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New policy for Falcon

Hi fellow procrastination warriors,

I often have that familiar feeling of "never having time" to do a lot of things.  I'm also aware that I spend a lot of time surfing the internet that could be spent in other ways.

Part of the problem is that I don't focus or function all that well when I'm stressed.  And I've noticed that I tend to go online and surf when I'm frazzled, frightened, or wanting/needing to distract myself from some unpleasant emotional state.

To some extent, it works.  It distracts my mind, and often does help me calm down if I'm stressed.  But the downside is that it's hard to stop, and it becomes a huge time sink.

Meanwhile. . . I have a weaving project on my loom that's been there for, oh, about three years now.  And that I "never have time" to work on.  Now, weaving is a very grounding activity.  When it goes well, it's rhythmic, calming & relaxing.  And even when a warp thread breaks or something gets tangled, it's absorbing enough to be a good distraction from stress.

I don't want to give up web surfing altogether - it can be a great source of entertainment & information.  But I want to break the habit of doing it mindlessly, and turning to it reflexively.

So. . . new rule!  Starting tonight, I will only surf the web AFTER I have spent 20 minutes that day weaving.  If I "don't have time" to weave, then I don't have time to surf.  Once I've done some weaving, then I can go online.

Some exceptions to the rule. . . it's o.k. to go to these sites before doing any weaving:

  • Procrastinators Anon., anytime, of course! Smile
  • O.k. to look up weather or directions
  • O.k. to watch my favorite TV show online while I eat breakfast
  • Edited to add -- o.k. to check & reply to email

Tonight I will get my weaving project re-started so it will be set to go.  I'll check back in here soon to report on how it's going.


Edited to add. . . hey, that felt good!  I got some yarn untangled, re-started my project, had to unweave the same inch several times to get the ends-per-inch right, but finally got a little bit of weaving done.  

I'd forgotten what a great "flow" state weaving puts me in.  Doubtless much better for my brain than surfing.  Only I'll have to be sure & use a timer, because it's one of the few activities that makes me lose all track of time.

Now I am going to go online. . . to look up how to solve the sticking shaft on my loom.  Smile 




Falcon backsliding on weave/surf policy

Hi pro buddies,

O.k., I have to confess that I totally fell off the wagon on my weave-before-surfing policy this week.  Frown

I stayed up late several nights surfing the web, without doing anything toward a weaving project.  A couple of things contributed to that.  I've had some emotional stuff going on in my life, and I reflexively turned toward surfing as a way to cope - not the best way.  And I'm at a sticking point in my weaving because I'm having some trouble with my loom.

No point in kicking myself, but I need to catch this pattern before I go any further with it.

So. . . back on the wagon.  No internet till I've done 20 minutes of weaving activity that day (the next activity being to see if I can fix my loom!)  Even while the loom is out of commission, I can be planning projects, measuring yarn, etc.

Thanks for listening, amigos!


Falcon' new policy update

Hi all,

I finished weaving my project!  It's off the loom. . . next I'll be tying off the ends and then will wash it & see how it turns out.  I don't think it's going to be great, but that's o.k., I was really finishing it more for practice and to get back into it.

Meanwhile, cutting down on the compulsive web surfing has been great.  The weaving rule means that I can still surf occasionally (after doing some weaving) so I don't feel totally deprived, but mostly I haven't missed it, and have enjoyed being more grounded and having time for other things.

When I do feel tempted to surf, just remembering that "if I have time to surf, I have time to weave" helps me shift gears.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement!

Now I can start planning my next weaving project. . . 


yay falcon!

That's awesome.  We'd love to see a piccie!


"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper

Falcon new policy checkin Wed.

Hi pro buddies,

I've been staying with the "weave before surfing" policy, and it's working well!  I'm not necessarily doing a lot of weaving (though I've done some) but that was less the point than to interrupt the web surfing cycle.  And it's working -- I'm doing a lot more living now that I'm surfing less often & more mindfully.

Just checking in to say that I'm going to go online to look up a recipe, and then will log off since I haven't woven yet today (been baking bread instead.)



fudoshin: falcon comment: 2:57pm sunday

Oh man, I totally relate to the flow state, except with piano and/or reading a book.  I think that piano really puts me that state, it's like a higher state.  Thanks for posting your progress.  It's inspiring. Also walking is another thing that puts me in a nice mentality so that I can start working.  Speaking of which...

Falcon web checkin

Hi all,

The weaving project is coming along!

I haven't woven yet today, but want to catch up on news before I go out.  Just checking in here to say that I'm going to look over a news site, so I don't get caught up in surf mode.


What a good example.

 I'm going tocopy-paste what you wrote into a personal note, change it to fit my particular circumstances, and put it up somewhere where I can see it.

Thank you!



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Falcon online checkin

Hi pro buddies,

The "weave before surfing" plan is going great so far!  I'd forgotten how grounding & centering weaving is.

Haven't started weaving yet today, but I have something specific to look up online.  So I'm checking in here for mindfulness so it doesn't turn into a surf-fest.  I'm going to go look for info on withdrawal from the meds I'm coming off of, to see if my symptoms are normal.  Then I'll come back here & check in.


O.k., I did that.  Sounds like my symptoms are from hormones.  But just to satisfy my hypochondria drive, I'm going to do a quick search to make sure my symptoms aren't likely to be a sign of some deadly thing or other.  I'll check back in.


O.k. . . doesn't look like my symptoms are a sign of anything that's likely to kill me.  I think I just have to wait it out till the hormones are out of my system. 


Thanks Falcon

For some reason, I keep noticing the computer connection and procrastination shares. Talk about denial! I did not want to admit that I have this problem. It's like saying I don't undrstand why I gained all this weight and not noticing the bags pf garbage I have been eaitng. Go figure.I think I also need to look at how much time I am spending on computer.Thanks Vic

I was reading one of the pa articles and it had: I don't think #2 would have ever occured to me in a million years, all I could think is, "Is that what normal people do?" 

Basic Principles of Efficacy

This is adapted from work by Dr. Robert Boice, PhD. The principles are his (word for word except the word "writing" in #5 is replaced with "actual work". The explanations are in my own words. The principles are based on controlled studies - not just his opinion.

1. Wait. Do exercises to calm down and focus.

2. Begin before feeling ready. This helps you to develop systematic ways of finding imagination and confidence.

Hi Falcon

I find it so interesting that when we do actually do the things we are procrastinating usually feels so good!!

Way to go Falcon!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

Bravo Falcon!

As a fellow craftsperson I think that is an awesome realization, and what's more, you put it into action!!!!  I am in awe, and I am feeling brave enough to try it myself.  I have a needlepoint purse AND a latch hook pillow to work on, among other things.  I never seem to quite have to time for it.  Yet I find time for Spider Solitaire.

Thank you for your action, and your service by sharing it here!
Jules K