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Redefining Success

When Vic posted the site the other day, i checked it out and found a lot of self help stuff out there.   I'm not sure this site is entirely legal, but anyway I did download a few things.  One thing I found was a lecture from Tony Robbins about redefining success and failure and it really resonated with me so I thought I'd share it with you guys.  

Here's a summary of what he said:

Think about your idea of success, and your idea of failure.   Is your idea of success achievable?  Will you feel like a failure if you don't attain some impossibly high standard, like being a millionaire by age xx?  

Now redefine your idea of success and failure, i.e,  failure = giving up completely and success = daily thinking about what you want to accomplish and making a good effort at accomplishing those things. 

For myself, I realized that I think of success as being a recognized expert in my field and anything else is failure.  That's silly!   So I redefined failure as screwing things up so badly that I lose my home and my family, and success as giving my best effort to do a good job at work and at home. 

This simple idea lifted a load off my shoulders - and I hope it helps you too although I'm sure Tony Robbins said it much better than I could.



Thanks Jo

As far as I know the site is legal, and connected to google. I kept trying to download "The Now Habit" for months from the public library e-library site and kept having problems, and when I got this site it was wonderful. I need an endless supply of good stuff to fill my head, and yet I resist?

I believe sucess and failure definitions change in different stages of one's life. I need to think of that one. I know "showing up" is a success I could not have done without PA and the people here. I truely believe any success I have would have to be first credited to my HP, so success for me is choosing HP and failure is choosing self will. I know when I had my near death experience my ideas of success changed.

I try not to think success and failure, more "maintenece" "progress""showing up"

I am only rambling about this today because having a hard day and trying to get some hold of optimimism about myself.