Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday December 4th, 2009

Two of these struck me today! :D

I am no longer controlled by my fears. I overcome my fears and act with courage, integrity, and dignity.

We surrender, one day at a time, our whole life strategy of, and our obsession with, the pursuit of avoidant behaviors that deter us from our highest good.


What great quotes!  I really like the surrender one in particular, because it speaks to change.  I used to be a compulsive eater, and now I'm not - I want to remember that that same level of change can happen, over time and gently, with procrastination in my life.

i am really struggling today.  i feel very visibly, publicly behind on tasks for a class I'm teaching. I would like to do something differetn about it today - for the past few days I've been making out to do lists, defining small steps, then not doing anything. 

so, right now, I commit to one step:  opening up a student's paper on the computer. that's all. then I'll bookend the end of that.


I opened up the student's paper.

Rexroth todo today

Not a good day so far. I feel unwell and am messing about on the computer so...

Show up
Deal with post and emails
Tidy up a little

Finish tidying up
Wash up and put the rubbish out

I think that is all I can manage


Done and now for bed Rexroth

Done and now for bed


Except I am still up and

Except I am still up and looking at the computer

kromer 11 CI

Very frustrated with a lot of my work, having lots of technical problems.

So far I've gone grocery shopping and started a reaction VERY carefully to try and avoid tech problems.

In the rest of the day I want to:
*Run gel
*Clean up bench
*Read article on HPLC
*Lunch, mtg, seminar w/ visiting scientists
*Youth group (inc. planning mtg and cooking)
*2 hrs on hw
*CAREFULLY dissolve primers

OK, working for about 20 min on cleaning, then Ill go to mtg and lunch w/ visting scientist, then I'll run gel and dissolve primers. 

Falcon CI Friday

Hi pro buddies,

Nice thought in the starter about surrendering.  Not being religious, I don't personally find it helpful to think in terms of surrendering TO God or whoever/whatever.  But I like the idea of "surrender" in the sense of "let go of", which is what the quote suggests to me.  (ex. "Surrender your weapons!")  Surrendering my avoidant strategies in that sense makes a lot of sense to me.

I'm taking today off to get a few things done and get a much-needed break from work.  I went to class this morning, and have just finished breakfast & caught up on email.  Stuff to do:

  • Shower & get dressed -DONE
  • Take a walk while the sun is still out (supposed to cloud up later) - DONE
  • Check ingredients for candy - DONE
  • Go to bank - DONE
  • Buy candy ingredients - DONE
  • Buy new litter box for cat - DONE
  • Dispose of old litter box - DONE
  • Quick tidy up
  • Try candy recipe

That ought to be enough to keep me out of trouble for the day.  Wink


Edited to add: I think I may change my plans slightly.  It's still early in the day, and I'd like to get some shopping done today when it will be less crowded than the weekend.  I think I'll still have time for the other things on my list.



Falcon Fri. CO

Didn't finish everything on my list, but that's o.k.  I got some other shopping done that I needed to do - better today than over the weekend when it will be more crowded.

Heading for bed. . . good night!


OCz 04dic09 ci

Had such a mental block during all day yesterday that I don't think I can do worse, so I'm confident today will be a better day (even if not at my best)!

Have a great day everyone!

  1. TGIF
  2. show up!
  3. had breakfast
  4. Attent VC tests @8.30
  5. Do daily SL routine (day 4)
  6. finish YE review -> doing it now!
  7. review vendor payments
  8. ... lets see how the day goes: lower my self expectations on how much I can take/finish

Lark at 9:50, Trying to follow through

Hi everyone. I've easily began many things this week, but I'm having alot of trouble finishing some. I can see before me lots of things I'd like to start on, while those things already "apart" really turn me off. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please share. Thank you.

domestic things for morning
(X)open business
kitty box
do load of laundry (I easily sorted earlier)
install storm windows (They're ready, like the laundry)
vacuum house (The sweeper is out and ready like the above stuff!)
Do the main task for work today
check in later

tks for the starter

tks for the starter clement


it could not be more apt...

Vic 12/4

Show up (done)


Next level Human contact at cla phone meeting

Show up (done)

7;40 CK IN I connected with a cla person and got some actions done that I was putting off. We did more talking than taking actions but it was good to connect and to laugh. They have an action line where people work together and check in every 10-15 minutes. I was not willing to do this before, and I did not want to feel like a failure, but it seems to be the next step for me.Progress not  perfection.

chick CI

keeping on doing stuff

t x

e x 



CL daily overcoming

bookend making day starter 8:39 .. 8:56 (17min) that seems long, but not outlandish. very happy to help pa in this way, but, i am conscious of the time.

8:30 20min pa day starter :)
8:40 10min ci :)
8:50 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs :)
9:00 30min quiet time
9:30 60min wko
10:30 15min rdy
10:45 10min dailies
10:55 10min work plan
12:05 60min hang
1:05 work hard.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb