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Mama_Cat's Cleaning Spree!!!!!

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OK, so - for Xmas, I promised the hubby 1 hour of housecleaning, M-F, for the next three weeks.

Yesterday was the first day, and I:

* Cleaned out the fridge

* Cleared out condiments

* Emptied garbage twice (DUE to fridge clean out)

* And put groceries away

YAAAAYYYYY ME! (I'll have to be a celebratory graphic in there later!) ;-)

So, today I am spending more time on the kitchen.

The next 20 mins, to be exact.

I will:

* Scoop cat litter

* Continue emptying out condiment jars

*Start organizing dishes for easy washing

* Check-in for next phase of cleaning! 

Thanks for listening! :-)


Yay for you!  What a

Yay for you!  What a wonderful Christmas present!