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Half hour/hourly check-ins

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Hi all - 

In the past I have found it really helpful to have someone to check in with about my progress on projects, etc. Sometimes, this is a mutual arrangement.

I am wondering if this is something anyone else has done, or would find helpful. If so, we could talk about times when we might both be working and then touch base every 30 or 60 mins. via the Chat Box option here on this site. 

Anyone interested?

Cheers! MC 

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!  Hi MC! Smile Didn't catch this thread before now.  I too am looking for a couple of bookending/ check-in/ co-sponsor/ project partners.  I have done this with friends for various lengths of time and it can really help (as long as both parties are committed).  We adjusted the goals and format/ structure as we went and figured out was most effective for us.  I'd be very interested in anyone who's still looking.  If we all paired up in various combinations, we'd make up a web of support! :D

Thanks for posting MC!


fudoshin: cosponsorship : 11:05am

I totally relate with you and the paper writing thing.  I'm in the same circumstance. If you'd like to be temporary cosponsors, even for this week or a couple days, it would sincerely help me.  Please let me know if you'd be interested.  I usually would checkin once or twice a day, but I can do every sixty minutes.  Please try to email me using the website, as it shall be difficult for me to check the comments here, if you're interested.


Thank you.

I would also be interested

I would also be interested in being a support for one another by having more frequent check-ins.

Hi Mama-Cat

Hi Mama-Cat

That is a great plan and if you find that you have not found a concret commitment with one or two individuals here, there is usually someone in chat that you give you encouragement, congrats or talk you though a tough stop. So just jump right in. It really does help. 

See you in chat.


Hi Mama_Cat!!

I'd like to give it a try. I've never used the chat box before, but I'm sure it's easy.

I'm mostly available on weekdays, but some times, like tonight Saturday nights & Sundays. Hope this works for you.

By the way, I live on the East Coast of the United States, where are you?

Hoping to set up a time to start bookending, Tomorrow will probably work for me. Please let me know.

Looking forward.

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥


I keep logging into the chatbox, but usually there is nobody there. Have I misunderstood something? Struggling to learn how this site works.


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Hey Hope!

That would be great!

I am finishing two papers that are due on the 14th, so will be working lots from now till then.

I'm also an EST gal, myself!

Will be on tonight working, and again tomorrow.

If you see me online (or vice versa), we should touch base. That'd be cool.

Thanks so much for responding!

Warmly, MC