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Need suggestions for reviewing Excel

I am looking for a good way to review Excel 2007: I was never very good at Excel and have not used it since the early 90's. I want to get my skills better so I know what I know and what I don't know. I have a prospective job that I am a likely candidate, but I must know Excel well. Any suggestions for a training tool? I want to start today if I can.

@e about great free Excel lessons

Hi e!

Look into for excelisfun channel.

It holds over 600 hours on great excel training, tutorials and tricks. I used it to setup a 16 hour training at job a few months back.

It is by far, the greatest quality training sessions I have ever taken. Look for the Exel Basic Series... even if you think you're too good for a basic training, it provides great tips wich you could benefit from when watching/following the more advanced ones.

You can download both finished and unfinished training spreadsheets so you can follow the excercises at your own pace. remember that learning is best achieved when doing than just listening or seeing.

Here's the link:

I understand it's not what you asked for... this will not give you a means to evaluate how you're doing... but you could just use that time to improve your excel knowledge and be better prepared either for an interview or for actual job. 

Have fun with it!

thanks OCz

I have been procrastinating on learning this and it is because I am afraid of getting this job. I will check out this tool and pretend it is not for a purpose other than self education. Thanks!

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Thanks e

Thanks for the resource e. My Computer Applications I students are currently learning how to use excel.  I will check it out when I get home, our firewall blocks youtube Frown