get to be Friday?

Have basically been at a halt since last "work session" I need to "start" and not do anything else because other things "take time" and then I am out of time.

7pm- once I got out the door, I was able to acomplish.

Rise In Flames Check In @ 10:35 AM EST

As a consequence of yesterday's procrastination, I am now having to make up for lost time.

List is subject to revision, but two main goals for today at work:

1) Action OI
2) Status Report

CL daily overcoming

10:00 10min ci :)
10:05 10min catch up on this site :)
10:10 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs :)
10:10 30min quiet time (not as much stress abt it tdy)
60min wko
15min rdy
10min dailies
10min work plan
work hard

ck old

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Babarino CI

Hi all,

I have eight items on my list. I will post as I accomplish them.


12:00pm update

completed items 1,7 and 8. going to lunch.

kromer 9:45 CI

OK, yesterday I worked hard, but never checked in and so was kind of unfocused. So today I'm going to try to be more focused.

Scheduled: mtg 1-3, spend time w/ friend this evening (maybe 7:00 on?)

High priority:
*Place order
*Catch up on email/papers, email about data (have caught up w/ papers)
*1 hr work on lab mtg presentation (doing a little bit of work on this now, then I'll have lunch and do a little more)
*Check on expts
*Look at slides

Medium priority:
*Clean up problem set problem
*Plan for RT
*Run WM jobs
*Figure out why cells dying

Low priority:

*Read about HPLC

OK, taking care of order now. 

kromer 4:55 CI

OK, I'm having serious issues with concentration today. Keep surfing the web, not sure why.

I need to leave in an hour.  I'm going to do some limited tasks in this time (dissolve primers, do 30 min work on lab mtg pres, try to figure out why my cells keep dying)

Heading to chatbox to talk my way through this. 

Journey 9:15 & updates

Yesterday was a very successful day and I feel optimistic about today too!  Thanks for being here you guys!  Group hug (((((everyone)))))

I have been to the gym, checked email and calendar, and I'm making my todo list now while having my cereal and coffee. 


UPDATE 11:00  finished up the task I was working on yesterday afternoon before making todo list for the day.   It felt good to jump right in, as I'm usually a slow starter.   Now I'm making my list and schedule for the rest of the day.  I have a conference call in 5 minutes but it's one I can multi-task through. 

UPDATE 1:45  attended the meeting which ran a bit long then went out to lunch with friends, which was very nice.   Now I'm going to work on paperwork stuff for my on-call duties next week.

UPDATE 2:30 .  . and, I still haven't started on the paperwork although I did get out the list of things I need to do and stare at it for a while.   Checking in here to get back on track!  I don't want to do this paperwork, and I'm nervous about decisions that need to be made before the paperwork can be filed.  But it has to be done, and if I am not sure I can ask for help.   I won't like asking for help, but I can do it.  Here goes!

UPDATE 5:40  I made a good start on the paperwork and will finish it up Monday.   It doesn't technically have to be finished until Tuesday afternoon, but I want to have it all done by Monday at noon.  I did have to ask for a little help with one of the decisions and it did not kill me to do so.  Headed home from work now, no chores tonight, it's Friday!



Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

Rexroth Check In

Today I need to be in to be available in case my solicitor needs to contact me over a deal with might go through today.

I am powerless as to whether it happens or not and need simply to hand it over and let it be.

So otherwise to do:
wash up
washing machine on and after hang up clothes
needs and wants list
take it easy

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Done above and nothing from solicitor which probably means that the deal did not go through but I don't know that.

and so to bed

Night Folks


ikhyf abt powerless & hand it over

this is my life, at least parts of my day, nearly every day. step 1, 2, 3. i feel like: If god doesnt save me, i wont be saved.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb