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Can I scream here?

Just wondering where on the forum I'm allowed to post my frustrations??!!!

I'm tired now, so I'm not in the major screaming mood, but I was recently and didn't know where to put it.


Right now, I'm just feeling defeated.


I have this insanely long to-do list that just gets longer and longer. I really don't know what to do about it. I just can't keep up. I feel like if I could hire like two or three assistants MAYBE it could get done. But I'm poor, and can't afford them. But part of what keeps me poor is the fact that I can't get enough stuff done on my to-do list!!



Yes, yes you CAN scream

Yes, yes you CAN scream here *hugs* and I would think this was the correct forum in which to do it... and now we have a dedicated screaming thread for those need-to-scream moments (I can't believe we didn't have one before - excuse me while I join you, actually... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! :) )

Depending just how broke you are (and I know how broke we can get... I'll be off for my lunch of economy cornflakes in a minute!) it might be worth seeing if you can find an assistant who's willing to start with low hours/low salary, with a promise of more once she/he has helped you get more money coming in. Or hire someone who only wants very part-time work, then switch to someone who wants full-time work once you can afford them.

Oh, wait! You're based in the US, I see, so I can't come round your house, but I am a PA/secretary with professional copywriting and editing experience and a few other skills that might be helpful depending on what your line is. Want a virtual assistant for say, 10hrs a week? *hugs*

Hi Prosick :) I felt similarly

Hi Prosick :) I felt similarly a while back and what I've found helps me is to stop and really notice what I did accomplish.  Then I make sure to give myself credit for that.  Also routine is a godsend.  1) It's calming 2) It provides structure 3) It helps me to manage time and prevent time bingeing  3) It has a stress-reducing effect  4) It gives me a sense of closing one day and beginning the next with a fresh start (otherwise it feels like one long endless day where you didn't get anything done with the to-do list growing by the minute! yikes!) 5) the routine tasks, like reading before bed, meditating in the morning, sleeping by 10... serve as built-in *reset* periods and brings me to the present.

Hang in there and scream as much as you need :)


@ LifeiRecognize


Thanks for the reply!

It does help sometimes to realize what I have accomplished. I used to keep a list every day of just what I accomplished. Was nice but didn't keep up with it so well. Using the check-in board on here helps see a little what I have gotten done. Stll feeling way overwhelmed with the gazillion and one things I have left to do though.

The routine thing is one I've heard of a lot. Problem is, I have a HORRIBLE time making one of those. Since I don't work a regular 9-5 job, I have next to no structure. I can't even get my body to cooperate in going to bed and getting up at normal times. It's really really frustrating!!

Part of it has to do with the fact that my mind doesn't want to rest if I don't get more tasks completed and get to a stopping point that my mind is happy with. This is a big problem and is where the 'time limiting' thing doesn't really work for me. If I cut myself off and tell myself to go to bed, then I just lay in bed with my mind racing about what needs to be done and I cannot fall asleep for hours!!! Usually results in me getting back up to do tasks. Sometimes I just end up staying up trying to complete tasks until my body starts literally falling asleep at keyboard. Only then will my body not care that tasks are left uncompleted. Of course all this results in me not going to bed until all odd hours in the morning... *ugh*