Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 11/27




Faith without works is Dead


OCz Check in

Hello everyone!

Thank you for such a beautiful starter Spirit! I'm also thankful for Vic's reflection on it. I was able te read these early in the morning and got me to thinking the whole day about it.

It's been such a busy day, we had an emergency about a virus outbreak at job wich kept me off my desk almost al day... nothing too serious but we had to visit every PC just to make sure it was gone.

So, I'm checking late but it's not because I procrastinated. I also know I didn't do much of the things I had planned for today but again, it was not my fault so there's no guilt in it.

Thank God for everyone being here. A lot of you are surely still celebrating thanksgiving and although it's not a tradition in many other counties it reminds me as well to be thankfull for all the things in my life. A special thanks to Rexroth for checking in and letting us know you're ok.

I've got the flu and also have slept very little the whole week so I'm incredibly tired. I'm calling the day off and go home in a few minutes. It will also be a hard weekend and I really need to rest! 

CL daily overcoming

whole day off. great danger zone for clement. have wasted the entire day many times in past days.

2:15pm still havent started on anything =( =(

now i have to add an enormous amount of guilt and pain at lost opportunity to the procrastination i am already feeling.

a few min later: i just want to document that i feel totally stuck. The thot of doing something feels prohibitive. i can't imagine getting up out of this chair, or even tuning the browser to something productive. it seems impossible, like i'm blocked from it by an impenetrable wall.

and when i consider that i've been on this site "recovering" for 1.5 years, all that immobility is covered by a thick blanket of guilt.

shoot, even hitting the 'post' button feels wrong!!!!

215 was:12 30min quiet time
245 20min plan
305 start doing things

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Hang in there CL

Hi Clement, please don't feel like being in here has been for nothing. I find your are a great inspiration to many of us. At least I talk about myself.

So please hang in there!

I find it's rally easy to post here when things are ok, I feel so confident about my accomplishments that I want to tell you all I had a good day. But I feel I move better towards my recovery when I post about a bad day. And it also helps me get out all this that otherwise would have kept in my head preventing me from moving a bit forward.

So I think it's great you've managed to post today. You can now pat yourself as you've accomplish this!

I just felt like this last tuesday - take a look at the thread and see how Vic's words could have been for you! He made my day!

Today hasn't ended yet, so Smile!


Today give thanks

Hi everone. Operation completed and I am home and heavily drugged.

Todo today

Very little other than get better, give thanks, tell friends I'm OK and that's it.

I feel very grateful for so many things.

And Pro, thank you for setting up and maintaining this board.


thanksgiving rexroth

so glad you came thru your surgery. something to give thanks for, definitely!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Sleep needed

It's now past one in the morning and I don't feel like sleep and I think I should. I've tidyied up everthing that I was leaving, phoned friend, checked my medication and put the washing up in the bowl ready to go.

Night Folks

Vic 11/27

 Show up (done)

Planted some seeds, but mostly was able to work in the garden I was given, and not searching for greener grass or a different garden, and I am grateful for that.

Yeah Vic

Thank you Vic for being here,  you always brighten my day.  I am thankful for you.  Happy Holidays.


Vic @ Spirit

Thank you as well Spirit, and for being a "regular" .

Spirit 11/27

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good after a day of indulgence yesterday.  This program is really grabbing me and helping me in so many ways and I thank Pro for starting this site.

The morning check in are going great we have regulars who show up everyday, share experience strength and hope then bookend throughout difficult tasks with an action buddy.  It has been veeeery helpful to me.  I didn't realize it but I was about to binge yesterday but because of one of my action buddy's inspiration I did write a schedule and so I still kept track of my time even when I was off and doing only what I wanted to.  I have to remember I am a procrastinator and making friends with time, understand and embracing time is the only way I know to understand how to use it wisely to my advantage for peace, serenity, and prosperity.

So although I am technically off today

  • want to review some potential web sites
  • choose one and get it activated unable to get site activated most closed today
  • look at blackfriday reports at computers
  • research some temp services
  • buy labels
  • limit all the above to 2 hrs off my day

I am having a hard time just taking a day off yesterday I had to sit on my hands to keep from doing something for the company, so today I will embrace some lite work within my schedule for the morning, but fun stuff must be the best part of the day

  • take 22 min walk
  • meditate
  • organize sizes in closet
  • yoga exercise video
  • get complete with number
  • read Into Action BB
  • attend a meeting
  • post ad
  • make flowers
  • talk to mom
  • breakfast
  • return vit
  • journal
  • inventory

I believe I can deep this schedule.