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tiptree's day on track

Firefox crashed right when I was almost done w/ my checkin. Instead, I'm going to resolve to stay on track all day Friday and complete as many urgent tasks as possible. I've fallen apart this past month and have too many urgent tasks to complete within the time constraints.


X wash dishes (request from family member)
X sort laundry (ditto)
X get a good night sleep
X call rev. dept.
X pay BofA
X TM folder feature testable
-- commit thumbnail script
-- add to case working in integration
-- add to case working in editor
X page break bug fixed
-- q. bug fixed
-- application for neighbor:
-- data munged through latest games
-- W-L records calculated for all games
-- reports for W-W/W-L/W-E/L-E/E-E
x got sidetracked by an impromptu meeting that ended up taking 3 hours

less urgent:
-- clean office
-- exercise
-- clean bedroom
-- finish CW
-- meditate
X work on solo
-- practice guitar
X quality time with family -- play with daughter
X floss
-- date calc bug
-- Catalyst tutorial
-- set up user acct on vps
X watch Homicide DVD
X practice piano
-- review bug items and features
X mop 1st floor
X shave
-- email G.
-- cull 5 items
-- drop off books
X take out trash

Today, I'll clear at least 10 urgent items and some of the less urgent ones.

To Do:1) implement thumb

To Do:

1) implement thumb feature prototype
2) test/polish user preference changes
3) enroll for benefits
4) clean office so that it isn't so unpleasant to work in it
5) pay bills
6) clean bedroom
7) investigate quiz bug
8) exercise
9) draft review document
10) 2009 game data in db
11) transfer $


sadly, I got very little of the above done. Need to add the following to the list:

-- enter bug items from meeting
-- write review doc.
X redo user prefs.
-- implement items from meeting
X opt out of change to CC