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Lucky's list that took about 2 hours to make!

I've been feeling daunted by everything I have to do this week, so I made a list and gave everything a day and (rough) time.  Suddenly looks quite manageable! Obviously I'll want to do my routine tasks around these as well, but I'm not going to sweat it if they don't all get done.


AM - Up by 6.30
Pack food for work, water bottle, bike lock and lights, gloves, waterproof, hand warmers, cycling clothes
Change trains at Staines, buy bible if it's still there

Borrow bike
Contact man in Cornwall re postponing holiday
Contact BT
Check bank account re standing order to Past Due Credit
Contact Past Due Credit

Visit E&N for cooking and cleaning
Pack towel
All rubbish out


AM - First bike ride to work! Up by 5.30 (better safe than sorry!)

Make sure C's present has arrived and pack it to bring home
Contact P re lift to the airport (what time??)
Rejig annual leave and contact ppl re lifts in Jan/dog stuff
Check where to get 3 copies of 'The Lady'!! (Online?)
Let J know cost and ask where to send them

General tidy
Washing up
Set up Doctor Who to record :)
Fill bird feeder
New Year/Blue Moon meditation


Stuff to attic (and my clothes down!)
Rat cage


Call counsellor 10.10 am - remember to discuss money
Check if we have cake ingredients
To Windsor - cake stuff and berry multivits, 3x 'The Lady'
Find gloves and hand warmers
Wash gloves
Bake cake
Wrap presents (inc dog presents!), write card
Floors (including C's carpet)


Decorate cake
Final clean and tidy
Make sure there is no post left in post box!
Pack cycling clothes, gloves, hand warmers, lock, lights, hi-visibility vest (+waterproof?)