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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday !
"There's no time to lose
I heard her say ...
Catch your dreams
before they slip away"

-- Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones

Tiptree CI

next 24 hours:

- thumbnail enhancement implemented
- user pref changes testable
- file papers
- clean office
- fix toilet
- email L. and G.
- data munge for T.
- meeting
- mop 1st floor
- laundry
- anon. feature - work on proto.
- read 25 pp. B
- watch JD
- exercise
- cull 5 items



Need to bookend last task.

Be back soon...hopefully real soon!

Completed last task...hard but glad to get it done! Thanks hp

getting closer

Well, tonight is the last night of a class I've been teaching, and really struggling with.  So let me bookend:  I am going to answer's E's email about the class and a paper she wrote.


Well, I accomplished that email.  Wow.  I haven't been able to move on this for a while now, so this step feels good.

OCz 08dic09 Yesterday don't matter if it's gone

I really love this song... made me go find the lyrics.

Yesterday was a crappy day, not because I was with SS because that part was great, but because I didn't accomplished much. anyway, I guess as the song goes, it doesn't matter it it's gone.

A friend of mine passed away last friday. We buried him on suday. And his departure got me into thinking about just how short life is, and made me realize how bad I am spending my life. I also had another talk with my wife; I now understand what is wrong within our relationship... which is good, since I now have a chance to work in the right direction... but it's hard because It goes against my personality.

A lot of stuff going on with my life. But I keep positive about it: things can still go bad, they can even get worse, but I am now aware of a lot of things I need to change in my life, in my behaviours. I have come to the conclusion that I don't like the person I am. I'm hurting the people around me, and it's not just the procrastination, or the clutter or the lack of clear vision about my life. It's way deeper.

So, today, I don't want to think about my dreams, I don't even want to think in terms of goals or accomplishments. I would like to concentrate on thinking, on defining the kind of person I want to be and the kind of life that I want to live. I am confident that if I am the right person, goodthings will happen as a result... not the other way 'round.

I'm sorry to post it here... but I guess that's what you get from such a good threadstarter!

Have an excelent week! have a great life!



Thank you for putting it out there

Thanks for your honest post, and your deep look at change.  It is a tribute to your friend, and a real help to others.



Sorry to hear of your loss OCz

Thanks for your honesty..I can relate. I feel positive from reading the rest of your share

Miracles happen one day at a time!!


♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

OCz 08-11dic09 MIT/MUT

  1. a minute to talk to God
  2. @W
    1. request tps
    2. change po from cavc
    3. email pg to RL
    4. review contract expiration
    5. create POs for 2010
  3. @H
    1. get home early
    2. Take SS to Doc
    3. declutter
  4. @PSA
    1. define website design
  5. @GAP
    1. ask about rtrt review

Hi all, checking in

I emailed my prospective new employer about the 2nd interview. I decided to stay positive until I hear bad news and hopefully be able to speak with him if it is bad news.

Anyway, I have a confusing project to accomplish. There were lots of signed paperwork back and forth with this new office and I have to match them all up for my boss. Worried.

Have so much on backlog, I'll just try the above first.

Great day, all,


♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Journey 11 am & update

Thanks for the great thread starter Moving!

Well, I'm a bit late checking in, but I've been working.  I'm working from home today, and it's a dreary rainy day which makes it hard to focus.   I'm playing some music, hope that will help.

I went to the gym this morning, and had a meeting with the boss about the lost paperwork that I recreated for him.   I made some nice smoothies for a late breakfast and now I need to update the paperwork based on what we discussed at the meeting.  I do not want to do this, but I might as well get it out of the way sigh.

After that, I'm getting back to Project P which I think I can finish today.   I don't really need to make a todo list today but I need to review it anyway before it gets too out of date to be useful.  So, paperwork, todo list review, then work on Project P until it's done or until the end of the work day, whichever comes first.  

I'll check back when I'm done with the stupid paperwork. 


UPDATE 5:15 pm woo hoo I FINISHED Project P!

Now I'll work on Project V for a few mins then call it a day.


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Vic 12/8

Show up (done)

My first thought  eating at the Ruby Tuesday's !!!

Neil Fiore: The Now Habit:

three-dimensional thinking : consider any of the places to start, don't limit yourself to one right place; permit yourself time along the way to learn, build confidence, and ask for help don't be critical that you're only   starting when you "should be finished."    

12.8.09 ci Babarino

Need this group to help me stay focused.


Will make list then check back.

It would take me too long to put everything on my list here. I am just going to work from my paper list and post as I finish items.

1. project 2-send email (done)

kromer 9:15 CI

OK, today is a busy day.

I need to:
*Do sequencing
*Do EdU proposal (not clear that this will happen today, b/c it turns out I have to do some sequencing today that will eat up a lot of time)
*Finish organizing papers (I made good progress on this, but I don't think I'll be able to finish it all up)
*Ask about sequencing and sections
*Do 1/2 problem from take-home final
*Work 20 min on Xmas list, order at least one present (will do this soon)
*Harambee planning/emails (will do this next)
*Do laundry (have started this)
*Take care of mice
*Make a schedule for the week
*Read 2 papers and send DP an email about them (have started on this, working on it now)
*Go to lab mtg and cell cycle club
*Notes from yesterday's mtg, deacon mtg (will do this after organizing)

OK, that might be impossible, but I'll do the best I can. Right now, I'm going to try to ask about sequencing and BrdU injections, then I'll make a schedule for the week and work on organizing, then I'll take notes from yesterday's mtg.



Exercise Kiss

old orc pts,ba,pj, Kiss

camera Kiss

bgls Smile

Bank Innocent

call Ml,MM

Appts, JL,KL,JL

dinner Innocent

Meet LALaughing

Carpool Innocent

Do for BL,KL,Jl          Had pretty productive day. Will complete unfinished goals on tomorrow .

ask HP for help. 

Movingalong Tuesday hope

Hello all !

Today's theme is the lyrics from
the song "Ruby Tuesday".

Time to stop procrastinating on my dreams.

I'll start with something simple, like getting the garbage ready for the trash collection truck.

Then I'll move on to looking at my "visions notebook" and picking one task to work on today that will bring me closer to my dream.

-- movingalong