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Monday, December 7th, 2009

I know I'm in the minority here, but I love Mondays - a whole new week that I haven't screwed up yet!!

Gwen D: CI Happy Monday.... 7:32 PM - 3:13 AM

3:13 AM UPDATE: Well. I binged, I guess. Try not to feel too fantastic about yourself. Though it was nice to have the quiet hours to concentrate. Got what needed to be done, done. Ran into an obstacle for the glorious result, so everything is normal (just what was expected, nothing more) despite my typical "superhero" methods. Going to sleep now, and I feel better than if I hadn't done anything. I'm going to say, "Well done."

12:09 AM UPDATE: As always, this is real work. I did something, and I learned. But I really want to finish phase 1 and keep going and do phase 2 immediately while it's still fresh. Though, it's midnight. I'll set a timer for 45 minutes then if everything is blurry, I'll chalk this up to time bingeing. And I'll start fresh in the a.m.

7:34 PM ORIG: I am a late bug.

It's my procrastination tendency, as enabled by my solitary life. Among other enabling things I've so conveniently arranged for myself.

I work at home on Mondays. What that means is it's 7:34 and I have to do something now before the day ends. Or at least before tomorrow's workday totally begins (say, 9:30 am for me)




I have 4 hours before I probably go brain dead. Maybe a little longer.

_X_ open program and assess where you are

_X_ finish version 1 (the simple version, based on what we had before)

_X_ put together "User" list (of just your own addresses)

_X_ test if you can create email you need to make

_X_ complete as different "users" and get some data in there

_X_ make more adjustments to version 1

_X_ put together "real" user list (of insider testers) 



_X_ try making/finishing your version 2 (this one based on what you know about best practices) 

_X_ send to yourself again as before and test


__ make adjustments to this "perfect/better" version (be aware of perfectionist danger zone stuff and just keep going)

__ decide whether yours is that much better than the normal one.

__ go to sleep

__wake up at 7am

__ finish last bits in the a.m.

__ send to bigger list for testing-- one version, or both versions, as you see fit or possible.


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

and thanks PA'rs

for the forum and the accountability. I really couldn't have done it without you here. Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

checkin In


follow up y assignment didnt get sent,

resubmit last assess,

make 5 c calls,

dwnld software for ames,

stretch and hydrate 4 training. 



Not doing too well. Called in sick AGAIN. Haven't heard back for my possible 2nd interview for the dog walking position...I'm calmer though, and grateful for that.

I've watched movies all day. For some reason I think I should be a lady of leisure, not have to work, or work when I'd like and to be able to enjoy my new apartment. Everyone else works, but I think I shouldn't have to. Maybe I was a rich in a previous life. Well in this life, that ain't happening...

I fear the possible future employer changed his mind about me. Anyway, I interviewed last Wednesday, so I will give it another day to see if I hear from him.

Have a great day!!
♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

check-in after previous writing

Well, I got back on my "dog" and answered a few craisglist job ads (2 other dog walking positions) and called a possible waitress position in my neighborhood. I still feel sad to have not heard back about the 2nd interview, but I have to keep taking actions for my sanity.

Anyway, now I will cook, which I like to do.

Really hate myself today...

Thanks for listening,

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

checking in

hello all,

 I love the monday picture and thought!  I think I will make showing up on this page my current goal. Done.

Hi Peaceit!!


♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Thank you!

Just saw this - thank you hope4meandu!

kromer 2:30 CI

OK, class and meetings and running around this morning, now I can finally settle down and work.

*Notes from mtg
*Organize, make a schedule for the week.
*Look at sections
*Ask about sequencing
*1/2 problem from stats final
*microburst xmas list
*Take out trash

Other tasks:
*Email about HPLC
*Ask about BrdU
*Read about cells

*Square dancing

OK, I'm going to go get a soda, then I'm going to do organizing and take notes from mtg (will probably take an hour or two, and that's OK). Then I'll ask about sequencing. If stats final is posted by then, I'll do the 1/2 problem. 

Hope-Faith CI 1:05

SmileGood Afternoon -- Little late getting my plans for the week together but they are done.

SmileCompleted Frown DNA Did not attempt Wink Attempted but did not complete


Task  T  T  S
 Swish & Swipe Frown            
 Dishwasher Smile            
 Reboot Smile             
 Coffee/e-mail Wink            


Task  M  T  W  Task  M  T  F
PPT2 Smile          PPT4 Smile         
Plan2 Smile          Email4 Smile         
Email2 Smile          Game4 Smile         
Grades2 Smile          Plan4 Smile         
PPT3 Smile          Grades4 Smile        
Email3 Smile         0degrees  Frown         
Game3 Smile          Desk Smile         
Plan3 Smile         Organize Games Smile         




Action Check off 
Decorate Staircase  
Computer Hutch  


House Pics  
Prime Wall in DS's Room  
Hang Wall Paper in DS Room  
Paint DS Desk  
Hem Pants  


Task  M  T  F  S  S

15 min clothes organization/30

BS 5 a day              
15 min taxes              
Fold and Put Away              
Load & Wipe              
Clothes Next Day              
Christmas Ornaments              
Shopping List              



Journey 10:30 & update

Happy Monday morning everyone!

I have two projects I need to finish by the end of the year - one is the easy but horribly tedious Project P.  I had ALMOST finished that project when my hard drive crashed - twice - and I lost some notes but it won't be too hard to pick back up again.  All my official documentation was on the server so that hasn't been lost.  I had backed up everything on Nov. 10 so although it's annoying, it's ok. 

The second project is the huge and challenging Project V, but fortunately it has already been extended to next year because my boss decided to add something to this project rather than making a new project.   So although I still need to finish the part I committed to, it's not a major malfunction if I don't. 

I think I'll try to finish up Project P and get it out of the way.  I'll work on it today for as long as I can stand it, then switch over to Project V.   I'll continue working on Project V until the end of the year.  

My coworker volunteered to take over Project O next year as I had too much stuff on my list, so I need to get that project in to turnover state, but otherwise I think it will be all Project V all the time until the end of the year. 

I had gotten out of the habit of checking in here every day when I was having computer problems and working non-stop Thanksgiving week, but all that is over and I'm sliding back into procrastination mode this morning, so stopping that right now and getting the todo list done. 

So far today, I've been to the gym, checked email and calendar and spent an hour or so looking for some paperwork because the boss lost his copy.  Unfortunately, I can't find a copy either so I gotta recreate it.  *sigh*  I'm gonna do that first, then make a todo list for the rest of the day.  

Have a great Monday everyone

Update 3:15 Recreated the paperwork.  Now I'm working on Project P - redoing some stuff that I lost in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2009.  Fortunately, this is not too hard to recreate, although it's still frustrating. 


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

OCz working from home

Hi, I'm not used to work from home, although I'd love to do it more often) but today SS woke up a bit sick.... not to worry but just enough to prevent her to be addmitted at school.

So, I must figure out how to babysit while I make a good rpgress at work.

Have a nice week everyone!

And Lucky, Mondays are great! 

Happy Monday


Today's Goals

Bedrooms Kiss

Laundry Kiss

Appt. Kt/me KissFrown

Decortions Kiss

Kitchen Kiss

Store Kiss

Will appt Embarassed

call Elly Kiss

Email Kiss

Int. Do for bily

Ask for help HP. Grat

Check in at 12noon   Thanks HP

Agnus checking in, 11:25 folo, 2:30

Good Monday morning, and thanks for the cheery starter, Lucky!  Today I have several tasks to prepare for a week-long trip tomorrow - part biz, part vcaca and family Christmas visit.  I'm still trying to decide whether to decorate today or wait until we return. Dec 15 seems late to put up Christmas decorations. But who am I kidding - Some years I never got it done at all!  :rolleyes:

  • Breakfast and clean up kitchen
  • Call about J's meds
  • Medicate the cat (kitty valerian to prepare hiz honor for our being gone)
  • ADDED: laundry, trash and recycles (J is too sick today to do better this afternoon, YAY!))
  • Medicate the dog (eye infection)
  • Call the housesitter to make sure she is ok with needing to medicate TJ
  • Dinner reservations at the fancy place on trip
  • AH research
  • AH conf call at 430
  • print housesitter instrux
  • Wash bay windows
  • Wrap and pack presents for the trip
  • Haircut 5pm-ish
  • Ask A for a ride to airport
  • Pedicure (if time)  not gonna happen today
  • Remind J to take dog to vet
  • ppt for trip
  • Pack clothes, gifts, cards and food
  • Pick up J's meds
  • Pack B plus J's snacks and meds accessible
  • Chair Alanon tonight 7pm - my first time so a bit nervous; important o give myself time to get there and relax a few minutes first.
  • Bathe the dog
  • Set alarm for 4a.m., pack car
  • Change bedding, linens and set out key and instrux for housesitter

Looking at this ist I realize this is impossible. But with my Higher Power's help I will do the best I can, and resist the beginning of any procrastination traps that appear along the way.  Thanks for being here, PA-pals!

11:25am - I am so anxious that I am wandering around the house doing busy work and getting physically ill. I prayed on knees once, going to go sit/pray/write for awhile. That might be foolish given how much I need to do today, but it's definitely not productive to keep moving anxiously nowhere in particular all day.

CI - Mon

Today my goals are

- Begin NF App - 9:30- 11a
- Produce B Tix - 11a- 1p
- lunch -
- f/u w/ G Mtg (consult w/ H) 2p- 3p
- Begin RFH Initiatives - 3-5p

I am a Pro Addict. I abuse the internet as a result. I will log-on to CI once again at lunch and check prog. Other than that I need to refrain from the web. It is my vice.


Rexroth todo

Thanks for starting the thread Luckey I love the d..... can't spell them but dogs will do. I've been ill for the last two days and have done very little apart from surviving and making a mess so...


Up dress wash start tidying
Two orders on web - one of which I had been putting off for years
Some cooking - I'm fed up with snacking and it's not good for me
Washed up mess from last two days
Checked dates for medical appointments and checked healing scar

Read through CBT psychological treatment notes and journal and start account for meeting with psychologist next week
Finish up cooking
Email brother

That's all I feel happy committing to at the moment


Done and todo

I've done the above and need to write more for the meeting with the psycholgist which is, I have just discovered, the week after next. I find it easier to read than to write.

Also I need to tidy up the mess I have made with today's cooking


Vic 12/7

Show up (done)

Wasn't feeling well, so went to bed early yesterday, today, I "feel" like I had shut down. There were many other factors happening so I am not sure if I went to bed early and not feeling well was an exxcuse? It just feels like I binged or picked up or something. But today is a new day and I try to live one day at a time. PS the truth is, I want to keep doing it.

ck in Action-simple but not easy. with the cla action line , I was rescued and I started. I realized I was not wanting to start because everyone made a big mess and expect me to clean up after them, but it is done, now to keep up the momemtum.