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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Falcon CI not so great either

Hi pro buddies,

Count me among those not having such a great day/week.  Thank you so much for the happy toes, Edge, and thank you everyone for being here!

I screwed something up at work through being absent-minded.  I'm not by nature a real detail-oriented person, yet my job involves tracking a lot of details.  I actually do very well usually, but sometimes it's by the skin of my teeth.  And my mind's been occupied with some personal stuff, lately - I've let myself get distracted.

Anyway, I screwed up something I should have paid more attention to, and got one of our employees rightly mad at me.  My boss kind of raked me over the coals, which doesn't often happen but in this case it served me right.  

And. . . to fix the problem I had to go back on something I had said to two other employees, so now they'll probably be mad at me, too.  Embarassed

Being absent-minded & disorganized is like procrastination (and tied to it, since I often procrastinate on organizing.)  It's tempting to try and change it all in one go.  "That's it!  From now on I'm going to be totally organized!"  And then get overwhelmed & backslide shortly after.

So. . . I need to improve my organization level in a more realistic way that I can actually succeed at.  I'm going to need to put some thought into this & sort it out.

But right now I mostly need to take care of my personal stuff, then maybe take a hot bath and forget about everything for a while.  

I hope everybody's week ends up better than it seems to have started out for a lot of us! 


*Hugs Falcon*

Bah, work. Poo happens :) Hope your week picks up, Falcon :*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Recycler CI 8:40pm EST

hi Pro Buddies!

regular day's activities for me. Then had my therapist tonight after work. I really, really needed my therapist.

I will meet with her next week, too, after my job review. Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalaria in recovery Tuesday 8.15 am

Aftera relatively good day yesterday I wasted thre evening playing Spider Solitaire. Did not even brush my teeth.Frown

Today is a new day

This Morning I have had breakfast and also exercised the doggy.
Next I am goting to:

  • dump more water on the garden
  • get the house ready for cleaners (including the kitchen from last night)
  • get ready to go to a PD session (Shower to shoes)
  • check in when I return with further plans

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

"When we multiply tiny increments of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can acco

Spirit 11/10

I am going to say it even though I know it does me no good to whine-I am have had the crapiest last two weeks EVER!  Now that I have gotten that out, I must admit there have been far worst things in my life but by far and away these weeks are taking the immediate cake.

I am getting a dose of my own procrastinating behavior-a huge dose, and I don't like it.  I recommended someone for some work and they have only disappointed me at every turn.  They have no respect for anyone else's time frame and it appears no one else's needs.  It is horrible,  having to wait for someone to get around to what everyone else is depending on them to do is angering to say the very least.  They have a total disrespect for everyone else involved.  I promise you they have buried any hope of opportunities from me.  I am having the hardest time with this.  It has been an exercise in patience and a big huge mirror for me.  I never pro on the big things,  I don't like being embarrassed but for some people I am sure being late is just as annoying and I must remember how this feels.  Sorry,  I really needed to vent the frustration-now maybe I can get something productive done.

  • got computer diagnosed this morning-got a loaner until friday
  • breakfast
  • learned to function on this computer
  • followed up with clients
  • decluttered bedroom
  • got clarity when financials due
  • check emails and respond appropriately
  • conf clo
  • ck on mer
  • bp project
  • mail off docs
  • finish financials

This is just for starters.  Hopefully the rest of the day will be productive-it's raining here again but is a great paperwork day.




We all need to cheer up!

I read my own words, then those from e, edge, agnus, vic... and I notice this isn't that great week as last one when most of all were feeling great.

So, we all need to give each other and ourselves a very big, loving hug and send each other a prayer.

I found this today which invites us to stay possitive no matter what situation we're in: I hope it helps!

Have a great week everyone as there's still opportunity to turn it so!

Thanks oz

The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.

-- Shirley Maclaine

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

— Phyllis Diller

The man who never makes a mistake must get tired of doing nothing.

~ Will Rogers

Agnus checking in

I need to do some serious billable hours this week. So many of my colleagues are out sick (including H1N1, yikes) and I spent the last 3 workdays in training and the weekend (when I usually catch up on my work) in bed chasing off a sore throat.  Yesterday was all home-work and dr/atty appointments - So resuming work today feels disordered and scary: not even sure where to begin!  Historically this has been an excuse to procrastinate but today I am on to my addiction and this will not happen!

So far today I've had sponsor call, personal and pet care, a much-needed and lengthy Step 11 including some important program writing in my journal (nice breakthrough today, thank you God).  Today I have massage therapy at 1, and my boss needed to talk with me (possibly from her sickbed!) about something so will call her.  Then I know for sure I can work on the long-delayed Project AP, tweak the RM-wp, and do some research on Projects AH and EM.

God, please give me the inspiration, intuitive thoughts and good decisions to know when and how to act on these plans that I believe are from you. Thank you. Amen.

Agnus folo

After telecon with boss, I have a new prioritized to-do list. It's getting a bit complicated when I add the existing tasks to the new priorities and my personal healthcare and J's care, etc...not to mention my little backlog I am going to create a new or updated Master Task List. DONE

And now I have these immediate MITs: resolve the email problem so both laptop and blackberry have same send/receive capacities and can synch calendars and contacts. Refamiliarize myself with top priority MIT of Project EM.  Start the research that will enable me to create a reasonable work process for that.  Enter 10 receipts in Q.

Also I need to eat a healthy dinner, participate in phone meeting, walk the dog, and go to the gym for 20 minutes.

e's Tuesday ci 11/10/09

Edge, I love the toes. Love 'em. I am thinking about drawing faces on my toes to keep them with me.

The family has been ill off and on for a few weeks now, compounded by my older son's long term relationship ending. We are all feeling dragged down and this is not helping with my getting back up on my feet. Today I am cutting myself some slack: I am coming up on a year of sobriety and last year's events at this time were very upsetting: it is okay to be upset. The house is in a state of chaos: it is okay for things to fall apart when everyone is ill. Thanksgiving is looming and I am feeling overwhelmed, which I did not expect. I can remember that I know what I am making and I can control when things happen. I can have Thanksgiving late in the day if I like to make it feel less stressful. The yard is a mess and my spouse and I are snarling at each other: I can pray today to my Higher Power and ask for help. Which I think is best put first on my list.


"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

@e re: Thanksgiving late in the day

One year Grandma just decided "HAY-ell no!" about Thanksgiving dinner. She had been ill and her daughter was exhausted taking care of her. None of us younger women felt ready to take over Grandma's traditions.  So...we went to Grandma's favorite restaurant for a a memorable and happy get-together. No one resented it at all - in fact, everyone commented how nice it was to enjoy Gram and Mom's company instead of watching them run themselves ragged cooking and entertaining us. 

Agnus re Thanksgiving

It sounds like a great idea. I like cooking Thanksgiving, but the cleaning becomes a high stress time filled with arguments with my husband.

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

Lol, e xD

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

e's 3:25 Tuesday ci

haven't got around to painting faces on my toes yet: procrastinating???

In any case, for today, I am feeling grateful for my crockpot. I am thankful for having found to help me make food with what I have got: (check this out if you are someone who puts off planning dinner or buys ingredients that go to rot because you don't know how to make them). I had a bag of frozen meatballs in the freezer and a can of tomato sauce. I dumped them together in the crockpot and that is lunch and dinner for today. Dinner will include salad (already made) and frozen corn and peas. Not by any means the healthiest of suppers, but one that suffices when I am feeling yucky.

I have been pondering if I have swine flu or not and it is taking up too much time in my day. I have washed some dishes. I am still in my pjs, have not made my bed and allowed the dog to go out to the backyard instead of our usual walk. This feels like I am not holding things up enough, but I am going to take it easy on myself for now. For right now, I will cook the rest of dinner. Then, my mission is to put things away. Any thing done will be progress.

"There are two different kinds of people in this world: those who finish what they start, and"
---Brad Ramsey

OCz morning CI

Don't worry, be happy!

Great threadstarter edge! made me laugh at a moment I really needed to. Thank edge, jo, agnus and vic for your kind words. I'm hanging and I'm at a very good emotional state. It just caugth me by surprise. I really thought things were "fine" at home. I think the situation is fixable so I will work my way into it.

 plan for today:

  1. a mintue to thank: Dear god, thank you for my family, thank you for feeding my dreams with faith, for filling my life with joy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Please grant me the strength to do always the rigth thing.
  2. Show up
  3. List tasks for today:
    1. Follow up MoProject with vendor
      1. clarified some aspects with boss
      2. Call vendor. Expect their response by wed 18th
    2. Review status of POs
      1. tcl got approved
      2. HP still not - Waiting answer fro AP - Check again later
    3. Make progress on InfTree project
  4. @H
    1. Ask T out to talk
    2. List banking/expenses (I've been putting off this task for weeks and yesterday I noticed I'm doing worse than expected)
      1. Call J.Luj to hold on automatic charges to cards
      2. review renewal dates
      3. review payment dates
Thank you all for being here!


kromer 9:00 CI

Today is a busy day.

And I'm exhausted and feel like I might be getting sick and I so don't want to work.

OK, enough whining, time to make a plan.

Scheduled: mtgs 10-1, dancing 7-9:30ish

MITs are:
*make RA
*Set up mtg w/ DP
*Clean up lab nb, re-start genotyping
*Organize comparative data (working on this now)
*deacon notes

Other tasks are:
*harambee prep
*look into teaching microscope
*read J's paper and G's paper
*work on stats(have done some of this)

OK, right now I'll send an email about mtg w/ DP. Then, I'll do deacon notes. Then, I'll work on stats for a little while (I know it's not an MIT, but it feels doable right now, and not much else does.) Then, I'll head to mtgs.

kromer 3:30 CI

OK, I'm feeling really stalled out on this comparative data thing, so I'm going to break it down.

My overall goal (by next Monday morning) is to have a finished write-up of the comparative data project. (That doesn't mean it needs to be perfect, or that I can't add more to it later, it just means that I want something reasonably good finished on Monday).

In order to meet that goal, what I need to do is:
1)Write up a summary of the goal of the project
2)Look through rodent data for more associations (working on this now)
3)Go through primate data, organize, write up summary, make sure timing info is correct in spreadsheet
4)Check associations and comparative timing in primate data
5)Make a list of other species that I might want to investigate
6)Get info for as many of these species as possible, add to spreadsheet, organize
7)Look at associations and comparative timing in these species
8)Talk to TE about comparative timing in other system (sent him an email about this)
10)Proofread/clean up

OK, this is a lot, but I have about a week to do this. 

Update: breaking down (2) even further
2a)Figure out how to do Fisher exact test w/ R
2b)write code to do analysis
2c)clean up data so analysis can run
2d)debug code/data cleanup
2e)run analysis and look at results
2f)write summary of results (w/ refs)

Journey 8:45

Today is a busy day, I'm working from home again - legitimately this time!

I have a meeting with the boss at 9:30 for a status report so the first thing I need to do is prepare for that meeting.   The afternoon will be consumed by a test for Project E, so I need to get as much done this morning as I can.  I'll only have a couple of hours, so I will split it between project V and Project P.

Yesterday was a weird day with the car issues and all, I ended up doing a reasonable amount of work but I never really made a plan for the day so I felt disorganized and out of sorts all day. 

Today it is POURING down rain and supposed to be raining all day.  Rain makes me feel like sleeping all day!  But I'll get started now and maybe finish up a little early today and go to bed early. 



"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper

Vic 11/10

Show up (done) Laugh, schedule, goals Better than I was

I did not plan to fail, but I did not plan NOT TO FAIL, so I need a plan 





Edge's CI - 9:52am

Morning :-)

Today I'm working from home (called in sick *cough*guilty*cough*). Anyway, planning on finishing work stuff quickly so I can study for my big test on Saturday.

x 8am meds
- bmed 1
- hmed 1
- PR

Just these for now. Will add more later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 10:10pm

I'm going to bed. Didn't do most of the things I said I would do today, but I did study, so I'm happy about that. Should have done more, but since I'm struggling with severe demand resistance I'm just going to give myself a pat on the back and call it a day. I hope tomorrow goes well at work. I also hope everyone is having a good day today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 10:41am

First tasks done.

x 8am meds
x bmed 1
x hmed 1
x PR

Today I want to:
- study
- bmed 2
- bmed 3
- 4pm med
- hmed 3
- schedule psych
- shower
- clean room

Still can't seem to shake that feeling of anxiety. It's probably because I have lots to do that I've been avoiding, so to make things better I'm going to try to finish my tasks. I can do it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

hugs to Edge

It's weird how that anxiety comes from nowhere sometimes!  Things will be better today!


"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper

Thanks Jo :D

I really appreciate the encouragement :grin: Feeling better coz I did a bit of studying :-) Thanks again :*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 1:20pm

Did a bit of studying but need to do more. Took a break and tidied my room. Feeling a bit lost for no particular reason.

x 8am meds
x bmed 1
x hmed 1
x PR
- study
- bmed 2
- bmed 3
- 4pm med
- hmed 3
x schedule psych
- shower
x clean room

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 5:58pm

Hm, took a 2hr nap and missed bmed 2 and 4pm meds. Did dishes and studied some. Going to try to study some more now. Will push to finish unit 1.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson