Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I've just subjected myself to another multi-hour bout of internet surfing

I made a some progress on wading into my largish pile of papers on my desk...about 12 hours ago.  Since then I've been mostly surfing around, watching videos.  I'm supposed to get up tomorrow at about 6:30a (3.5 hours).  I still have some papers laying around and I missed having fun with friends last night.  Nothing is specifically due tomorrow or especially urgent.  I just had planned on dealing with all my papers and promised myself I would get back to nothing in my inbox.

I really hate this.  While I'm procrastinating I'm frequently aware that I'm doing it but I can't stop myself.  I put it off till after the next link or video... If I'm not online then it's reading a book or magazine in my house that I wouldn't be interested in if I weren't procrastinating.  And I know that I'm doing it as it's happening.  

This is such a chronic behavior!  I'd kill myself but I'd probably never get around to that either!

So now I'm just going to stay up and attempt to finish.


Hi H.Perfecto

Ok, you had a rough night, but you reached out and I can certainly relate to what you wrote.  I find that sometimes the hardest thing is forgiving yourself for whatever it is you're beating yourself up about (and it usually goes deeper than that even).  I hope you go to that place from which you can be gentle and comforting toward yourself.  It's in the past and the present is still here.  

Oh a more practical note, I find that committing to a routine is really helpful and continuing to come here for support.  Thanks for posting.  You've helped me to remember to be more compassionate with myself. :-)


Oh, I can SO empathise with

Oh, I can SO empathise with every sentence of what you've written!

You know what? Nothing is due tomorrow. Get some sleep. I find sleep deprivation is my No.1 cause of procrastination... seriously! So you're actually giving yourself a better chance of being productive by getting sleep.

Ew... I've just realised that if I'm reading your post and the timing right, this advice actually comes too late. Argh. I've so been there!

It's terribly easy to believe that you don't deserve sleep when you've procrastinated for hours. It's nonsense, but it's terribly compelling nonsense especially when you're already too tired to think straight. I just try to hang on to the fact that even if I don't 'deserve' it, it will actually help me get the job done better.

 Good luck with the paper pile *hug*