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Wednesday December 9, 2009

It a time for all of us to step up and assume responsibility for effecting a shift in consciousness and commitment. Since the beginning of his campaign, Obama has repeatedly emphasized one thing: it was and is not about him. It's about us. The chant is not "Yes He Can" but "Yes We Can." By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Yes we can! JulesK CI


Thanks for the good start today!

Doing little bits, but getting started at any rate.



CI 12.9.09 Babarino

Good morning all,

Just listing things I finish or make progress on off of my master list

1.  Read article

2. conference call and email

3. read update

4. had meeting

5. set dates on calendar

6. sent email re meeting

7. proofread


kromer 9:40 CI

Yesterday, I got through a decent amount of work, but not everything I should have. So there are a number of things that I absolutely must get done this morning.

Should have gotten done yesterday...
*Harambee emails/planning
*Email DP about paper
*Deacon notes
*Email about seminar

MITs for today:
*Rough draft of EdU proposal
*1 problem from stats final (have made good progress on this)
*Work on xmas list, order 4 presents
*Plan RA biosensor test

*budgeting/est taxes

Other tasks
*Look at/analyze sequencing results
*Finish organizing papers
*Resuspend primers
*Look into HPLC 

*clean bathroom (working on this now)
*Notes from mtg w/ David and Dirk

OK, going to send email to DP about paper, then I'm going email about seminar, then plan Harambee, then type up and send out deacon notes. 

Journey 9:45 doing the happy dance

Good morning!  I am happy because I did everything I said I would do in yesterday's post.   I've been working on this for a long time, learning to make a DOABLE todo list and then finish it.    I still don't succeed most days but I'm getting better :P

I FINISHED PROJECT P YESTERDAY!  Those of you who  have been around for a while have listened to me bitch and moan about this miserable task for 6 months.  I had the whole year to do it, but I didn't start on it til June (big surprise).   But I am finally done with it, documentation and all.

Now I have the rest of the year to work on Project V.

I have not made my todo list yet, but I've exercised, read email, checked my calendar, and had another convo with the boss about that stupid paperwork.  I'm done with it for today, will need to do some follow up on Thursday when I am physically in the office.  Oh yeah, and I also made some nice healthy fruit smoothies for myself and my daughter.

Now, I am going to make my todo list, plan my schedule for the day, and then get cleaned up and put some pumpkin muffins in the oven.   I'm still hungry!



How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Please put your screen name in your check in post

Welcome to all the new folks!  It's great to see you guys posting and interacting, but I have one little request - please put your name in your check in posts so we know who is posting - and so you can find your own posts. 

Thanks, and again welcome!


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Morning Check in

 Rlx Innocent

Call JGal Innocent

Email tut Innocent

Shw Innocent

bkf Innocent Completed all morning task. Yes I can. Thanks HP

pick up kq Kiss

Project for Will Kiss

Ask HP for Help Innocent

Thanks for starting us out.


OCz 09dic09

Good morning everyone! 

Interesting conversation Lucky... would be funny if I didn't had those kind of conversations myself. 

I will be at a meeting the whole morning so it's a good moment to check in.

  1. a minute to talk to God! 
  2. change PO for HP
  3. create PO for CaVc
  4. attend meeting 8.30-13.00
  5. deliver Pp
  6. review bgt/exps
Thank you all for being here


Lucky CI

Love the threadstarter! I was just about to post a 'Happy Wednesday' with this image... you want to KNOW how long it took me to find a picture of her smiling?


I do NOT take any responsibility for whatever she's smiling AT... :D

I had the following conversation between me and me today, which might amuse you. I'm 'playing at' being two different people for therapeutic purposes, on the basis that since I'm generally horrible to myself and helpful to everyone else, if I pretend I AM someone else, that might help. I've also got them an lj, though I haven't written in it yet. Here we have 'Beatrix' helping 'Beata' with her workpile.

Apologies for them being incredibly dorky about 'The Sound of Music' at one point and also just... being two of me talking to each other, really. :D

Beata: Can we start this now? I should have done a big introductory post about my aims and problems and so on, and I probably will do later, but right now I’m staring down a large pile of work and need help starting. I have a huge pile of contracts to work on and I feel really brain-fuzzed about them. Even though I’ve been working with contracts for 2 years, I feel like I can’t think straight enough to understand the process. Plus I’ve got a lot of other stuff that’s getting piled up while I fail to deal with the contracts. I don’t know where to start and every time I make a plan I fail to stick to it and it depresses me more. 

Beatrix: Okay, why don’t you start by telling me what you have to do and we’ll go from there. 

Beata: Thank you :) I made a list of the categories of work I have to do – I’ve got it around here somewhere.. . okay, no I haven’t but I think it was: 

(list cut for irrelevance) 

 So my challenge is to work through my backlogs in the order I’ve written while staying on top of my current stuff. I’m really not managing it! I’m tempted to spend ages making yet another pretty timetable that I then won’t follow, but I don’t trust myself to follow it. 

Beatrix: Why do you think you make timetables and then don’t follow them? 

Beata: Okay, I do need to work so I’m going to give you a whirlwind tour of the inside of my brain. I make timetables because it’s good time management and I want the security of knowing exactly what I have to be doing when, without having to think about it and without having 10 things all screaming ‘DO ME I’M URGENT’ at me simultaneously. 

Beatrix: (sniggers) 

Beata: Um, yeah. And then I rebel against the timetables because I feel like I’m being bossed around and having my freedom taken away. 

Beatrix: Even though you made the timetables. 

Beata: I know, it’s stupid. Can we please talk about work because I’m just so worried about time. (Pause) I’m well aware that I’m thrashing because I have a mental block here and we should come back to this. Just not now please. (Pause) I’m listening to myself and I obviously really want to be parented, but also really don’t want to be parented. 

Beatrix: Well, as a 32-year-old woman, I’m not surprised you don’t want to be parented! (Pause) I’m trying to find a way of saying I won’t parent you that isn’t (Maria von Trapp voice) ‘We’ll just be good friends.’ 

Beata: Yeah, because look how THAT turned out. (both crack up) Anyway, work. 

Beatrix: Yes, tell me what you have to do with the contracts. 

Beata: (long explanation cut for longness)

Beatrix: Okay, so you actually do know what you have to do, you’re just freaked out because it’s a lot! 

Beata: You think!!

Beatrix: Okay, so it’s a lot, so it’s going to take you a long time. That’s okay! Nobody is going to fire you! Let’s finalise the bible changes first and then have a look at where we’re at. Also, I suggest  you buy yourself some sweets. 

Beata: No money. 

Beatrix: Bollocks. You’ve got 50p. Buy some sweets and have one each time you do one bible change. I’m not handing you the sweets because I’m not parenting you. You’re handing yourself the **** sweets. Putting a spoonful of sugar in the job is a perfectly adult thing to do. 

Beata: Oh, you’ve twisted my arm. I’ll be right back with skittles.


That's funny but so true for me too!

How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Vic 12/9

Showing up (done)

Got more "we " contact with the cla group., is helping break the resistance.