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Saturday, November 29, 2009

Knockout Kitty Sez...

Have a smashing Saturday!

Journey runs thru PA and waves hello

 Hey, y'all, it's been a crazy week with a second work laptop hard drive failure - turns out they put a used hard drive in my laptop which failed again after two day grrr.    At least they had a loaner available for me this time so I can limp along until my regular laptop is fixed.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!  I hope to be back on a regular basis next week. 

Special hugs to {{Ag}} thanks for thinking of me!


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge!

Knockout Kitty, adorable, Falcon - thanks

Hi All,

I have Sunday and Monday off and I want to start my website for my doggy biz, clean out kitchen cabinets and put shelf paper down. I also on Monday want to go on several waitressing interviews in hopes of getting out of my day job. It's been a productive but restful holiday and I'm thankful.

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Lucky CI

Seems everyone's having more or less struggly days and still managing to make inspiring posts out of it... I bow to you! :)

I'm still trying to pioneer my 'less structure' method, or what I've come to think of as 'The Bert Method' :) i.e.

1) Do what I like

2) Like what I do

 Sounds so simple as to be impossible, right?

Obviously, I have some responsibilities and some needs (like earning money!) but I still have a huge amount of choice. I can fill my life with things I *want* to do in a deep'n'meaningful sense. It's all too easy as a procrastinator to get overwhelmed by oughts and compulsions and lose sight of the things that really matter.

And obviously, certain things need to get done, even if I don't feel like it. But they don't need to get done to a rigid timetable.

The last post I made (which I immediately failed to stick to) was still too much structure. I know that I need to catch up with email most days and with paperwork and cleaning most weeks. I don't need written tasks to remind me of that. I want to get the tasklist-y part of my day down to just things that I need *reminding* of, and absolute essentials. For me the absolute essentials for a day are prayer and creative writing.

I don't know how this will work at WORK, where I may need more structure. But I think I basically just need to make a habit of doing most elements of my job most days. Doesn't need to be all elements every day.

So the idea is for me to work according to what I feel like. Attack the challenges when I feel strong, and coast with easy and pleasant tasks when I feel weak.  Do what I'm in the mood for, as much as possible. Learn the times of day when I do best at certain things, and if I don't feel up to doing something, just drop it and do something else. Or go out and have some fun, do something random and wonderful. Without a tasklist to complete, that becomes okay once in a while. 

So that's 'do what I like', and the second part is 'like what I do', which is to make a positive effort to find joy and pleasure in everything I'm doing.

This seems very simple and clear to me and I've made a very long, rambly explanation...

Today's achievements:

Prayed and read bible :)
Creative writing :)
Caught up with email backlog :)
Applied online for extra work :)
Called debt management company and arranged lower payment :)
Met housemate for lunch and did shopping :)
Cleared up kitchen ;-) (half done!)

Pretty good, I think!

fudoshin: out : 2:51pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



Okay, that's it, I'm leaving the house, no more excuses.  I have so many excuses for not leaving the house.  It's ridiculous.  I want to get me some eggnog and the other things on my grocery list.   Just as soon as I finish cooking some grits....pfff...

Showing up

I'm showing up and that is all I can do today as I am really unwell but recovering.




Vic 11/29

Show up (done) Once again grateful for this site and knowing I am not alone.

I feel like such a loser today. Sometimes my sponsor says make a list of what you have not done to see all that you are doing. 1. Have not binged 2, Have not drank 3. Have not  been disagreeable with anyone 4. Have not shut down (still hope for doing something later today) 5. have not given up 

Not where I want to be, but not where I was. For that I am grateful.

Lower Expectations

I lowered my expectations.I remembered this later today, it helped. Holidays are always difficult for many reasons. Thanksgiving was ok, but I wish could have involved more people and more exciting. My mom is really going downhill and it is upsetting to see. I maintained the basics, kept kitchen and downstairs clean, etc. I told my sponsor today, I feel like I did in college when I would bring my books home and swear I would study, and never even crack them open. Somehow I thought I would take care of all the paperwork, organize closets, decorate the whole house for Christmas, etc., etc. etc.I did bits and pieces. Today after first check in, I did go to store, got mail, renewed library items on time, and did the worst... paid and looked at charge card. It is not that I could not pay it but there was a charge I did not make and I never called, so I partly paid on line and looked at my statements. I opened a different account in April and this is the first time I am looking at that one. Nothing is wrong, it is just that I don't bother to look, then there is so much to look at it is overwhelming and I start criticizing myself for not being "normal" ,etc. The miracle is I did it tonite. If I would have shut down, I would have waited until Monday. Now that I had the courage to look at things, and did not see anything major, it is not so scary to do more tommorrow, then Monday. In the past, if there was a mistake, they would always fix it but I was so ashamed when they would say "Why did you wait 3,4 months to come in?"So that will be on top of my list for next year. Once a month review and resolve any error.If I could do that one thing, it would change my life. Getting through the mundane and a mundane holiday is an accomplishment. Now to walk. Pretty good day after all.

Vic, I think this is real

Vic, I think this is real courage <3

fudoshin: out of the tunnel : 11:18am

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


Math 361A quiz

Algebra problem set

French composition

English midterm -  I'm committing to one hour of work here

buy six gallons of water and eggs

pick up library books

b/t, floss, listerine, periodontic brush

b/t, floss, listerine, periodontic brush before bed

run 7 minutes +1 minute X 3  + run 6 minutes

write an email to EDD requesting what to do about court settlements, a request for how to apply to CalTeach, ask them to backdate my claim, inquire about possibly erroneous checks, figure out where to send them back

CL daily overcoming

things were going well, then i had a hiccup, and then in the middle of that, another. so now i'm making backwards progress.

coming here and posting reminds me of something we've learned here together, that everyone experiences hiccups. A few of them just happen, like the one today, they're not caused by my procrastination. it's so easy to lump them together. and it's so easy to let this derail me, but everybody has to deal with a certain amount of inefficiency and re-work occasionally.

so that's a bit encouraging.

but i still think i will pray to right my mind again.

UPDATE: had a nice talk w/ god. got my eyes on straight. good day since. :)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

*hugs* THANK YOU for the joy

*hugs* THANK YOU for the joy of knockout kitty... I'm in awe of your coping skills by the way... and hope you feel better soon.

Hey, thanks!

Hey, thanks Lucky!

The hugs are much appreciated.  And yes, I do feel better!  My martial arts class gave me a good workout (always a good mood booster) and it is a lovely sunny day here.

Hope your day is going well too! 


Falcon CI Saturday

Hi pro buddies,

I'm fighting loneliness and depression, so I thought I'd put the knockout kitty up this morning as an inspiration.  Something about seeing those soft little paws coming at me cheers me up. Smile

So far, I'm winning, at least to the extent that the depression isn't keeping me from functioning.  Since I keep wanting to curl up and hibernate (or more likely lose myself in goofing off online) that's an accomplishment.  I actually got a good amount of stuff done yesterday.

Got plenty going on today.  I'm going to the library, then to class, and getting together with a good friend later, so that should all keep me engaged and out of the doldrums.

Thanks for being here, everybody!  Hope you have a great weekend!